Saturday, October 24, 2009

What a peacock earing lead you to...

I bought some earings imitating Peacock feathers. After removing some part of the jewellery (Yes, I sometimes (all the time ?) kind of modify the stuff I buy...), I decided to match make up and accessory ...A big no-no for make up artists but...I don't care ;-)
So the products used would be : TFSI as a base, a GOSH waterproof stick eyeshadow in love that dolphin, eyeshadows : barely there (from NYX: yellowish golden color in tear duct), a faces cosmetics eyeshadow (number unknown as usual but fantastic tealish bluish greenish color), deep purple (NYX) in outer V and crease, navy (from Annabelle as eyeliner over black cream liner from L'Oreal HIP)....The liner is a mess but the photo was taken after hours of wearing this rainbow look !
I felt like showing off all day! Make up can make you feel so confident, it's amazing ....

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