Sunday, February 6, 2011

30 for 30 : Camel vibe

Here is a very boring outfit...I was heading to work so I sticked to the basics. I just added teal earrings and an ethnic big chunky necklace to jazz it up a bit (DIY necklace and earrings).

Turtle neck was bought in sale at Mango for less than 20 $
Cardigan : 3$98 at Old Navy (who needs to go thrifting when you can find brand new items at this price ? ...Well, I know : people not wearing boring outfits as I do !)
Pants : 7$99 at RW&CO (add 60 % on an already sale items and BAM, ridiculous prices)

I have not published day 2 as it was kind of the same as day 1 : I bought the pants in grey-blue and purple and cardigans in all the colors I could find ! So Day2 was purple day !

My love for the Vanity Palette from Wet&Wild is not fading ! As I go to places for work where I don't know how they feel about make up , this one is the perfect pick... In the look I did that day, I used the shimmery white (inner corner) the yellow gold (all over the lid), shimmery brown (outer V), medium matte brown (crease), matte beige mixed with the shimmery white (highlight), a little bit of the matte brown to give depth in the outer corner and a little bit on the lower lash line... I used EVERY single color !

Sorry for the sagged lids : I am getting older I guess ! This look was really pretty and I think it's my favorite look from it. I am so bummed that us Canadian are gonna be deprived from the 8 color e/s palettes : so UNFAIR ! Boooooooooo Wet & Wild , Booooooooooo

Caro- cursing Wet & Wild for the next 10000 coming generations if they don't bring their palette to Canada (and I am a very powerful witch, so beware W&W !) xxx

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

30 for 30 challenge !

I was working yesterday so no post but here are the items I am gonna use for the 30 for 30 challenge

The rules :
- You pick 30 items from your wardrobe
- You remix them all together for 30 days in a row or more
- You are on a spending ban during the "remix period"

I decided to spice it a little bit by :
- limiting the black items ( I just picked 4)
- adding skittle colors (I went a little bit crazy with colors in my last haul : 4$98 for cardigans....)
- using articles that I bought lately in the sale to see whether they were good investment (marked with *)

So , SHOES :
5 pairs but only 3 pictured :
- black flats from JOE Fresh
- brown flats from Modcloth
- leopard heels
+ 2 pairs of boots : black and brown as we are under 30 cm of snow at the moment so pretty usefull....

- pink sheer top from Le Chateau
- floral tunic from H&M
- white silk top from Cassis (*)
- plain grey T-shirt from JOE fresh
- last minute decision : black wool vest (as I am always cold) from Old Navy (*)

Cardigans and sweaters :
2 turtle necks : camel one from Mango (*) and black shimmery one from Zellers (both *)
1 golden V neck : Zellers (*)
3 cardigans : lavender, teal and taupe from Old Navy (*)

Skirts and dresses :
- brown pencil skirt from Cassis (*)
- Blue silk skirt from JOE fresh
- 2 wool dresses (Benetton and ?)

Pants :
- beige one from JOE fresh (*)
- velvety ones : grey-blue, dusty purple and brown from RW&Co (*)
and the naughty leather skirt (Winners) wanted to hang with the guys....

last minute Outsiders :
- Barbie pink cardigan from Old Navy (*)
- plum top from JOE fresh
- green pea cardigan from Old Navy (*)
- long plum skirt
- grey dress from Modcloth

Are you in ?

Caro loving skittles xxx