Sunday, February 28, 2010

Burnt Orange jam : Panacea inspired look

I loved this tutorial to death ... I think it was fall trend orange cream something....I changed the look a little bit to make it more office appropriate and I am so gonna redo this look (with copper earings and orangey blush it was gorgeous !!!!)

Eyes :
Painterly Paint pot from MAc as a base (sadly TFSI is not working anymore (too old), I had it for more than a year and I had to toss it away although it was still half full ...or empty depending on your mood ;-)))
Dazzle light e/s (MAC) all over the lid
Chick e/s (NYX) all along the crease and up till 1 cm to the eyebrow
Africa e/S (NYX) in the crease, blended over Chick but stopped approximately in the middle of the crease (nothing from inner corner till mid lid)
Rust e/s (NYX) outer V and in the crease but just the outer corner
This look require a lot of blending , repacking the color so if you are in a rush forget about it !!!
Liner : Ardene liner in black not as a winged liner just to give the impression the lash line is more precise and a little flip at the end following your lashes' curve to give the impression the last one is longer (Not sure it makes any sense but I tried hahahah)
lower lash line : NYX jumbo pencil in milk topped with Dazzlelight for a better staying power
Mascara : Rimmel Sexy curves . I like this little guy but Gosh do I miss my Marcelle Volume precision mascara .... I made the vow to finish up my mascara stash before buying the Marcelle one as I know that if I rebuy the Marcelle one , the other are gonna stay untouched and they'll die of it .....

Have a nice Sunday !

Caro xxx

Saturday, February 27, 2010

a dark brown look for a contest ! Annabelle cosmetics

I did this look for a contest on facebook ! Not so happy about the result but it was so much fun ...
Here is group on facebook :Annabelle Makeup Junkies and the contest is under the banner strut your stuff
I've been using those e/s for a while and I love them : they fit in Mac palettes, they cost less than 4 CAD$ so each time I run into a pharmacy that carries them, I buy the colors I don' t own already ;-)

Here I used Foxy (that you need to use for the contest) : it is a beautiful matte brown that blends so well and Vanilla chilla (matte highlight) to blend and put under brows. I lined my water line with their liner (smudgeliner) in rich chocolate that appears really black on the photo but is more a very dark brown. I am definitively gonna repurchase the liner in other shade as it's creamy and stays put in my waterline (yeah !).
I like that they are having matte e/s shades (kind of rare in the cheap e/s section), plus the quality is there (no fall out and staying power is awesome) ...
I saw on their facebook page that they are releasing new colors : I need to head to the store to see that in person !

Hope you liked it

Caro xxx

PS : I am not paid to say that, I buy my own make up (less than 20 followers !!! coughing in shame !)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Adam Lambert make up and a happy face !

This is a recreation of filthygorgeous make up (gorgeous make up guru on youtube) and it made my day because it was bronzey, colorful and different.

Eyes :
TFSI : primer
Gold and Baby blue NYX jumbo pencils : color bases
Wedge (MAC) : all over the lid and up the crease
Bronze color from Ardene in the center of the lid and under the lower lid
Sparkly baby blue color from Ardene in the inner corner
Shroom (MAC) as an highlight
Feline eye khol liner from MAC to tighlight and on lower lash line : smudged for a more grungy look
Marcelle volume precision mascara

Lips :
Ceto from NYX : lipstick
Mauve from NYX : lipliner

Happy face : an all wrinkled happy face to you , readers !

Caro xxx

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Revlon Midnight affair : navy blue on my nails

I want this one to work so much because I fear a black polish and I found that navy blue was easier to wear. But this one is so hard to work with : 1 coat is sheer and 2 coats take eternity to dry. I let the 2nd coat sit for a while (more than 30 min ) and as it looked dull, I wanted to add megashine from Sally Hansen. Eeeek, as you can see there is sort of a dent in my ring finger and it seems to be diluted by the Top coat.
I kept it for 3 days though, but I am not convinced .... I saw an Illamasqua one on the blog of short and sweet nails (see side bar for link : awesome blog !) and it looks so much better. Probably not the same price range though ;-))))

Have a good day (I am working night today, bouhou so I need to nap instead of blogging )

Caro xxx

Monday, February 22, 2010

NOTD : Plum attraction from Revlon

I am so terrible at applying nail varnish ....But anyway, here is my favorite nail polish ever : Plum attraction from Revlon (762). It is my third is my everyday color on my nail cause even though it's dark, it is very office-appropriate (I think !). It is easy to apply (2 coats are enough) and the streaks you see are my fault (I put the top coat when the 2nd coat was not already dry....sigh : patience is NOT my 1st quality !)

bright green : monochromatic spring on my eyes !

I need Spring to pop in my life, I am sick of winter ! So I decided to bring brightness on my eyes and here it goes :

Eyes :
TFSI : primer
no base color
all over the lid : the paler green from the Riotous duo (HIP L'Oreal)
Crease : Wedge (MAC) to create some depth
Highlight : Shroom from MAC
Liquid liner with an art brush to be more precise : Ardene in black
lower lash line : Off white MUFE aqualiner toped with the same bright green from Riotous
Mascara : Rimmel Sexy curves
Brows : browzing from Benefit

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Purple and brown eye : nice association !

I can't remember what I use for this one. I did it last week and my short memory is not what it used to be ...

Hope you like it !

Caro xxx

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Give away from Miss P's !

I discovered this blog but jumping from one blog to another (my one and only sport sadly....)

She is having a very generous give away as she reached 200 followers (in fact she reached more than 300 followers !)

here is the link :

Good luck !

Caro xxx

Recreation of Jen's Pink and Black eye and nails : tea under a disco ball

Here is the link to Jen' blog and her beautiful look :

But to the point :

Eyes :
Painterly Paint Pot (MAC) as a base
e/s :
Yogurt (Mac) inner part of the lid then Pink Candy (Ardene) all over the lid
outer V : Carbon (MAC) blended , blended and blended again into Shroom (MAC) as an highlight
Liner : feline khol pencil (MAC) only in lower lash line. I didn't line the upper lash line to make it softer
Mascara : Rimmel sexy curves in extreme black

Brows :
Browzing from Benefit in dark

I must share my love from Ardene e/s : they are creamy, pigmentated like crazy, they stay in place for ever. I can't believe they are so cheap and such good quality. If you are a canadian make up addict, go and grab those ! I bought Pink Candy and Tangorine lately and I will do a look with the beautiful Tangorine as soon as I can . It's a gorgeous orange color (probably a good dupe for Off the page from MAC)

Nails :
Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in grape idea : very soft tea rose color toped with ....
Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in Strobe light (holographic glitter)

Hope you like it !

Caro xxx

Monday, February 15, 2010

To club or not to club, that is the question ....

I purchased Club from MAC, about 1 year ago. I tried it about 2-3 times without success...It looked muddy and not very flattering. But taaaaaaaaaaaadaaaaaaaaaaa, yesterday I watched a PIXIWOO tutorial and Samantha mentionned that it (Club) was in her top 10 MAC colors....Gasp....I am an hysterical fan of the Pixiwoo sisters so Whatever they say is golden and I had to give a 2nd chance to my unloved Club. It seems that the secret is to use a black cream shadow underneath. So I let you judge, hit or miss ?

Eyes :
TFSI : primer
HIP cream liner in black from L'Oreal : color base only on lids
Club e/s from MAC : all over the lid and up the crease ...appears bright emerald over the black base and dark brown in the crease (no base color underneath). The beauty of duochrome, anyone ?
Shroom (MAC) as an highlight
Rich chocolate smoothliner from Annabelle on waterline and to tighlight

Brows :
Brow-zing in dark from Benefit

Face :
mix beetween Revlon Photoready in nude and Gosh extreme wear in golden : foundations
Revlon bronzer in shade 02 for contouring
Mineral maybelline blush in Original Rose
Vanilla pigment (MAC) as an highlight (upper cheeks, nose, cupid bow)

Lips :
L'Occitane wax for lips (shea butter) as base
Mauve lipliner from NYX all over the lips
Sally Hansen gloss : diamond lip treatment

Hope you like it ....

Saturday, February 13, 2010

POSH PINK on my nails : I am a Barbie girl

Posh Pink from Revlon : the bright, Barbi-ish nail varnish itself ! The photo doesn't show how much neon it is in reality.
It's not my cup of tea for my everyday look : I prefer darker plum color in fact but to make your day brighter, it's perfect. And I needed this sunshine in my life lately (winter is so long in Montreal !)
And for summer, OH it's gonna be so pretty on a tanned skin ....
I am thinking it could be a good base for a zebra look (need to by some black polish to make the stripes !) or a glitter look (I've got an holographic polish from Sally Hansen that should do the trick !)
Finally, it seems that it doesn't provoke the frog effect on me : eyelids and lips all swollen. So yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

have a nice saturday !

Caro xxx

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Review : Revlon foundations (HD OR COLORSTAY)

Here is my first review !
So as soon as I started diving into the make up craziness, I watched at numerous youtube videos and bought the Revlon Colorstay. I know that some people find it heavy and hard to work with but ..I don't ! It hides my rosy cheeks and if you apply it with the Sigma 187 , it melt in the skin perfectly.
But when the photoready was launched, I couldn't resist and bought it the same day I heard about it (impulsive buy, no ???)
so to compare :

Application : as I am used to a thicker foundation (colorstay), I have a hard time working with Photoready. I find that Colorstay is easily buildable in term of coverage but it's not the case with Photoready : it stays sheer even if you layer it... I tried the 187 brush, a damp sponge , my seems that I never reach that flawless look I have with Colorstay and I don't like to work that hard at 7 am when I am on a very time schedule ....

Packaging : Photoready wins by far : a pump , Revlon, a pump !!! Yeah (cheering crowd) ...Hum, could you please do the same for colorstay, please ????

Look : Colorstay is high matte coverage, Photoready is sheer and dewy. So if you have something to hide, rely on Colorstay. If on the contrary , you already have a gorgeous skin and you just want to enhance it, go for Photoready.

The glitter issue : it seems that the MUAs that don't like Photoready, hate it because of the glitters in the formulation. That 's weird cause when applied on me I cannot really see the glitters so it doesn't bother me at all. OH My GOSH, may be I am walking in the street glittering like crazy ......

Results : I think Colorstay wins by far but it just my honest opinion. I will end up mixing both foundations not to waste the Potoready.

Conclusion : Be strong little Jedis of Make up and resist the hype if you already have a stapple foundation because I don't find the new Revlon is an Holy Grail foundation....

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

smoked gold and beige lips

I love my Ardene e/s so much ! I went trough depotting all pans I have this week end and they fit the MAC palette (yeeeeha !). So to the point :

eyes :
TFSI as a primer
Gold NYX Jumbo pencil all over the lid : base color
The magical, wonderful, astonishing golden color from Ardene (did I mention I paid 3 $ for this little gem ?)
Carbon (MAC) in the outer V
Foxy (Annabelle cosmetics) as a crease color and blended over carbon to smoothe it
Retrospeck (MAC) to soften the transition between crease and highlight
Vanilla chilla (Annabelle cosmetics) as an highlight
Feline khol liner (MAC) on the water line
Ardene liner in black for the upper lid

Brows : Browzing (Benefit) in dark

Lips :
liner : Mauve from NYX
lipstick : Ceto

Face: The flash washed out the colors (if not , I am the palest girl on earth, Dang !)
Revlon colorstay mixed with Revlon HD in nude
Revlon bronzer in shade 02
Blush : Orgasm from NARS

et voilĂ  !

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

soft purple eye and juicy lips

Products-eyes :
Lavender (NYX Jumbo pencil)
a lavender color from Annabelle cosmetics (Purple reine ? not sure about this one)
outer V : Print (MAC)
highlight : a mix with Shroom (MAC) and Dazzlelight (MAC)
waterline : Feline eyekhol liner (MAC) and smudged on the upper lid to make eyelashes look fuller
Mascara : Rimmel sexy curves
Brows : Browzing in dark from Benefit

Products-lips :
liner : Mauve (NYX)
lipstick : Power round lipstick (NYX)
gloss : Sephora sample of the paler pink gloss (the one from the trio they offer you for your Birthday)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Nails : rechallenge !

So I discovered once a teen that I had allergy to nail polish. That stated, the allergologist (is that even an existing word ???) told me to stay away from glittery nailpolishes but I would be OK if I'd stick to creamy colors....
But a few weeks ago, it seems that my allergy stroke again (bouhou) so I can wear polish in the day but I need to remove it as soon as I come back from work because if I sleep in my nail polish I wake up with Angelina Jolie lips and froggy eyes ;-0
In fact, the beautiful Clara is responsible with my nail frenzy as she is always publishing amazing NOTD (nails of the day). As she is not only talented for nails but for LOTD too, I wanted to copy her NY's eve look and I found that this nail polish was on point to fit with the eye look
The nailpolish here is Secret from NYX which sadly looks awesome in the bottle but not that beautiful on the nails....
It has kind of a burgundy shimmer in the bottle that doesn't stand out on the nails. Plus you absolutely need to put on 3 layers and as it's thick it takes ages to dry... That said, I like the color though even if it's not what I expected

I put the link to the gorgeous Clara's blog :