Sunday, February 6, 2011

30 for 30 : Camel vibe

Here is a very boring outfit...I was heading to work so I sticked to the basics. I just added teal earrings and an ethnic big chunky necklace to jazz it up a bit (DIY necklace and earrings).

Turtle neck was bought in sale at Mango for less than 20 $
Cardigan : 3$98 at Old Navy (who needs to go thrifting when you can find brand new items at this price ? ...Well, I know : people not wearing boring outfits as I do !)
Pants : 7$99 at RW&CO (add 60 % on an already sale items and BAM, ridiculous prices)

I have not published day 2 as it was kind of the same as day 1 : I bought the pants in grey-blue and purple and cardigans in all the colors I could find ! So Day2 was purple day !

My love for the Vanity Palette from Wet&Wild is not fading ! As I go to places for work where I don't know how they feel about make up , this one is the perfect pick... In the look I did that day, I used the shimmery white (inner corner) the yellow gold (all over the lid), shimmery brown (outer V), medium matte brown (crease), matte beige mixed with the shimmery white (highlight), a little bit of the matte brown to give depth in the outer corner and a little bit on the lower lash line... I used EVERY single color !

Sorry for the sagged lids : I am getting older I guess ! This look was really pretty and I think it's my favorite look from it. I am so bummed that us Canadian are gonna be deprived from the 8 color e/s palettes : so UNFAIR ! Boooooooooo Wet & Wild , Booooooooooo

Caro- cursing Wet & Wild for the next 10000 coming generations if they don't bring their palette to Canada (and I am a very powerful witch, so beware W&W !) xxx

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

30 for 30 challenge !

I was working yesterday so no post but here are the items I am gonna use for the 30 for 30 challenge

The rules :
- You pick 30 items from your wardrobe
- You remix them all together for 30 days in a row or more
- You are on a spending ban during the "remix period"

I decided to spice it a little bit by :
- limiting the black items ( I just picked 4)
- adding skittle colors (I went a little bit crazy with colors in my last haul : 4$98 for cardigans....)
- using articles that I bought lately in the sale to see whether they were good investment (marked with *)

So , SHOES :
5 pairs but only 3 pictured :
- black flats from JOE Fresh
- brown flats from Modcloth
- leopard heels
+ 2 pairs of boots : black and brown as we are under 30 cm of snow at the moment so pretty usefull....

- pink sheer top from Le Chateau
- floral tunic from H&M
- white silk top from Cassis (*)
- plain grey T-shirt from JOE fresh
- last minute decision : black wool vest (as I am always cold) from Old Navy (*)

Cardigans and sweaters :
2 turtle necks : camel one from Mango (*) and black shimmery one from Zellers (both *)
1 golden V neck : Zellers (*)
3 cardigans : lavender, teal and taupe from Old Navy (*)

Skirts and dresses :
- brown pencil skirt from Cassis (*)
- Blue silk skirt from JOE fresh
- 2 wool dresses (Benetton and ?)

Pants :
- beige one from JOE fresh (*)
- velvety ones : grey-blue, dusty purple and brown from RW&Co (*)
and the naughty leather skirt (Winners) wanted to hang with the guys....

last minute Outsiders :
- Barbie pink cardigan from Old Navy (*)
- plum top from JOE fresh
- green pea cardigan from Old Navy (*)
- long plum skirt
- grey dress from Modcloth

Are you in ?

Caro loving skittles xxx

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mermaid NOTD and A&A Thursdays !

Over the top nails anyone ? Yes, please !

Base : Peggy Sage in Blue Pop. Amazing metallic blue : it really stands out ...

But I was tempted to layer it with the sparkle touch from Kiko :

and I decided to make it a blue day ! So blue EOTD too ...

Now it's time for Awesome and Awkward Thursdays :

Awkward :
- I am a pharmacist. So I explain a patient how to use a new pill for blood pressure. She doesn't listen to a word I say and notice a sticker on the bottle saying she should avoid Grapefruit. She interrupts me saying in an accusative tone : "how come I can't eat grapefruit ? That's so unfair!". Me , trying to feel sympathetic : "AW I am sorry, You were used to eat grapefruit on a regular basis?" patient : "No...I hate grapefruit, it so sour !" Me : "OK, so let's get to the next pill..."
- Taking pictures of my EOTD and noticing the Christmas calendar is still in the living room's wall, cropping pictures to hide my failure...

Awesome :
- becoming free lance, I feel so free to organize my own professional schedule
- receiving an award from Jen who is so talented that it's not even funny ...And she is an enabler to MAC, let me tell you ...I wish I could have such a nice MUA at my MAC counter !
- receiving 3 packages of free goodies in less than a month : from a give away (Lily's), from Maybelline (Super stay lipstick to try when you subscribe on their FB page), from Marcelle-Annabelle reps (as they heard I was sick in December ...AWWWWW !)
- being addicted to the Banana shampoo from the Body Shop smells soooo good in my shower every morning : those kinds of little priceless pleasures !

Awkward and awesome Caro xxx

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

NOTD : magnetic nails from Agnes B

I won a give away mi January and I received an indecent amount of gorgeous nail polishes. In the package I receive, I found that weird little magnet from the AgnesB. collection. As I am as curious as George, I researched a little bit about it and found out that the magnet can help you do nail art easily. How fun !

Here is the result and the INCREDIBLE magnet ! the color shown here is Prune Galaxie...

As I am as crafty as if I had 2 left hands, I managed to fail with 2 nails, scratch 2 others and do a lot of swearing at the same time (I am a multi purpose kind of girl). But with a little bit of practice, I am sure the swearing will proportionally decrease while ALL my nails will look perfect...(a girl can dream !)

So is it a gimmicky product ?

Did I enjoy it ?
Everyone needs a little bit of swearing in their life ...And swearing in French is so ...charming (?)

My nails were noticed by a lady who asked me how come I made such neat designs on my nails ...I started to explain the basic principle of metallic nail polish and magnet and realized being a science teacher was probably not my call !

Curious Caro and her metallic nails xxx

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Bee-Yonce EOTD ...

Beyonce wore a fantastic eye make up on the "telephone" videoclip with Gaga. I didn't recreate it until I saw a similar look on Jangsara Facebook page that was too beautiful to ignore.

Brace yourself, full face with crazy hair coming soon !

Face :
NARS sheer glow foundation in Deauville
Maybelline blush in Original Rose
Annabelle Haute Gold bronzer to contour
Annabelle Amber glow palette as an highlight

Lips :
Heather from NYX topped with Gosh Darling (134)

It is said that yellow e/s should be avoided on brown eyes...But you know how rebel I can be (being a suburban soccer mum and all...)

Eye make up :
Base : TFSI toped with NYX JEP in Milk (inner corner) and Yellow (lid)
e/s : Matte white from Wn'W greed palette (fantastic pay off), Chick (yellow e/s from NYX), Wedge (MAC) in the crease, Divine Diva from Annabelle over Wedge (gorgeous plum color infused with gold...sadly washed out by my camera)

Liners :
Up : NYC black liner to create the cat eye effect
Down : Annabelle smoothliner in Green tease (dirty gold) topped with the same white e/s from the Wn'W palette.

Brows : NYX root beer e/s
lashes : Marcelle volume precision in black

Last pic is an attempt to a faux bob copied on the beautiful Maegan. She has amazing tutorials for long hair !

Have a wonderful day, lovelies ...

Caro-addicted to her H&M scarf xxx

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursdays and NOTD !

I am starting a nail-o-thon with all the nail polishes that I won lately ! Ladies, let me introduce you to the vampy : Tulipe noire (translation : black tulip) from Peggy sage. I played it lazy and just did 1 coat to prevent it from being too dark... I love so much those kinds of plummy colors !

Then if you can see the new button on the right of my blog, I'll try and follow the tradition of the Awkward and Awesome Thursdays , initiated by Sydney...Go and read that blog, it's hilarious and witty !

Awkward :
- being at Sephora and trying to avoid a SA that mismatch my color foundation ... BIG time : I am snow white and she matches me with J-LO. I didn't want to hurt her feelings, so I end up whispering to another SA if I can change the bottle and the SA whispers back in a really noisy Sephora...
- waiting in line in a H&M and starting the weirdest conversation ever with a total stranger : I swear in 5 min I knew everything about her childhood. Excusing myself to go to the cash because she doesn't want to stop the conversation...and rushing out of the store because I have the impression she wants to develop our new friendship !

Awesome :
- Receiving a huge package from a give away I won this week...I still can't believe it !
- Seeing my kids enjoying Harry Potter : They open the doors saying "Alohomora", they fight with "Petrificum totalum". Thank you Mrs Rowling for bringing your magic to my kids' world
- The sales : huge , this year ...not sure that's awesome for my wallet but my closet is very happy
- discovering new blogs everyday and enjoying the ride

Caro-reducium bottomum xxx (not working yet ...working on it !) xxx

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Annabelle and her purple eye....

I had the chance, one day to be cited as the "author" of a sweet blog. The nice girl giving me a shout out said she liked to imagine my first name was Annabelle because I was using the brand so often in my FOTD that it defined me...So today, again, please don't call me Caroline, I am just Annabelle ;-)

Look at that and clean up the drool from your chins, ladies ! one swipe, no primer : the 3 colors on my fingers are rainforest, utraviolet and tutu. I didn't swatch Fantasy : the peacocky turquoise color because I didn't use it in my EOTD but My brushes are itching to try it ....

Next , full face with flash : products used for the face are:
NARS sheer glow in Deauville. Still on the fence with this one, the coverage and lasting power are perfection but it might be a little too yellow on me...
Maybelline Mineral blush in Soft Mauve
Annabelle Haute gold bronzer to contour
Mac prep and prime finishing powder to set everything

Very scary close up on my eye :
Primer : TFSI
e/s : Rainforest(Annabelle) in the inner corner , Ultraviolet (Annabelle) all over the lid, tutu (Annabelle) to blend, the beauty marked dupe from WnW to give depth in the outer V (Lust palette)
liner : Feline khol liner from MAC
Brows : Root Beer e/s from a NYX trio
Mascara : Marcelle volume precision in black

This pic is truer to the colors : there is a hint of fuschia in the ultraviolet that is just gorgeous...

Lips : Heather from NYX mixed with Gosh Darling (134)
Neck : H&M new, love, love....

Last one, just to tell you that this look was inspired by Laurenisokay on Youtube. It is quite far from what she did but she is cute and talented so I often take some of her color combos as a base for my own look !

Have a good day, lovelies !

Car-Annabelle xxx