Friday, April 30, 2010

NOTD : Cheetah print and favorite lip combo

Lips : my favorite combo ever
Lipliner : NYX Mauve to contour and all over the lip
Lipstick : NYX round lipstick in Power (a pink with a purple hue)
Lipgloss : Sephora lipgloss in precious pink

NYX secret as a color base
Sally Hansen black out to do the prints with a Konad plate (M 57)

My poor nails are really short. It seems that I neglected them a lot lately as I could not paint them so they broke, split....I need to give them a little more love !

EOTD : a very simple eye with a wash of gold-brown all over the lid , a little grey in the outer corner and a white highlight under the brow bone and in the inner corner. Very TiffanyD on youtube !

Tonight my hockey team is playing for the 2nd part of the play offs. GO , HABS, GO !!!

Caro-hockey fan just for fun(don't have a single clue how this game works !) xxx

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Soft Plum : how to picture soft EOTD ???

So yesterday, I looked tired so to fight back I decided to play low key make up...I am not that good a photographer so I had the hardest time trying to picture my EOTD. When a look is really soft, I doesn't show well on the camera. Any advice , ladies ?

Eyes :
TFSI as a primer
NYX lavender Jumbo pencil as a color base
Sugar dust from Annabelle all over the lid and to brow bone
Plum color from Faces cosmetics in the crease and outer V
Buff naked (Annabelle) as an hignlight color
L'Oreal telescopic mascara
MUFE aquapencil in plum (can't remember the number) under the waterline and in the outer corner to give some depth

Face :
Skintrue foundation (Annabelle) in medium beige
Revlon bronzer in shade 02
Angel blush from NYX

Lips :
Mauve lipliner (NYX)
Paris lipstick mixed with B52 lipstick (both NYX colors)

Anne-Marie Chagnon jewelry : my Xmas present from Santa-hubby-Claus. I adore what she does, she's a Montreal artist and she is so talented !!!

Hope you have a fantastic day and don't forget to enter my GIVE AWAY!

Caro-seeking photographic advice xxx

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Darth Evil make up : red smokey !...and JOTD

Last Saturday, my daughter was invited to a birthday party which theme was Halloween (I love kids for their ideas : Halloween in April isn't that awesome !). So we went for a Dracula costume and of course I did my girl's make up. I find it so fun on her face that I had to try on mine ;-))))

Eyes :
TFSI as a primer
Cherry NYX jumbo pencil as a color base
the fiery red cranberry color from the Sunset Sleek palette
Graffiti (Annabelle) as an outer V color
Vanilla (MAC) as an highlight color
Wedge (MAC) to blend
Telescopic mascara from L'Oreal

Skin :
Skin true foundation in medium beige : it was the first time I tried this foundation from Annabelle (offered to me by the company). I was quite impressed but I don't want to rush the review , I want to have a fair opinion after several days of wearing it.
Revlon bronzer as a contour
Vanilla pigment (MAC) as an highlight : cheeks, bridge of the nose, cupid bow
Angel blush from NYX

Lips :
NYX mauve lipliner
NYX Tea rose lipstick

classical big red earrings with a assorted necklace

Caro-Sith lord xxx

PS : Don't forget to enter my give away, little padawans

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Episode II : Violet Vibe attack !...and exciting news

It's a trilogy : first MYTH pigment, now : Violet Vibe pigment. I tried to picture the sparkliness of this beauty but...I am not a good photographer so you'll have to be creative and imagine ! I wanted to test the blue color on my lashes to see whether it was flattering or just weird ...I let you judge !

Eyes :
TFSI as a primer
NYX jumbo pencil in Lavender as a color base
Violet Vibe foiled with eye drops, then dusted dry over the paste with another brush....
My beloved Graffiti (Annabelle) in the outer V to give some depth to the look
Wedge (MAC) to blend Violet Vibe into Helium (Annabelle) used as an highlight
Ultimate lash mascara in Navy. I found it was pretty finally, as the blue color was not a bright one but a subtle navy color. Plus, if you remember well , the black Graffiti has some shimmers in it and the sparkles are blue toned. So it was a win ...

Now to the exciting news : I was contacted by an Annabelle representative to test out some of their products and give reviews (bad or good, my call !). I am totally excited : They sent me a mascara (the same Navy blue one I tried on this look), an eye cream (testing in progress) and a liquid foundation (testing in progress too). I guess they know I am head over heels for their products so they are not taking that big a risk !!! But I am an untouchable woman, so you'll have honest reviews, I swear....

Caro-Eliot Ness of the make up review xxx

Monday, April 26, 2010

Myths which are believed in tend to become true...

This quote is from George Orwell (MUA putting her glasses on to look really brillant) .... OK ,OK, I googled it (MUA bowing head with shame !). But I had to find a title with the word MYTH in it ! Remember, this blog is about improving my english skills...

SO to the EOTD :

TFSI as a base
Myth pigment (Annabelle) used all over the lid. First, I mix it with eye drops to make a paste : it's called foiling pigments if I remember well...Then I let it dry and I add a little dusting of the dry pigment with a fluffy brush to bring out the sparkle....Ohohoh, what a surprise, isn't that a pigment sampled in my GIVE AWAY ? Yes, it is !!!! I's a beautiful taupish, silverish color infused with glitter. I love it really ...a lot...
Club (MAC) in the crease
Helium (Annabelle) as an highlight color
Wedge (MAC) to blend....
MUFE grey eyeliner in waterline

I hope you liked it. Tomorrow, I'll post about Violet Vibe, another pigment from my collection (that I sampled too). It's gonna be like a serie...MYTH, episode I (big voice from the space)...DUGH, I think , I'll stop before being completely ridiculous !

Caro-trying to find a (lame) connection between each post xxx

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rock star look/Raccoon (cute raccoon, of course)

So I guess I was in the mood of living a life of sex, drugs and rock n roll on Friday...Haha! So I tried this edgy, rocker chic look...At first, while blending the brown color all around my eye, I was thinking : Gosh, I am gonna end with a raccoon look...But finally I think it came out quite fine !

TFSI as a base
Foxy (Annabelle) as an all over the lid color
Feline Khol liner on water line and smudged as a not-so-clean line on the lid
Graffiti (Annabelle) to give some depth to the outer V
Helium (Annabelle) as an highlight color
Mascara : Revlon double twist (dying on me so sorry for the messy lashes!)

Skin :
Annabelle Skintrue Foundation in medium beige
Revlon bronzer in shade 2 to contour
NYX Angel blush

Lips :
GOSH darling lipstick
NYX mauve lipliner
Annabelle Gloss in breathless

Earrings : It's a Do it yourself !!!

Glasses : So what I am still a rock star, I've got my rock moves and I don't need YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU (PINK)

Caro-yeah-yeah-yeah xxx

Don't you dare forgetting to enter my give away....

Saturday, April 24, 2010

GIve away on MUA !

I was supposed to wait for 50 followers...But I can't resist ! I started this blog to practice my english, to have my own little secret garden (ME-Myself and I hahaha) and I am so happy I did...I met so many nice persons in the make up world, I am amazed ! So, as It's just a guilty pleasure for me, I wanted to give back a little love, so without further ado, to the gifts...I wanted to give it a personal kick, so here we go :

Mascara : Marcelle volume precision in Black. It's my HG mascara : it's dark, it doesn't clump, never flakes. It gives length and volume. I could talk about this single item for hours ....
Eye liner : Annabelle smudgeliner in black. I personally never use the smudging tip because I use a pencil brush to smooth my eyeliner but feel free to do otherwise. I have this liner in brown and I swear by it because even though it's easy to spread it and to smudge it , it doesn't go everywhere (Can you hear me feline Khol liner ????)
Palette : It's just Annabelle colors and the palette to fit them in. I chose a purple color : Purple Reine (Who doesn't like purple....silence following the question), whipped (you need an highlighter in your palette and this one looks like a vanilla Chantilly !), Graffity (my favorite black of all times, a black infused with little sparkles), B-Ray (a classic navy blue which pigmentation is unbeatable)
Pigments: I sampled my own collection (part of it). Vanilla pigment from MAC (description not really needed I guess), Myth from Annabelle (a complex taupe color infused with holographic shimmer, it's BEAUTY), Violet Vibe from Annabelle (again, who doesn't like purple ???), Greed from Annabelle (a bold matte green color), Copper from GOSH (like liquid metal on the lids) and Rosewood from GOSH (a stunning red with a pink hue in it, like a Cranberry !)

To enter this INTERNATIONAL contest, you must :
- be 18 or older
- be a follower
- leave a comment as original as ENTER ME but You can be more classic and just say how fantasmabulous I am ....
- do all of this before the 15th of may at 24h00 in Montreal.

No multiple entries for lobbying for my blog on Twitter , Facebook or your own blog, just do it if you feel like it...But your love for me needs to be pure HAHA...and frankly, I don't want to make it something complicated (lazy, lazy....)

Good luck my lovelies !

Caro-Santa Claus of the day xxx

Friday, April 23, 2010

inspired by a MUG : silver and chocolate EOTD + JOTD

JOTD (Jewelry of the day) : The picture of my earrings is a little weird with all my crazy hair everywhere but I like them so much, I had to show you ! The necklace was supposed to go with little black rose earrings but I lost the little thing that help them stay put on my ears ( how come I can loose both ...Don't ask me !).
To the make up : really hard to picture as it was really discrete and smooth.

EOTD (Eyes Of The Day) :
TFSI as a base
NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk as a color base
Dazzle light (MAC) as a wash of white color from lid to eyebrow
Random silver color (probably from NYX but not sure as I depotted it without copying the name): on the external part of the lid
Rich chocolate color from the Sleek Storm palette (1st row, last color on the right)as a crease color
Wedge (MAC) to blend the chocolate color into the Dazzle light color
Eyeliner : Ardene cheap liquid liner used with an art craft pencil
on lower lash line : Rich chocolate Smudgeliner. I need to do a review on this liner, I love it !

Hope you can see something !

Caro-bad photographer xxx

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blue smokey : colors and base !

This post is gonna be about how a color base cream can change your make up look ! As you can see from the pictures, This is a BLUE smokey....Well, I was supposed to do a GREEN smokey that day...How come when you put an Emerald like color as a cream base under your powder GREEN e/s, you end up with blue ! I probably haven't listened well in primary school when I was taught about the colors...
I already did a post about base with the Club look I did before but Club(MAC) is a duochrome....The color I used from the Storm Sleek Palette is a very dark green...I have no clue of what happened there but it was pretty so I accepted my fate ;-)

TFSI as a primer
HIP liner in TEAL (I see Emerald green but may be I am just color blind...)as color base
The GREEN color in the Sleek palette
The soft brown color in the Storm palette to blend in the crease
Helium e/s (Annabelle) as an highlight (How surprising !)
Graffiti e/s (Annabelle) as an outer V color : I absolutely adore this black e/s with blue looks, it's perfection !
Mascara : Telescopic from L'Oreal ...The last one from my stash before I can OFFICIALLY re-start my HG Mascara and You 're gonna be so sick of hearing me raving about it !!!

I hope you liked it and if you understand the blue-green weird thing, I am all ears !

Caro-color blind xxx

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sunset eye with a sleek palette : colorful look !

The Sunset palette was the one I haven't tried yet ...So here it goes ! Sunset look with the Sunset palette : how appropriate ! I grabbed my Bohemian and Original palette too for the purples in the crease. It was bright , let me tell you. Ii was my day off so I could experiment with colors. The issues I had were with the blending again : I find those colors are really difficult to work with but the look was rewarding so I guess I can live with that.
I used NYX Jumbo eyepencil in Yellow as a base color

I hope you liked it

Caro-let the sunshine in xxx

Monday, April 19, 2010

Matte purple versus shimmery purple : battle of the EOTD

The first pic is done with the Original Sleek palette: shimmery purple with a hint of dark black in the outer V.In the last 2 photos, I wear the matte purple from the Sleek bohemian palette blended with a chocolate color into the crease.

In pictures, I prefer the matte look but in reality the whole look was prettier with the soft shimmery purple. Plus, the matte purple tends to fade in a weird pink color at the end of the day... Do you have the same problem with your matte colors, a change in pigmentation ?

Not really inspired today, I worked all week end long and I feel exhausted...

Have a beautiful shinny day , gorgeous ladies

Caro-lacking inspiration xxx

Sunday, April 18, 2010

You have a beautiful skin ! Skin care (Part 1)

I changed my skin care routine 2 months ago...And the last month, 3 different persons told me : You have a beautiful skin ....Me : ***Blushing with pleasure***Thank you , thank you (my mama raised me well, I am a polite girl !). Those nice people were :
- a esthetician doing me a facial (hubby offered me 1h30 of pure porn related activity there !)
- a random customer
- a colleague scrutinizing my pores 15 cm away from my face : she wanted to check really well if I was not a fraud !

In fact I am using a whole bunch of very simple products and a toothbrush (ouh, why why a toothbrush, crowd asking with impatience? ):

In fact, I didn't want to buy the Clarisonic thing (200 $ to clean my face makes me cringe ...) so I went with Michelle Phan's alternative : an electric tooth brush that you use to clean your face with your cleanser.The product I used with it is : Gentle Self Foaming Cleanser from Marcelle...And what happened ?

Week 1: I chose an extra soft brush but remember the tooth brush is made for teeth which normally are a little harder than your tender skin Ouch for 1 week, rosy cheeks but HEH, you need to suffer to be beautiful (IT's a sacred law !)

Week 2 : I broke out...Really...Abnormally...Chin, between the brows, temples, ....I was a little discouraged ! then I went on internet, googled everything and discovered that it was kind of normal if you have a deep cleansing process cause everything was "exposed"...YURK !

Week 3 : My brush slalomed between spots like an Olympic champion. Skin was getting used to the harsh brush

Week 4 : Skin in calm down zone...

Week 5 : ouh nice skin...I noticed better texture of my skin : less dilated pores around the nose, no more bumps under the skin on the forehead, radiance from within (? Not really, I start to speak like a commercial...Fleech, fleech sending hair to fly from one side of my head to another !).

Conclusion :I think this method gives an Extra power to your cleanser. Mine is made with vit C (ingredients supposedly working on the radiance....Fleech, fleech again !). I like it very much as it's like putting whipped cream on your face (who doesn't like whipped cream ?). Plus, I think that the fact that it's perfume free limited the reaction I had on the abrasion from the 1st weeks with the brush. Now, you need to be patient because the beginning of the "treatment" is not really rewarding...And be prepared to use far more day and night creams : it seems that your skin is absorbing so much more !!!!

Hope it helped and was not too boring...

Caro-radiating from within (fleech, fleech to you !) xxx

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gigantic Annabelle haul at the warehouse sale!

At the beginning of the month, Annabelle cosmetics had a sale, open to everyone, in Montreal...Dirladada, I live in Montreal ! So I went a little bit out of control :
4 palettes : one that you can personalized, 3 that were already put into beautiful metallic boxes (I have taken pictures open and closed so that you can see the gorgeous details...)
2 pairs of false eyelashes
1 black eyeliner
2 packs of wipes to remove eye make up
3 mascaras (coughing in shame ...)

When I went home, I felt a little bit embarrassed...Who really needs so much make up ? MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...Ok, not really! So what do you think about a little give away ? I thought that, as I purchased my HG mascara twice, I could give up the back up and then once thing leading to another, I could add the custom palette ( as I repurchased colors I already own...). And there all shame vanished, HAha (powerful laugh), I felt I was in a generous mood (very good for the Ego let me tell you !). So , if you will give me a few days to wrap it up...I'll be hosting my first give away in a few days! How exciting !

Caro-nice fairy of your dreams (mouhahaha) xxx

Friday, April 16, 2010

a messy bun and the difficult art of taking pictures !

I failed my make up attempt today : bronzey colors with a turquoise liner. I looked really weird !
So I decided to try and photograph my messy bun. It was my first attempt and I was pretty pleased with it. Now, take a moment and try to picture me taking the photos...You can laugh, I did ! I took random pics of my floor, my forehead, my back and butt ...but 1 000 000 pics later, I aimed at my hair the right way WOOOHOOOO ! I feel like Robin Hood ...

Caro xxx

Thursday, April 15, 2010

An Olive EOTD with sleek palette and a review

I love to play with my new toys !!! I just use the original in this look as I wanted to try the Olive color bottom line last color on the left. I will not link all the products I use because I prefer giving the 1st impressions I have on those palettes.

Cons :
it's not really a problem but the palettes are really tiny, I thought they looked bigger when I saw them on you tube.
Consistency of the e/s : they are on the chalky side ...I don't know if my eyelids are now highly sensitive but the texture of those e/s isn't very pleasant
Blending problem : probably because of the consistency, I find them harder to blend than some of my powder e/s that are more on the creamy side.
No highlight color : as those e/s are shimmery for the most part (even looking metallic for some !), I regret that there is no beige highlight in each palette. You have the black outer V color in each kit but no highlight...

Pros :
Palette look : very sturdy, doesn't look cheap. I think those palettes would resist a incredible travel in my (gigantic) bag without breaking.
Color pay off : I just tried 2 of my palettes : Storm and Original and the color pay off is absolutely amazing in both of them
range of colors : those palettes carry 12 colors and I love the mix they did, to offer such a wide range of hues to try
Staying power : I always use a primer to make my make up stick to my lids all day. But sometimes, even with my TFSI some colors fade away. I worked 9 hours yesterday, went back home and the make up was still flawless on my eyes. So staying power is gorgeous

Do I recommend them : absolutely ! Because, even though I don't feel those e/s to be comfy on my lids, they look gorgeous on my eyes. I know some girls who will understand the concept of stunning incredibly non comfy shoes....Do you wear them ? I do, even if I bleed my feet to death !!!! You get the idea...

Caro xxx

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sleek palettes EOTD : Blues for a belgium girl !

I received the 4 palettes from Sleek make up I ordered online. And of course, I had to play with those...

Eye :
TFSI as a primer
no base color
e/s :
LID : from the Storm palette : the dark blue and dark green from the bottom line blended together then I patted the bright blue and bright green from the upper line of the Original palette ( Yes, you can see that I played with my new toys !)
CREASE : the fantasmabulous rich chocolate e/s from the Storm palette (last color on the upper line )
Highlight : Vanilla (MAC)
liner : Rich chocolate liner (Annabelle)
Mascara : the abominable Revlon double Twist. I know I made the vow to use up all the mascaras I bought before repurchasing my HG mascara ( Marcelle Volume Precision)...but frankly, I don't know if I'll be strong enough ! I battled 10 min to make this PASTE look normal on my lashes and the brush is ridiculously huge : i could brush my teeth with this thing ....

Hint for the title : the lady behind Make up and Beauty musings challenged me a while ago to use more blues on my brown eyes. I was not so sure I could make it look wearable so that's what prevented me from trying...But I saw her own creation and they were stunning but still classy! So I dove into the Blue and I must say that I loved going out of my comfort zone....

What color scares you to try ? Are you fierce and wear whatever you want or do you stick to neutrals ?

Caro xxx

Monday, April 12, 2010

SOTD, JOTD and failing !

So I decided I'd be creative today
SOTD : Shoe of the day
JOTD : Jewelry of the day

SOTD : Before having a slight little problem with make up addiction, I had a shoe-bag addiction...I have some attacks of shoe bulimia from time to time and it stroke this week end when I met those panther shoes...Hubby made a face when he met my new babies (the kind of horrified face your mummy made when you did a big fashion NO-NO when you were a teen...). But luckily, hubby is not my mom and I don't listen to anything negative he has to say about fashion (poor baby, he is just a man after all !). I wore those little marvels with large black pants, a big fluffy shirt and a tiny black leather coat .....Big glasses, yeah Rock n roll Baby !

JOTD : I "unplugged" the little charms from my bottle of Juicy couture perfume and put it at the end of a gold chain....Pretty, isn't it ?

FOTD : weird face of the day from your favorite blogger...The kind of face I do when I am disappointed with a new buy : GOSH darling lipstick...The FAMOUS 134...that is hyped all over the make up globe...and makes me look like a corpse...I need to do a post : DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE like the videos I like on Youtube!

Hope everything went well for you on this monday

Caro who just worked 4 hours (9 to 13h) and loved it xxx

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My fellow bloggers : Sunshine award and a random discover !

My friend from Short and sweet nails surprised me last week with an Award ! Yeah, I feel like a superstar...

These are the rules of the award.

1- Post the logo within your blog or post.
2- Pass the award onto several other bloggers.
3- Link the nominees within your post.
4- Let the nominees know they have received an award by commenting on their blog.
Share the love and link to the person whom you received this award from.

Here are the blogs I'm passing the award to:

Zoffe : She is doing the brightest make up looks without ever looking overdone. She is a MAC make up artist but she is promoting other makes too as long as they are good. I like that she is open minded !!!

Suzy : Just go to youtube and you'll understand. She is fresh, funny. I find her more talented than most make up gurus that are SO serious. And I hate her because of her perfect black shinny hair ....Joking !

Nasty red-head : my latest discovery. I love this blog for inspiration. This red hair girl has pic-tutorials (new word, Yes, it's my blog I do whatever I want !!!). Those tutorials are so easy to follow and the quality of the pics are amazing...I need some lessons !..,And that hair color...sigh...DREAM !

Musing : This girl has tested every single existing foundation on the planet. She has the more detailed reviews I have ever read and she is sweet as ...a blush cream...and she speaks french (I know, RANDOM, but again...My blog !)

Clara : I have a girl crush on Clara. She looks like an angel...(hugh I hope I don't sound weird !) She says she is a nail junkie and she has an amazing polish collection but go and check her make up looks, you'll be amazed !

Jen : I discovered her on make up geek and followed her work religiously till then. She is also a make up artist. If you're looking for classy make up art, her blog is the place. Her EOTD are so flawless !

I hope I'll make you discover some wonderful ladies this way....I could have nominated a lot more cause I spend a ridiculous amount of time browsing blogs !

Other subject : I went to Annabelle wharehouse sale last friday and it was pretty amazing ...The prices were little pieces...and I ran into Gaby , a fellow Montreal blogger. Unfortunately , the place was crowded and we just had a few minutes to talk but it was fun !!!

Have a beautiful Sunday, lovelies

Caro xxx

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter NOTD inspired by Susies1955

I was inspired by the beautiful Susies1955 to do that mani. Hers was prettier than mine because I didn't own a pastel yellow one. I replaced it with an orange one from the Essie spring collection but the whole look works better with her take on it...

I am IMPOSSIBLE...If you read my blog from time to time, you know I have sometimes an allergy to some nail varnishes. It's really difficult to identify which ones as I change mani every other day...But did you think painting my nails with all the colors of the rainbow was a good idea to identify the thief....NOT REALLY ! I again swell but now that I recognize the first symptoms, I took the mani away the 1st day I wore it. It didn't prevent me from swelling but it's not as awful as before. I need to take a break from Mani (sobbing endlessly !) for a while and the try one color for a few days , stop painting for a few days and so on. This way, there is a good chance of finding the traitor !!!

Hope you have a grogeous week end !

I have tons of posts to write about hauls (yay to wharehouse sale !), meeting a fellow blogger by chance, Awards (I fell like a SUPERSTAR !) and give away

Caro xxx

Friday, April 9, 2010

Annabelle painted love reinterpretation

Annabelle launched a limited edition collection for spring with 4 new shades. I bought 3 of them and decided to see how they could work together...I loved the look a lot and ended up adding 3 more colors : Rainbow Caroline !

Eyes :
TFSI as a primer
Gosh love that Dolphin color base : it's a baby blue color in the inner corner
NYX Jumbo eyepencil in Yellow: rest of the lid for a cream color base
e/s (take a deep breath !) :
Nymphet e/s (Annabelle) in the inner corner over Gosh base
Chick e/s (NYX) rest of the lid over NYX yellow
Toxic garden (Annabelle) to blen Nymphet(turquoise) and Chick (yellow) into a green color (Toxic). Can you see I was a good girl in kinder garden ??? I KNOW my colors ...
Deep purple e/s (NYX) from crease and up to browbone
Helium as an highlight color
Wedge e/s (MAC) as a blending color to fade the purple color into the highlight
and TADA last one : Graffiti (Annabelle) to give some depth to outer V and crease
Mascara : Voluminous from L'OREAL

writer stops to rant : What the ....BIP....with this Voluminous thing ! I hate it ! Clumps, it sent it to the hell of bad mascaras directly into my garbage bag ! END of the RANT...

Lips :
Lipliner from NYX in Mauve
Lipstick from NYX in Power
Lipgloss from Annabelle in breathless

Skin :
Gosh extremewear in golden with Revlon HD in nude
Rimmel bronzer in shade 02
NYX blush in Angel
Mineral Powder foundation in natural Ivory