Saturday, August 7, 2010

Someone's garbage ...

can be someone' s treasure !

I received a box of old jewelry from a friend who wanted to get rid of it. I found this big pink funny necklace. I saw a big multicolored necklace at Banana's republic a few weeks ago and I resisted because it was indecently pricey for a plastic beaded necklace. I guess this "free" one fed my craving for color ! I wore it over a very conservative black blouse with a pencil skirt and it gave a nice "crazy" twist to my outfit

I paired it with wooden earrings : same family color....

This bag of unloved jewelry has found a good home. I don't think I am gonna throw a single thing away....

Have a wonderful week end, lovelies. I am a working girl this week end (9-17 Saturday and Sunday...)

Caro-barbie girl xxx

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Do you have some mints, please ?

OOTD : an old ESPRIT dress (3-4 years ago) that I can wear again (yeah to weight loss, you can shop your stash and rediscover old loves !). My Aldo bag and a brown belt From Joe Fresh (yes you heard me that brand you find at your grocery store aka Loblaws...). I cut my head off as it was scary ....Sorry for what it reveals of my sanity, problem with self esteem and stuff haha

The way to make your belt looks pretty : inspired by Anh whose blog I am obsessed with....

A champanish-olivish kind of eye : Champagne (NYX) paired with Club (MAC) and Helium (Annabelle)

See I don't have a problem showing my face !

JOTD : old, old stuff . I can't even remember when I bought those 2 items...

I hope everyone have a wonderful week. And there she goes to work till 22h (bleh, bleh ...)

Caro-minty lady xxx

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bye bye beach dress !

A long time ago, when I was weak and foolish, I bought this dress thinking : nice to go to the beach to throw quickly over a bathing suit.....Well not so nice in reality so ritual SACRIFICE !!!

Look at the bottom of the dress, was I drunk when I bought this ?

a few scissors' attacks after and a lot of sewing done and : ready to head to the beach !

The back (that was the front in another life) and me looking outside mysteriously ....It's not a crappy lighting , it all about "atmosphere"

I wear it today with a navy blazer and a big necklace.

What do you think ?

Caro - sewing addict xxx

Monday, August 2, 2010

Favorites of the month : July !

I don't buy LE items so the products I am reviewing are all easy to find (no treasure hunt !)

Lipstick : Rimmel Vintage pink. I don't like the packaging (too tacky for me) but I like the color. First, when you look at it , it screams BORING. It's just a dusty pink....But it became my purse-lipstick because it goes with everything. I now that it 's not as neutral as all the beige lipsticks that are supposed to be considered as wearable (like Creme D'nude from MAC or GOSH darling and so on...) but it's MY neutral lipstick. I find it very flattering, it has a good staying power and it's not drying. It's quite cheap so what's a girl got to do ??? Resist ??? Nan !

Primer : Monistat chafing gel which is called Soothing care in Canada. I barely used it in winter under my foundation because I didn't find it was really useful to add a new layer of product on my face. But this summer is so hot, that I tried it just under my loose powder (no liquid foundation for me when even the road melt in my street !). I am SOLD ! it kept the powder in place all day long at a BBQ party I went on Sunday. I even tried it all alone and it made my skin look fantastic...

Eye cream : Marcelle New Age anti wrinkle + firming eye and lip contour cream. Yes, I know speaking of wrinkles in a blog world full of beauty and make up is not really glamorous but...if you don't want your eye make up to look like crap, you need a good base, no ? I never really believed in the miracles all eye creams are supposed to do : erase wrinkles, prevent discoloration of the eyelid skin, destroy under eye black circles and so on....But again, the result speak for itself : my eye area looks brighten, it's more "plumped" than a month ago. So I am not saying my wrinkles disappeared but they are less obvious. So it's good enough for me. Plus the pump is really useful to prevent loss of product (it delivers the perfect amount). And, as I am a germ freak, I find it really clean. Last thing : it seems to last for ever (told you this pump was a marvel !!!)

Body Cream : the Quench line from Olay. Recommended by dulcecandy so I bought it, tried it and loved it. I gives a nice sheen to your skin and it solves the "crocodile" skin. LOVE IT !

Annabelle Zebra bronzer : a must have for fair ladies. you can really build the color and you don't look like "hou I am pale but I used a bronzer to look like J-LO"effect. I used it every single day since I received it and I am sure I 'll keep it for a contour color in winter. a keeper ...

Wipes : Neutrogena Deep clean wipes. Recommended by Lollipop26 so I bought it, tried it and loved it (haven't you heard that before, I am such a sheep in beauty "hauls" beheheheeeeee). 1 wipe is enough for the whole face and it works really well in taking out all your make up when you are in a hurry.

Hope you liked the reviews, have a nice day !

Caro-reviewing lady xxx

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Revamping a swimsuit : vintage version

I have bought this swimsuit 1 year ago. It was quite expensive so I am very disappointed that the fabric looks so distressed in the belly button area.....May be as well the fact that I am losing weight is not helpful for it to look great (Or may be my 6-pack abdominals are just so strong now that they are tormenting the poor bathing suit MOUHAHAHAHAHA)....So in the whim of the moment, with my scissors in hand, I decided to sacrifice the dying bathing costume to the GOD "cutting and sewing".

I took the opportunity to reshape the top (now it offers more "covering" in the cleavage area).

I kept the bottom very large (it goes up my belly button) for 2 reasons :
1- to achieve the vintage look I saw in Modcloth
2- to hide my stomach area (my 6 pack must exist somewhere in my fantasy world but in my real world it's well hidden !!!)

Then I just added a nice big white button in the middle of the waist area to tie the look together

I wore it and it fits nicely. I am so happy I can now wear a bikini that doesn't make me look like a whale !!! It's very flattering.....

Caro-pin up from the 50's xxx