Monday, May 31, 2010

MUA = MIA , where was I ?

DRUM ROLL, Tada..... I was in Ottawa for the week end ! It's really close to Montreal and after being in Canada for 6 years, I had never gone to pay a visit to the CAPITAL....So as a good citizen, I walked near Rideau Canal, visited the Peace Tower in parliament. had to go to a museum (Nature one for my kids who wanted to see Dinosaurs...I am such a good mother... explanation about me bragging about my motherhood abilities : MUA is not interested at all by Dinosaurs... ).

We ate hundreds and thousands of Calories from junk food (EAKKKKKKKK !). As a consequence (not immediate of course but....), I saw myself in pictures and I nearly fainted. It seems that I am about to disqualify the Tyrannosaurus Rex in terms of fat butt....So, and I know it's too late for summer but heah, give me a break, I am self conscious now, I was not in winter (big puffy coat makes you look big anyway....).....I NEED to start a diet ( ugh just the name makes me shiver) and I NEED to work out (MUA on the verge of vomiting). Anyone has an opinion on Weight Watchers ? A colleague wants me in but I am not so sure I want to enter the army of the happy-fat-lady-who-is-gonna-be-thin-one-day. I find it intimidating....

Caro-looking at her fat belly and sighing ( I was put on earth to eat good, rich, creamy things, what can I say ?) xxx

Friday, May 28, 2010

A hair cut (DRAMA) and Miss Chievous make up !

HOTD : hair of the day....I went to the hairdresser scared to death as I went through some hair drama(sssssssssss...) before. Here is a little question for you

Did this ring a bell ?
A) going out of a salon with YELLOW strands of hair instead of a beachy summery kissed look.

B) going out of the salon with sleek brown hair when you specifically asked for big red waves (bringing pictures of fabulous Marcia Cross to illustrate...)

C) rushing out of the salon to put your hair under the shower as soon as you went back home to destroy the Barbi-ish look that took 1/2 h to just do to the sweating lady...

D) leaving a tip to the girl that killed your hair and smiling sheepishly and even hearing your one voice saying : yeah, it's pretty ....(then banging head on walls...leaving you with bad hair and bruises...)

E) asking for a perm when you already have curly hair (80 's anyone ?)

F) discovering that one side of the hair is longer than the other when you have a bob...3 days after the cut....

Forget the numbers of pic.....MUA happy with her hair for the 1st time ever ????

Caro-absolutely ecstatic about her hair ! xxx

Thursday, May 27, 2010

a swatch of red lust on the lips...

So a few days ago , I bought Rimmel Red Lust. I am not wearing red on the lips on a regular basis as my lips are too tiny to sport red properly. This lipstick is a good option for tiny-lipped-girl like me as the color is really buildable from sheer red-coral to orangey-red... Hum orangey-red : not sure I make it sound sexy !!! I had the image of orange lipstick and old nannies that flashed in my brain....But I really like it. Plus, it kept my lips moistured so this is definitively a keeper in my book.

Today no EOTD as yesterday it was 40 C in Montreal...all sweaty and sticky so , I just sticked to basics and it was not that interesting to publish....

have a beautiful day, beautiful ladies

Caro - heading to the hair dresser and scared to death xxx

PS : trauma over hair cuts will be discuss later ....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

bloody lips and plummy eyes : a No-No ?

MUA, reading the make up bible. rule 1 : never (EVER) do a bold eye with dark lips


EOTD : This color on my eyes is may be my favorite color ever. It's a faces cosmetics' one which number is a mystery to me ! I don't know why some companies use numbers for e/s (We want pretty names ....rule number 2 of make up : stupid marketing names are impossible to resist for a make up junkie...and a number is never funky !)

FOTD : Lips are Sparkling Orchid (see Pretty ! not WYZ304) from NYX. A dark bold purple lipstick that I like so much...

Have a wonderful night, readers !

Caro-breaking laws of make up xxx

Monday, May 24, 2010

a little Haul and 2 swatches ....

A fun summery bag from Aldo. I like the shape. I can't afford a Speedy From LV (LOVE and drooling) but this little bag makes me happy !

3 new nail varnishes from JOE : a pastel yellow, a pale blue and a dark shimmery deep blue. I did a NOTD with the Pastel yellow yesterday. 3 for 10 CAD $. doudoudoudoudou......

2 Rimmel lipsticks : Vintage pink ( a dusty rose with a purple hue), Red lust (mid coral-mid red)

LUSH shampoo in Cynthia La Belle Brune. I had a sample of this one when I purchased BIG shampoo and I had to come back to pick it up. The smell is weird but it makes the hair so shiny and soft !!!

Hope you had a good Monday

Caro-bag-happy xxx

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Helicopter inspired make up : Pink and yellow !

The weather is absolutely fantastic here....Sunny, warm, breezy ! So with this little wind , some "helicopters" are falling from the big tree in my front garden. They are shimmery pink and yellow and I decided to copy them ! Helicopter's eyes ... No war related though, all peace and love !

Then I decided to spice up this look as it was a little too soft for my liking. I added a fierce liner with dots underneath...

I did my nails too with a new varnish I bought a few days ago. For my Canadian followers, it's sold in Maxi and Loblaws. The make is JOE Fresh. This color is a pretty pastel yellow. The application was a nightmare : you have to hold the big round cap and the brush is too short and fluffy.... But the color is really nice. I Konaded it in the evening with dots and a pink Konad special polish (the one with the Coraline KIT) : well that's a neon pink and I 'm not a big fan...My nails are so short , it's almost painful, they break and split like crazy...I started Vit B complex and Omega 3 : I'll keep you posted on the efficacy.

Have a wonderful sunday !

Caro-wondering how she's gonna have her hubby to BBQ (satanic laugh) xxx

Saturday, May 22, 2010

a flower inspired make up : MAC pigments

So I was inspired by the lilac in my garden as you can see. They smell absolutely gorgeous and they stand all around my patio so when we eat outside , we're surrounded by a wall of smell and gorgeous grape of flowers ! Hummmmm.....

You probably know that I don't buy MAC products at the moment because of the poor customer service I had at my MAC store. But before the divorce (!), I had time to accumulate things. I have the full custody of the babies mouhahahaha. So my best buy was probably the Xmas pigment set in Cool Capers : Kitschmas, Fuschia, Grape, Deep blue green piggies and Transparent teal glitter. For around 40 CAD $ , you can't go wrong. As I am just a junkie for make up and rarely use my stuff to do anyone else EOTD, it's such a perfect way to discover pigments without having a big container....

TFSI as a primer
NYX jumbo pencil in milk all over the lid as a base color
Kitschmas in the inner corner. Very flattering, makes you look wide awake !
Grape in the outer V.
Note that I had no time to foil them so they were applied dry. They must look even shinier when apply wet !
Helium (Annabelle) as an highlight with Vanilla e/s (MAC) just above the brows
Ardene metallic violet liquid liner

SKIN :shiny land , sorry. Very late in the morning so no setting powder....
Annabelle skin true foundation in medium beige
Contour with the new Annabelle zebra bronzer (been using it everyday since I received it....such a good product. Oups , annabelle did it again (singing with Britney nosy voice....) !
NYX Angel blush
LIPS : my new Rimmel Vintage pink. It was in sale ...I had to try it....Bought Lust Red to : such a nice color between red and coral...couldn't find Kiss me that RaeRae and Beautiful keep raving about (big disappointment !)

If you look at the background of my FOTD pic, You'll see Mister Fox alias the love of my daughter's life alias her doudou....My pics looks so professional and glamour !!! But I found it hilarious so I had to put my very serious face nearby the big red torn thingy....

Have a beautiful day !

Caro-preparing herself for making over a friend tomorrow (yehaaaaaaaaaaaa) xxx

Friday, May 21, 2010

I decided to pick a new winner for the give away....

... as the 1st winner didn't show up....I gave her until last wednesday to clame her gooddies but then I felt bad every day and decided to wait a little more ....but we're Friday night now ...So I guess it's time to re-use !

Here is's result :

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

Timestamp: 2010-05-21 23:07:19 UTC

And number 3 is Lovelyviolet5 ! I hope you're gonna be more enthousiastic than last winner, hon' haHA. May be my goodies are gonna sail across oceans to reach their new home. It's exciting !

Caro xxx

Thursday, May 20, 2010

TAG and TAG !

Lovely violet tagged me

1.What shoe size are you?
I'm EU 38 and a half (I have been living 6 years in Canada now so size here is 8- 8 1/2). I have very average feet but very chubby...My mother always joked about my baby feet...She found it cute (well when you are 3-year-old but at 35 ?)

2.Where do you work?
in Health

3.Favorite piece of clothing you own :
a short black leather jacket. I feel fierce wearing it !

4.Your favorite blog?
I read 100000 blogs so I'd have a hard time to choose

5.Do you have any pets?
Nope, I always had dogs when I was little but I wouldn't have enough time to take care of them properly...

6.How many siblings do you have?
1 little brother (little makes me giggle everytime as I am a dwarf compared to my giant brother)
1 little sister (she is a talented actress , I am so proud of her)

7.If you could live anywhere where would it be?
anywhere near the sea. I miss the sea so much....

8.What were you doing before this?
before what ? blogging ? I was doing the laundry (Isn't my life totally exciting ?)

9.Your favorite food?
The one I am not cooking ! Cooking bores me to death (bad bad french girl, I know it is supposed to be in my genes...)

10.Do you have a middle name?

11.Your favorite websites?
youtube, make up geek, (cooking site : hey! it bores me but you can leave France but it never leaves you !)

12.Who do you tag?
Anyone interested in answering....

I want to do the one from MsNaz too. If you're bored by all this self contemplation of me-myself and I, you can go to sleep , I won't be angry ;-)

Three names I go by:
1. Caroline
2. Maman
3. Caro
Three jobs I have had (not my current job):
1. Working at a post office
2. Searcher
3. baby sitter
Three places I have lived:
1. St Malo
2. Paris
3. Montreal
Three favourite drinks:
1. Coffee
2. Smoothies ( with raspberry please)
3. Margharita (with the right amount of salt)
Three TV shows I watch:
1. True blood
2. Soprano (not right now but I was so hooked, I needed to talk about this one)
3. Sex and the city (I swear I had a post traumatic syndrome at the end of this serie...)
Three places I have been:
1. Cuba (last trip)
2. New York (awesome city, love at 1st sight)
3. European big cities : favorites were Rome and Prague
Three places I would like to visit:
1. Venise
2. Greek islands
3. New Zealand
Three people who text me regularly:
1. Neda
2. Virgin to tell me my account is empty
3. ....
Three favorite old TV shows:
1. 21 jumpstreet (Johnny Depp, ha Johnny !)
2. Friends
3. Charlies' Angels (You ask for old, I'll give you old !)
Three favorite dishes:
1. Confit de canard (don't ask me to translate...)
2. Sushi
3. Tiramisu
Three makeup/beauty products I cannot live without:
2. Mascara
3. Gloss
Three things I’m looking forward to:
1. My parents, coming to visit us in summer
2. Sunday (I am doing a make over on a friend !)
3. Friday night : isn't that the best moment of the week ?

Pfiou, I am done...You know everything about me HAha I am not anymore a mysterious woman

Caro-as clear as Cuba's water xxx

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Margharita lips, JOTD and sunset eyes !

I was inspired by the beautiful Dulce Candy on Youtube to do a sunset eye. A little less dramatic though : no false lashes and no black liner. It was still very glittery and metallic but it doesn't show properly in the pics. I tried to picture my face in the bright sunshine but I was making crazy faces so they are not really publishing-able .....HAHA

TFSI as a primer
NYX Jumbo pencil in Gold as a base color
Copper pigment from GOSH on the lid
Rust e/s from NYX in the crease
Helium from Annabelle as an highlight
a plum from the Faces cosmetics (number unknown) over the waterline and in the outer V to give some depth. A MUFE pencil in a plum color on the waterline...

Lips :
NYX mauve lipliner
NYX Margharita lipstick (from the tube it's scary orange but quite sheer on the lips so no clown effect...Oups, I hope not !)
NYX sheer gloss (orange too , no name found....)

earrings done by me ...An old necklace that I dismembered to do those Chinese little lanterns...Not really lanterns but I don't know why, it makes me think of those big red paper balloons that you can see in some Asiatic movies ???

I was asked by 2 blogger friends to do some TAGS : lovely violet and OMsNazO . Thanks lovelies, I'll be working on it ;-)))

Have a beautiful night full of shooting stars and crazy dreams

Caro-yawning in front of the computer (it's 8 pm I am a grandMa !!!!) xxx

Monday, May 17, 2010

A weird combo and the proof nothing stays on my waterline...

The first picture is absolutely ugly but I wanted you to see the point ! Nothing stays on my $%?&/$" waterline...This is a GOSH pencil and the color is so gorgeous, I hate that I can't use it properly. I tried the MUFE ones: same result. The color migrates into the lashes so you have the splash of color but nothing left on the waterline ARGHHHHHHHHH. The only ones that stays put is :
- Feline Khol from MAC but it smudges like crazy
- Annabelle smoothliner but I just have the rich chocolate one....So I am stuck with 2 basic colors and a whole bunch of crazy beautiful colors that I can't use ! END OF RANT !

Eyes : This weird combo is not a favourite of mine : the colors clashes against each other in an unflattering way. I should have limited it to pink (Hepcat from MAC) and green (Greed from Annabelle). But I'll learn from my mistakes

Lips : I am getting used to GOSH darling as long as I mix it with other lipsticks. I even offered a new one to my friend Cassie (the generous one that gave me her earrings) as she said she never saw a color that flattering a day I was sporting it ! And I said in a previous post that it was an over-rated product (silly, silly me !)

Have a wonderful week ladies !

Caro - waiting for your advice on pencils that "tatoo" the waterline ;-) xxx

Sunday, May 16, 2010

And the winner is ....

30 lovely ladies participated in my give away and picked number 23.

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2010-05-16 15:08:09 UTC

Caitlin (23), you are the winner !!! YEAH !!! So you can contact me with your email address as a comment on this post then I'll send you your goodies. If I have no news on the 18th , then I'll pick another winner...

Have a nice week end everybody, this was so much fun to read your comments on the give away !

Caro xxx

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I am a fake bohemian !

I was inspired by Eden to do this look as she said that the Cranberry color from the Bohemian Sleek palette was melting like a dream into the purple. So I had to try ! I went out with some of my colleagues friday night so I decided to make it a little bit dramatic : thick eyeliner and false lashes !

JOTD : big earrings offered by my friend Cassandra. She said they were too heavy for her ear lobes and she gave them to me. Hello, babies (steamy voice)... Welcome to my family! My ear lobes could reach the floor, I'd still sport them as they are GORGEOUS (Cassie, you're my hero! Giving your goodies to adoption is such a noble gesture haha). The necklace is the charm taken from my Juicy couture perfume bottle (Viva La Juicy)

TFSI : primer
Bohemian sleek palette using the cranberry and the purple color
Wedge (Mac) to blend
Helium (Annabelle) : highlight
false lashes : Annabelle

Lips :
NYX round lipstick in Ceto

Skin :
Zebra bronzer (Annabelle) in little touch on the forehead, as a contour for cheeks and sides of the nose
NYX blush in Angel

Hope everything is going well for you all

Caro-the gypsy xxx

Friday, May 14, 2010

I am back from paradise ....

Just to give you a little idea of how gorgeous was my week...I went with my little family to Cuba and it was ....perfect! The time just stopped for 1 week : no work, no grocery, no homework for the kids. Just the laugh of my kids in the crystal clear water, girly books to prevent my brain from working and the exhausting task of applying sunscreen to my pasty white skin....

I come back with a whole bunch of freckles, my skin looks creamy instead of oddly white and I am so well rested ! Sometimes, I just don't take the time to realize how gorgeous life can be...

Caro-smiling in front of her computer xxx

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pigment story part III : Greed !

Greed is sampled in my give away so I wanted you to see it in person ;-))). I paired it with Humid from Mac to do a soft smokey eye. I used Jade smoothliner from Annabelle on waterline and to darken the outer V.

JOTD : a necklace that I did myself...and random earrings from LE CHATEAU....

I'll be MIA for a week from today so don't worry if you don't here from me !

Have a wonderful week my lovelies !

Caro xxx

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A nymphet with golden locks...and JOTD

I am into poetry tonight ;-)

Eyes :
TFSI as a primer
NYX milk as a base color
Dazzlelight (MAC) all over the lid
Vanilla (MAC) as an highlight
Nymphet (Annabelle) as a main lid color
Twinks (MAC) to give some depth in the outer V
Rich Ground (MAC) as an eyeliner (AKA the golden locks)
Revlon double Twist : mascara

JOTD : again an artist from Montreal Stella. I have a fantastic necklace that goes with the earings but the pic was yellow and crappy so I tossed it !

I hope you had a wonderful start in the week

Caro xxx

Sunday, May 2, 2010

April's favorites ? All time favorites reviews !

So As I had a post about hate yesterday...I decided to be full of love today! So here are my favorite products. Don't get too excited, though ! Nothing is brand new, nothing is limited edition. It is just products that :
1- I use on a VERY regular basis
2- Never disappoint me
3- I will repurchase once finished

LUSH big shampoo : Short and sweet nails is the one to blame here....She speaks highly about LUSH, so I had to take a look and came back with this strange E.T shampoo made of salt. For 1 month, I've been using it 2 times a week with the RETREAD conditioner on my very damaged long hair. What a change !!!! Shinny hair, where were you during all this years ? I was used to buy shampoo on sale as I use tons of them, but I'll be happily spending my money again on the combo retread-big once finished....FANTASMABULOUS !

Juicy couture perfume : May be you can't recognise the bottle as I decapitated the charm at the top to make it a necklace (isn't MUA a crafty girl ?). I did the same to my Viva La Juicy bottle (Don't bother, I did that to my Barbie dolls once a kid, it 's kind of a tradition too me !). Those 2 fragrances smells gorgeous. I prefer the original version but both smells amazing. Both are really girly perfumes so if you want more mature scents just go away , they are not for you !

Favorite lip combo : the weird and purple-pink Power from NYX topped with the Sephora gloss in precious pink: swatched there. It's the nuder I can go on my lips without looking like a corpse...The gloss has a strange and very strong scent though, so swatch it on your hand if you head to Sephora cause it can be overwhelming.

Favorite mascara : Marcelle Volume precision. This mascara is perfection : it elongates and gives volume. It never clumps even if you layer it over and over again. It's holy grail material...But you know that if you read me on a regular basis and this is why , I put in in my give share the LOVE !

Favorite powder : Annabelle powder foundation. this is a mineral foundation , so on my lazy days, I just put my primer on (Monistat chaffing gel)and spread the powder over it with a flat top brush. The coverage is awesome for a powder foundation...The other way to use it is dabbed over my liquid foundation as a setting powder with a Kabuki brush. As I said in a previous post, I received compliments on my skin last month...Each time, I was wearing this powder ! Coincidence ? I don't care ! It became a staple product for me as soon as I made the connection...You can see how it works there. The girl is pretty good to explain but the guy holding the camera is sneezing and coughing all video long, it makes me laugh...(I am easy to entertain!)

Favorite e/s : Graffiti from Annabelle. A stunning black e/s infused with sparkles.Easy to blend, perfect in the outer V to glam a smokey eye. It is given in my give away too and swatched there. In fact, I love all Annabelle e/s ...

Hope this will be helpful for my Canadian readers. For the US bloggers, come across the border, we are fun people and we have great make up. For my European lovelies, Canada is wonderful to discover in summer (hollidays anyone ?)

Caro-raving about her goodies xxx

PS : disclaimer : The Annabelle powder was won in a contest so I didn't pay for it...but I will repurchase if I run out so it qualifies to my rules at the beginning. Marcelle is a cosmetic brand affiliated to Annabelle. And Annabelle sent me free products to review (Still following me ?). But, I purchased this mascara with my own money and will continue if big authorities have nothing against that (Capiche ?). Annabelle e/s were also purchased with my own money...I swear , spit and everything that this review is honest !

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Don't believe the hype !

I love those videos on youtube....May be more than the raving ones because it saves me money ;-) So as I am a superstar of blogspot AND a big authority in make up , I decided to do my own post (mouhahahahah)!

here comes the list of not-so-loved but bought in a whim products:

Metrochic OPI nail polish : Don't throw pebbles, please! I am not saying that it's bad...It's ultimately fashionable, you always get a comment on your nails when you wear it (most of the comments : classy nail varnish and such an original color).BUT, I find it a nightmare to apply, it seems to shrink on my nails (?!!!). SO the formula is not worth the $$$ invested in my honest opinion ....

NARS Orgasm blush : Again, I know this one is praised all over the make up galaxy...It supposed to work on every skin tone...and be the most flattering flush of the universe...May be a peach-pink blush is just not working that well on me? It was supposed to be my everyday blush... Frankly, NYX Angel IS my everyday blush.

MAC Satin taupe e/s : again one of the stapple in a make up collection, it is said ...Well, first, I find it can be duped. Second, it can look muddy on the lid if overblended. Pretty? Yes ! Worth the hype? No !

MAC Feline khol liner : amazing black color, amazing staying power on my watery lower lash line....but such a mess, it smudges everywhere....I wanted so much to love this one and I still wear it because it's such an intense black liner but it is high maintenance and I don't want to rush to the bathroom every 30 min to see if I don't look like a raccoon....

MUFE aqua eyes collection : Those colors are so beautiful....on my hand when swatched...But, they don't want to stay on my waterline....BUMMER !

Revlon photoready foundation: I don't find the staying power to be impressive. Frankly, I prefer the colorstay for high coverage and my new find Annabelle Skintrue foundation for light coverage...Photoready will be used but mixed with other foundations to do the trick and I don't like complications at 7am ! Deception !

Bluffdust from Benefit : it is supposed to reduce the redness...Not working, looking powdery, expensive. I now use it when it is hot just dusted on my T zone...but again other products delivers better than that for a fraction of the price....

Voluminous mascara : not pictured there as I tossed it with rage. I HATE this mascara...I guess this is very clear hahaha

This post was inspired by Lipstick rules as she said sometimes she's so enthusiastic about a product and then : END OF LOVE STORY....I recognise myself so much in this !

Have a wonderful week end, lovelies and don't forget to enter my GIVE AWAY

Caro-love and hate relationship with her make up goodies xxx