Saturday, July 31, 2010

From drab to FAB : DIY cloths

Lately I have been obsessed with fashion blogs. Those girls are beautiful, they mix and match cloths in a dream and they never , ever wear his UGLINESS (see 1st pic). I don't know what was into me when I bought this ugly top at Old Navy 2-3 years ago....I never wore it....

So as I dive into the beauty of The Glamourai blog , I found a section DIY (Do it Yourself). She alters her cloths , she does her own jewelry and it looks so much fun . So equiped with a pair of killing scissors, I got rid of the black trim, cut all the ugly little black flowers away and find myself with a indecent top (hello cleavage !). So I decided to transform the back as the front piece. I added some white ribbons and TADAAAAAAAAAA I have a new top fresh and fluffy and girly !

What do you think ???

Caro-silver scissor hands xxx

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sorry guys, being missing for a while ...

Well I am on holidays and I feel so lazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ;-)))

I tried to take a few pics but they were just ordinary so no need to publish them ....

I was tagged by Karen to answer a few questions so here it goes (see , I am not that lazy !) :

1. Are you a morning person?
Nope absolutely not but I am not an night person neither...Gosh I am boring ! I need my sleep or I get all cranky and annoying ....

2. How long have you known your closest friend for?
2 years now. We 're having a joke saying that we are cosmic twins ....I can tell her whatever I want , she is never judgmental !

3. In three words, how would your friends describe you?
I hope they would say witty, girly and cynical

4. Do you prefer to drive or do you prefer to be a passenger?
To drive, I am scared to death when someone is driving next to me : I hit the (ghost) brake every 30 sec when my hubby drives (which drives him nuts ....Aren't we a cute couple !)

5. Tell me one thing/event that took you by surprise this year.
Stupidity always takes me aback and working in a pharmacy makes you discover the unlimited abilities of certain persons to amaze me in that area .....

6. Will you colour your hair when it starts to grey?
Already done ....My life is all about Glamour !

7. What website is set as your homepage?
at the moment , modcloth....I wish I could say "Wall Street Journal" but let's face it I have a bigger interest on vintage cloths than on stock market.

8. What is your favourite animal at the zoo?

Have a good night , ladies and gentleman !

Caro- grandMA going to bed so she can look decent tomorrow morning xxx

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Caribbean seas, Mrs Pepperpot and her bun

EOTD : inspired by my tank top...I know the Queen of heart will decapitate me over the unthinkable : She matches her make up with her cloths !!!!
I made a funny experiment : I used Shimmermoss from MAC under my eye, then I mix colors from my sleek palette to achieve the same color in the outer V...Can you tell the difference, I can't ! Sometimes, we obsess over a color we want so badly and with a little bit of blending and mixing, we can produce the exact same color so the same effect, no ?...
I used a matte white from Annabelle (which name I can't remember) on the lid. It's comparable to Gesso (MAC). Eyeliner : MUFE flesh color from the set of aqua colors pencils. Mascara : L'Oreal Telescopic....

Why the Face ? I was told by a colleague that with my bun, I reminded her of Mrs Pepperpot. OK , She was a nice cartoon (old) lady helping everybody but not exactly the description of GLAMOUR. If you are too young to know who is MRS Pepperpot :
1- I hate you just ..because you're too young
2- Go and google it to estimate the level of Glamour (I'd say 0.5/10)

So instead of a classic bun, I did a twisted one to prevent me from ever looking like Mrs Pepperpot EVER AGAIN !

JOTD : very easy DIY earrings. Those beads were part of an old necklace that was totally destroyed. I kept all the beads and save those big ones for pendant earrings...

Have a nice day, lovelies...

Caro ready to pepperpot the world xxx

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a messy hair-do , a lip combo and 1st OOTD

It's so hot in here (so take off all your cloths...Nelly anyone ?). So as it's steamy hot and I don't want to shave my head, I braided my hair yesterday as it was still wet : a big french braid on the side that meets a little regular braid at the other side and then a fish braid to make them meet. the loose part of the last plait was twisted in a bun voilĂ  !

The nice Karen asked me to do some OOTD. Well, I am a little unsure about that...First because, as you know a few pounds (few , **cough cough**) are bugging me. Second, because there are so many awesome blogs about fashion that are just breathtaking. So I am not sure I will add my stone in that area. Anyway, I just post what I wore yesterday. I love jumpers but they are all so short this season and my thighs look like trunks of a 100 year old cedar...But, I found this one at RW and CO . It's comfy and it hides quite well what I want to stay hidden in the dark haha. I am thinking of pairing it with a transparent fluffy white top next time and may be remove the belt and replace it by a flowery scarf ...Next time I am posting an OOTD, I 'll know the title : OOTD for overweighted soccer mum on the go. I am sure I 'll have a lot of hits mouhahaha
EOTD : I used the Guerlain compact that my sweet mother bought me. I am so disappointed with this one called "L'heure rose" because I know my mother spent probably an indecent amount of money in something whose pay off is dreadful. The compact smells, breaths luxury but the e/s are so disappointing. And I don't find that the salmonish color goes well with the plumish one. The eyeliner is a pain to work with. I DON'T LIKE IT .....AT ALL.

But what I like a lot is the new lip combo I found : NYX wild orchid lipstick topped with Sephora lipgloss in Bronzed Beauty (described on the Sephora site as a red with gold shimmer, I'll described it as a dark pink with gold shimmer)

JOTD : my last pair of earrings that I bought when I was on holidays in Picton, Ontario. I bought those crazy beaded beauties for 1.99$ at ten thousands villages. They definitively make a statement but as my outfit was very plain, I think it was quite a nice contrast...

Update on the weight loss : I have the impression I am stuck ...I have not been losing a single pound since last week and I am VERY upset about that. The spinning instructor told me I was gaining muscle against fat and muscle is heavier than fat. I have a theory it's a conspiracy to prevent the fat soccer mums from losing their minds when they diet and exercise like crazy....hopefully my program is closed for 2 weeks so I won't have to meet the unfriendly scale and pay to see that I am still weighing the same !

Caro-on the verge of losing her sanity over a weight loss xxx

Sunday, July 18, 2010

disco ball mood : EOTD , LOTD

EOTD with flash : Silver smokey.the outer V is washed out, it was darker in reality.
Annabelle silver e/s all over the lid
Annabelle Graffiti e/s in outer V
MAC Wedge e/s in the crease
Annabelle Helium e/s as an highlight
MAC feline khol liner
Marcelle Ultimate lash mascara in Navy

Same eye but pic taken outdoors : a little less glittery !

LOTD (lips of the day) : NYX power lipstick, my staple lipstick when I do strong dark eyes.

no FOTD : on the pics I was so shiny , I thought it could hurt some sensitive eyes. So as I don't want to damage some retinas, I censured myself !

Have a nice Sunday evening everybody !

Caro-in holidays- youhououououououuuouo xxx

Friday, July 16, 2010

Re-inventing the wheel and other marvelssssss

The nice people from ....AHAHAHA don't you love it when a post starts this way ??? It makes me cringe ! Anyway...The nice people from Annabelle cosmetics (I had to do it guys, I feel goofy tonight !) sent me a bronzer a few weeks ago. I was still very pasty white and it was way too dark for me. I was soooo disappointed as if you read my blog you know how much I love their products...So I decided to wait a little bit longer for my skin to turn creamish instead of white and was still too dark for me .....So I decided to use an old Revlon bronzer palette (I hit the pan on this one ) : I mixed my Annabelle bronzer with the crumbled Revlon leftovers, added a good amount of my Annabelle powder foundation (pale beige) and 70% Alcohol. I put everything in the little compact , let it dry one night, pressed it firmly and TADAAAAAAAA, a custom color : sort of a cappuccino one that fits my skin tone.

Swatches on my arm :
1-original Terra : Annabelle bronzer
2-mineral foundation : Annabelle
3- my shade !

Expensive pink (MAC) : lid
Wedge (MAC) : crease
Helium (Annabelle) : highlight
Black liquid eyeliner (Ardene)
L'Oreal telescopic mascara

no FOTD, I looked like a panicking rabbit caught in the lights of a car ( very funny though but I'll keep those hidden to save my perfect image of sex appeal !)

Caro-bouncing rabbit xxx

Thursday, July 15, 2010

JOTD and melted make up !

Bouhou, impossible to publish decent pictures of my make up these days...unless you want to meet shiny skin and barely there make up as I tend to stick to basics to prevent disasters !

But I can wear jewelry whatever the temperature so ...

earrings : a soft rose stone with a slightly coral hue and a wood triangle to save it from boredom.
Necklace : same color of wood for a 70's look. As I was wearing a maxi dress, I was feeling in a very "Love and Peace" mood...
both pieces were bought at Casa Luca, one of my favorite little store in Montreal....

Alas ...the love and peace mood disappeared when I met the scale at my meeting for the weight loss. After sweating , eating more vegetables and fruits you can think of and drooling over ice creams that I'll never eat, I lost 0.8 miserable, ridiculous, infuriating lbs....At this rate, I am gonna be thin when I'll reach 70 years old....;-)))

Caro-hating deeply the God scale xxx

Sunday, July 11, 2010

a Brazilian EOTD and Silver JOTD

EOTD : I wanted something bright and summer-ish to help me bare the fact that I was working indoor all week end long while the sun is shining outside....So a little bit of a kiwi color on the lid (from a HIP duo : riotous) and in the crease : Nymphet e/s (Annabelle). Gosh e/l in Pretty Petrol.

JOTD : again , fabulous earrings from Ten Thousand Villages . I saw on their website that they have a store in MTL : yeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

Caro-not chatty tonight (exhausted by work !) xxx

Saturday, July 10, 2010

100 followers and an English rose ....

I can't believe I reached 100 followers !

haha : happy laugh
HAha ? surprised laugh
HEEEHA : hysterical laugh

EOTD : copied from the wonderful, fantastic, talented, classy Pixiwoo sisters. I am a BIG fan as you can guess ! Colossal mascara makes my lashes look huge .....

JOTD : from ten thousand villages : A nice shop where they sell very different items from fair trade. Good cause, nice jewelry, couldn't resist !

Caro - working girl this week end xxx

Thursday, July 8, 2010

How a good idea ends up being a bad mani...

I like easter nails (all nails covered with different pastel colors) or rainbow nails. So, I decided to try a all-in-the-same-family color nails. I can do that easily with my pinks so here we go :

Thumb to pinkie : Revlon bubble gum, Revlon Posh Pink, Zoya Jordana, Revlon Sheer Blossom, Zoya Jane

NOTD : reasons of the failure IMO:
-finish is not the same for each color (cream to sheer)
-colors were showing quite a nice wide range in the bottles but once applied on the nails Revlon Sheer Blossom and Zoya Jane are too close to make a nice change
-Zoya Jordana is too salmonish to fit in with the other pinks that are more on the cool side

Well I tried !

Hope you'll get inspiration and try it with your own favorite color

Caro-heading to a spinning class xxx

PS : I lost 4.2 lbs in 3 weeks...which is the target (about 1 lbs a week) but gosh it is soooooooooo hard to resist ice creams when the weather is so hot ....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

JOTD, EOTD, the Precious and crazy weather !

JOTD : this absolutely adorable star was given to me by a friend who wanted to get rid of her "old things"....I found amazing stuff in the box she gave me and beads to work with when the necklaces or earrings were not fashionable anymore. I told her I was ready to accept her "old stuff" anytime !

EOTD : my mom bought me a Bourgeois palette (3 colors) with stunning colors. This palette is nicely called Or Baroque and I love it. Every color has a green hue from the palest one (sort of a dirty gold) to the darkest one (a mossy brownish green)...I am in love !

FOTD : on the lips, the coveted, the precious, the wanted Coco rouge Mademoiselle. I expected something softer and pinkier. It's a tad too dark for me but I will make it work just ...because I want to love it badly (I know I am insane ! Bare with me !). Just looking at the Chanel packaging makes me happy (You can bring the anti -psychotic drugs ...). I never owned something so little that makes me so stupidly happy ....

Caro-ready to head to bed with rouge coco in a hand and the thumb in her mouth xxx

PS : weather is crazy in MTL. Hubby and me are trying heroically to resist buying a air conditioning system for the house (I don't think my love for polar bears and my fear of melting the North pole is gonna resist too much longer though...I am weak ! and it's over 30 Celsius in the house)
PS II : May be all the sweating will make me look thinner !!! Can you perspire cellulite ?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

a Revlon serie : Grape Icy swatch

Last one from the scented serie I bought : Grape Icy , a true purple color.

Application : 4 coats . No need to say I won't use it on a regular basis...It' s nice but to sheer for my liking : hence the difficulty to reach a nice clear line at the nail bed ...

Staying power : not judged there as I just applied it this morning (well 3 coats yesterday evening and the 4th coat this morning). I guess as it's the same formula as the 2 others that I tried this week, it should be very good....Wait and see !

This one is my least favorite of the bunch but it is still very pretty. It's just that the 2 others are stunning so the comparison is not really fair...

Caro smelling her nails xxx

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Revlon serie part II : Bubble gum swatch

I could lick my nails....Oh the precious ! I liked a lot Gum drop , the lavender color from the scented serie, but this one ....I adore !

Application : just 2 coats were enough. I like that !

Color : it is bold without being neon. I am not a big fan of neon colors so it's a good point for me. If you want discrete nails though, run away, this mani is not for you. this fuschia clearly makes a statment...

Staying power : I kept it 3 days again before removing it. I could have kept it a little longer because it didn't chip but the tip wear was beginning to show some weakness...Again, I never keep a mani more than 24 h normally so I will say it again : Revlon rocks in term of staying power !

Caro-rediscovering the pleasure of manis xxx

Friday, July 2, 2010

a Revlon serie : Gum drop NOTD

From the last collection : the scented Revlon nail polishes in the lilac shade (Gum Drop).

Application is not really easy : you can see how streaky it can get with my index finger. This was a 3 coat-application and I didn't wanted to try a 4th coat, I was afraid it 'd look too thick. Nonetheless, it is such a nice color and as long as you don't use macro settings to stare at your nails, it's OK (Personally I don't have macro settings in my short-sighted eyes, so I was pretty happy with my manicure! )

Staying power : really amazing ! Normally I change my nail color every day (I know , I am OCD !!!). With this one, I am not lying, I kept this mani for 3 days in a row...

Tomorrow, we'll talk about Bubble Gum (the bright fuchsia one !)

Hope you are all well, beautiful ladies

Caro-lacking time for posts xxx

PS : thank you for my new subscribers (can't believe I am heading towards 100 followers ! yeep yeep ...)

Ps II : I enjoy so much being with my parents at the moment ...Sighing...