Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Swatch time : Annabelle cosmetics obsession !

So after publishing the swatches of the new Annabelle cosmetics e/s I purchased, I realised how many I had left....They were sobbing in their palettes because they didn't received the fame and glory of the previous one so JUSTICE is done : here is the review....TADAAAA

FROM left to right : Snow flake, Vanilla chilla, Buff Naked, Sugar Dust, Metallic Meltdown (top of the triangle), So Foxy, Divine Diva, Silver, B-ray
I pictured them with flash (it's better to show the dark sparkly colors) and without flash (it doesn't wash out the pale colors). I just swatched the color that could showon my skin : Metallic melt down, so Foxy, Divine Diva, Silver, B-ray. Plus, I just have 5 fingers !

BEWARE (of the dog mouhahaha) : I am not sure of all the names. Why, why ?
1- because I am an old trout and my memory is not what it used to be (sad, sad !)
2- because the pans are not labelled at the back (but as a make up junkie, I am very proud to tell you I advised the company that it would be useful. Of course, they 're gonna listen to me (I AM SO POWERFUL WITH MY 25 FOLLOWERS : big voice !)....

Snow flake : pure white matte. Think Gesso(MAC).

Vanilla Chilla : Beige matte. I use it as a matte highlight.

Buff Naked : Beigy pink. I also use it as an highlight (I know, I have an insane obsession with highlight colors ...)

Sugar Dust : pretty, really pretty soft pink color with a lavender hue or the contrary ;-). This is love ...I use it with my purple looks in the inner part of the lid or to blend bright pink looks. As I said, I like it very much and the name is so cute !!(I say that with the voice of an excited teen !)

Metallic Meltdown : between gold and copper. A perfect color for a bronzey look. So flattering when popped in the liddle of the lid just to have the light to reflect above the eye color (dugh, not sure I make myself clear there...). At the top of the triangle because it's such an amazing color.

So Foxy : a creamy medium-dark brown. Probably the son of Expresso and Embark by MAC. I know this one doesn't seem that exciting but you need a medium-dark brown in your make up kit. It can replace a matte black in the outer V, it can be a crease color, you can dab it on top of your eyeliner to set it, it's fantastic smudged under the eye to create a rocker look without looking like a raccoon. Finally, it 's the e/s I used in a contest I won so I'll always love it till I die ...

Divine Diva : Plum color infused with gold glitter. The pale sister of Beauty marked (MAC). I could watch this color for ages on my hand. It is just BEAUTY.

Silver: I'll keep it simple : silver !

B-Ray : a dark navy color. Very pigmented, easy to blend (same consistency as So Foxy, kind of creamy for a powder, I know it's sounds weird !). I mostly use it as an outer V color for my blue looks.

I' ve done it ! IT was probably the longest blog message of the History !

Hope you enjoyed ...

Caro xxx

PS : I paid those with my own money AND I am not objective : those e/s rock and I love them !

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Swatch time : Annabelle cosmetics haul !

So here is my first attempt to deliver proper swatches from Annabelle cosmetics e/s : those are from my last haul (they were in sale 3.99 CAD $ and I had 2$ coupons off !). I can't believe I bought so many high end e/s. I know, I know, we don't want to end with e/s with no pay off so it's easier to reach for 15-20 CAD $ to make sure the color in the pan is gonna stay the same on your lids...So, let's go out of the comfort zone , girlies and try some new makes !!!

This try was rewarding , I think I found my favorite black ever (put to shame Black tied...), I found a perfect dupe for Shroom, and so on...

So from left to right :
Toxic garden : a dirty lime green. a very complex color , sort of an olive green that has not received enough sun. Perfect for an all over lid color with some pink in the crease (Think Barbie loves MAC kind of make up ...). I can think of a lot of winning associations with some dark golden olive, Brown crease ....It is a shimmer.

Nymphet : a pale turquoise color, it can't choose between green and blue. It is what I wanted Shimmer moss (MAC) to be. It is a matte e/s, a bright one : pay off is there so easy on the patting process...

Indigo glow : again this one is between purple and blue. If you're afraid of blue on the lids, this is a good option because it's not a "BAM in your face" color. I think it's very versatile : could work in the crease, all over the lid , or to top a waterline when you don't want plain black or Navy blue. It is a matte as well.

Graffiti: a shinny black (the glitter is turquoise-silver depending on the angle). I think It's gonna be my favorite outer V color for smokey looks. I tried it with a dark blue color all over the lid yesterday and it was stunning. Blends like a dream (Can you hear me Carbon (MAC) !????). it is a glittery one.

Gold digger : a champagne color. It is a staple pale gold. Perfect for a quick look in the morning : all over the lid with Foxy in the crease and a winged liner. Staple, I said ! It is a Shimmer e/s.

Helium : last but not least. Shroom is my everyday highlight color and this Helium is a perfect dupe. I haven't swatched it as it is barely noticeable on my skin tone. It's just my flesh tone in better. I know I seems to be a little bit enthusiastic with this one (talked about it in 3 posts already but spending 1.25 CAD $ instead of 15 makes me happy...)

I have a few other colors from the Annabelle cosmetics collection that I am gonna review may be tomorrow as I tried to do my eyes yesterday but the peeling started again so no EOTD for the week end for me !!!

I am not paid to do this review but I received products from a contest a few weeks ago that were offered by the same company. Those products were purchased with my own money and my opinion is of course subjective...I will review the one I received for free in a separate post.

I was happy to share the love

Caro xxx

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Old look : minimalist eye !

SO this look is not new , I digged it from the archives. I haven't published this one before because it's a little bit boring. But, I must admit I am not fair to this look because it's so easy to do : it's the one I sport on my lazy days....

Now, to the products :

Painterly Paint Pot as a base
Champagne e/s (NYX) as a lid color. Fantastic discrete golden color !
Wedge (Mac) in the crease
Shroom (MAC) that I will stop using as I hit pan ...but YEAH I found a cheaper dupe : Helium from Annabelle cosmetics (new spring collection)
Eye liner : I dip an art craft pencil into Ardene liquid liner
on the lower water line : Jumbo eye pencil in Milk (NYX). I found this is a little harsh so since this look, I bought Gosh going bananas (more a flesh golden tone) and it's definitely more flattering !

The peeling of my eyelid is still in progress, bouhou I feel like a snake making a new skin

Caro xxx

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MUA= MIA (sobbing !)

The horrendous allergy stroke again....My eyelids look like raw meat now after 2 days of swelling and peeling ...Amazingly sexy I may say. Husband said I look like a Klingon from Star treck, I managed not to strangle him even though I am currently taking cortisone to help the oedema resolve (and cortisone gives you mood swings supposedely so I would have avoided jail I guess !)

So I am waiting for my human face to come back....May be I'll write reviews (though I am not very good at that ?!)

See ya !

Caro xxx

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Easter eyes : pastel blue and green !

DUGH ! I can't remember what I used !Probably Painterly Paint Pot as a base, then blue shimmery e/s from Ardene and the bright green one is probably an Ardene one too (they don't have names poor babies, just numbers but I depotted them so no clue about that !). I always blend with Wedge (MAC) and the highlight is probably Shroom.

Speaking of Which (shroom), I think I found a dupe in the new Annabelle cosmetics launch : Helium. I am so thrilled because I love Shroom as an highlight but the cheaper version is enchanting me !

Have a nice saturday

Caro xxx

Friday, March 19, 2010

Look what the mailman brought me !

Don't you love the mailman ? Haha, I received my package from the Annabelle cosmetics contest I won ...Can I say I am a happy bunny ? Yes I can !

I am so happy that Catherine picked those items cause I probably wouldn't have chosen those. This is probably not really articulate so I am gonna explain : I would have bought e/s and gloss and I have tons of them! So now I can discover new products and it' s exciting !

I received :
3 brushes : A14 (angled brush), A8 (patting and blending brush), A13 (powder brush)
Mineral make up : Powder foundation in natural Ivory (how come they now I am Casper's little sister ?), blush in sugar rush (you've got to love the name !) and Bronzer in Terra
a gloss named Le Gloss (how appropriate) in Breathless: beauty ,beauty but shush because ....

I'll do a review on those once I have tried them a month or so (before I think is not really honest because you haven't REALLY tried the products , no ?). BUT I can tell you some of those have my love even only after using them a week....This keeps you breathless , ugh ? all this suspense !

have a nice week end (I work all week end long , Gosh I hate that !)

Caro xxx

Thursday, March 18, 2010

another give away !!!! Konad plates on painted Lady fingers.

Am I obsessed with nails lately, no ?...Just a little bit !

here is the link to a fantastic give away:

New Konad plates ! I already bought the fantasmabulous m57 and the one with little animals (YEs I know I am a big baby ! ...and I am 35 , sad, sad !)...but I am drooling over the other ones ....

Caro xxx

This Katherine girl from OC nail art offered the plates for the give away, isn't she sweet (ok I am biased, on my bill she wrote a cute smiley head and it melt my heart that the bill is just a little piece of unpersonal paper from the printer ...a BIG baby, I told you !)

First Konad plates : pink and black nails

I received my package from OC Nail Yehaaaaaaaaaaaa ! The customer service is excellent and what a deal : 30 % off with the code SCRANGIE (thank you short and sweet nails !)

So I played with the m57 and here are my first Konad nails ;-)))
It is not perfect but I'll improve ...Everybody at work was impressed , they never heard of nails stamps, I am definitely a beauty advisor now hahaha.
I used the little lace band and I couldn't manage to make it even for every nails but I think it looked OK enough to wear !

Hope you like it

Caro xxx

Monday, March 15, 2010

Give away from nailjunkie : drooling !

here is the link :

Oh my , oh my ! So many stuff I want to try ....Argh ! I never win anything ....But I discovered a blog that seems to be pretty addictive (yeah !)

Caro xxx

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Essie Mint Candy Apple : pastel nails again !

So let's say I am on a nail phase at the moment ! Pastel nails if precision is needed ...The photo make the color a little less intense than in reality. Pastel, yes, but it makes a statement on a hand. Funny though, I thought pastel nails would look really wearable and discrete. I guess I was wrong but i like it (not being wrong mouhahaha, I just like to be surprised by the splash of color !)

Then, I think I found the good length for my nails now and the care I take of my cuticles seems to show. Hourah !

I still find that those pastels colors are hardcore to apply but I am a newbie to this new sport so I guess I am just clumsy ....

Have a nice sunday

Caro xxx

Friday, March 12, 2010

Essie Lilacism : Art of spring collection (2010)

Spring trend is all about pastel colors for the nails...I didn't own any pastel color to fit this trend so I couldn't resist when I find this little cute package from Essie with 4 tempting shades ! Did I read reviews on how sheer were the Essie nail polishes, did I read the warnings about how dreadful it was to apply ??? Like Amy would sing : No, NO, NO....
Oh MY, what a nightmare to apply ! It's streaky, it's to sheer. On the photo I wear 3 coats and I would probably have needed a 4th one ...Really ? Yes, really !
Nonetheless I ADORE this color, I 've been watching my nails all evening long smiling like crazy ....

SO let's get to the point, it's a pain to apply but who cares when the result is so AMAZING ?

Caro xxx

Saturday, March 6, 2010

a french manicure never goes out of style !

Everything is in the title ;-)

I finally bought Konad plates to do my mani. SO exciting, I can't wait to receive the package !

Have a nice week end

Caro xxx

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My favorite NYX lipstick and green-navy-purple eye

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa : Nyx Power my favorite , absolute love lipstick. Soft pink with a purple hue in it. It's LOVE ...
Then I decided to step outside my neutral, always use the same color kind of looks and I followed the steps of Meowmisu Make up (see side bar for link to blog !) and her awesome combinaisoons of colors. And here is the result :

Eyes :
TFSI as base
Gosh Love that moss base e/s color
Humid e/s (MAC) all over the lid
Navy blue e/s (Annabelle cosmetics) in the crease
Dark purple e/s (NYX) blended with the highlighter : Shroom e/s (MAC)
Eyeliner : Feline eye khol pencil (MAC)
under lower lash line : Vortex Violet smudge liner (Annabelle cosmetics)

Hope you like it !

Caro xxx

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

OMG I won, OMG I won a contest for Annabelle make up cosmetics !!!!

Can you hear my hysterical voice ??? I swear I never won anything in my life in a contest and they picked me , ME , MEMEME (told you I was hysterically happy !). I am even featured on their wall on facebook ...(blushing in happiness !)
They are gonna send me goodies . I feel like a kid the day before Xmas ...I now it is superficial but make up makes me feel so good (It just a good thing, right ?)

I feel like a 1 000 000 $ ;-)

Caro xxxx

Monday, March 1, 2010

Today , I discovered I have bad taste !

I spend a lot of time on Youtube since the Makeup addiction stroke me 1 year ago ...and when you browse Make up gurus, you cannot ignore Kandee Johnson ! I am not sure I am fond of her eternal positive attitude (yes my roots are latin and a overwelmed-always-happy person is a little weird to me !!!) but I like her make up tips ....So I went for the tackiest nails ever : Zebra one . Husband was quite shocked and said : what with the tigress look ??? Me (disappointed) : it is not a Tiger , it 's a zebra....Him (never, ever wrong ) : let's say an albinos tiger....

mouhaha, he cracks me up (after 15 years together, let's say I am alittle proud of that !)

Caro xxx