Monday, June 21, 2010

a strawberry milk, darling , please !

TFSI as a primer
NYX jumbo pencil in milk as a color base
a matte white from Annabelle (comparable to Gesso by MAC)
B-ray (Annabelle) from the middle of the lid till outer V
a Navy blue color (Annabelle) for the lower lash line, crease and outer V
Masacara : Ultimate lash (Marcelle) in Navy

for the lips : Strawberry milk (NYX) topped with Gosh darling (134)

This is gonna be the shorter post ever as I need to pick up my parents at the airport (Hourrah !). I could be a little bit MIA for 15 days coming as it's the only time this year that I will spend with them. I will enjoy every second with them so blogging me come at the end of my list of things to do for a while ;-)

Caro-who wants to hug mum and dad xxx

Sunday, June 20, 2010

a treat : a 5 lbs gift to myself ;-)

So as I reached my goals to lose 5 lbs more quickly than anticipated. I could treat myself before the end of June (time when I was supposed to be lighter from those 5 lbs ...). As I work in a pharmacy, I found this great bargain : Olay Bonus pack for 20 $. There are a cleanser pore scrub, a body lotion (recommended by dulcecandy !), a classic moisturizing lotion, a replenishing night creme and a sample of a restorative sleep cream. As I never tried anything from Olay and my night cream is running low, I found it was a great way to test the brand...

Then we spent the week end in Knowlton , a charming little village south of Montreal and as I was in a pharmacy to pick up some liquid to clean my lenses, I found that the Revlon scented varnishes were in "special" sale. So I picked :
- Bubble gum : a bright fuchsia color
- Gum drop : a nice lavender color
- Grape Icy : a vibrant purple

In a bin, I found 2 sad NYX e/s :
-Olive green
-Lime juice
I couldn't let them cry from despair in that bin of shame so I brought them home. I decided to pick a back up of my favorite highlight color for my under brow area : Helium from Annabelle.

Then, I found the "impossible-to-find-in-a-retail-store" NYX jumbo pencils in :
-Milk (back up as my old one is running low)
- Purple
-Iced mocha (stunning shimmery brown taupish color)

Can you feel that I am ready to lose 5 lbs again ?

Caro-back in the hauling game xxx

Thursday, June 17, 2010

NOTD : let me see your blue ...

NOTD : Resist and shine Titanium in 731. I chose the pic to show you how stunning it is on the bottle , can you see the metallic blue flash ? Sadly, it is not to be found on my nails...It is just a beautiful very dark blue (that under some lights looks plain black). The application was so easy (I am taking a break from my pastels !). With 1 coat, it could have been enough for some nails...I did 2 to make sure it was all even. It is supposed to last 7 days : We'll see !

Weight loss update :
I was 170 lbs on my personnal scale monday the 31 of May
I was 165.2 lbs on the program scale on Thursday the 10th of June
I was now 162.2 lbs on the program scale on Wednesday the 16th of June

The responsible of the program told me I was losing lbs too quickly so too slow down a little bit. I have to agree with her as I feel pretty exhausted. I try to work out 5 days a week and my calories intake seems too low to compensate...But I am happy as I wanted to lose 1 lbs a week and reach 5 lbs lost on the 30 th of June. I already reached that goal and exceeded it and we're just the 17th....

So I am gonna treat myself with a little present for all the energy invested !

Caro -thinner but tired xxx

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

stung by a bee ...and a fuschia lip !

JOTD : made by me, myself and I ! Big beads and pearls for the classy look with a twist ....

Painterly paintpot (MAC) as a base
Chick e/s (NYX) : a soft shimmery yellow all over the lid for the wash of color
Matte Yellow (Sleek bohemian) to intensify the yellow in the middle of the lid
Wedge e/s (MAC) as the blending machine
Vanilla e/s (MAC) as an highlight
Ardene cheap liquid eyeliner applied with a random art pencil
MUFE aqua pencil in flesh tone (can't remember the number)
Mascara telescopic

FOTD : (I had to do a goofy face, I felt goofy today !)
Annabelle Skin True foundation in medium beige
Annabelle Zebra bronzer to contour
Angel blush (NYX)
Lips : Sephora lip pencil in lovely lilac all over the lips

I hope you like it !

Caro-bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz xxx

Monday, June 14, 2010

a Kuuipo1207 inspired look : Purple and Olive EOTD

Sorry for the poor quality of the pics. Normally, I take a billions photos to find 2 or 3 that are worth publishing. Yesterday, as I was late for work I just snapped 5 photos (2 of them were blurry and 1 : I had my eyes half closed !). So here are the 2 survivors of my "erase-it-all" fury !

EOTD : the simplest make up look ever inspired by the gorgeous Kuupio1207. She was the 1st youtube guru I followed and you all know the 1st one always stays in your heart forever... I picked the Purple from the Original Sleek palette and the Olive Green. I just used vanilla e/s (MAC) as an highlight. And tada : you're done ! Well, you have to do a little bit of blending with the purple which is not an easy little guy to work with but that's something I can tolerate as the pay off is so good

Weight loss challenge : Last night, I heard whipped cream, chocolate bars and chips crying my name ...I am sure my hypoglycemia is tricking me (Though the sobbing of the chocolate bar nearly got me !). I will go to be weight, scaled (I don't know the proper word) on Wednesday morning : I feel a little bit like a cow you put on a scale to see if there enough meat to eat but anyway...I'll go !

Caro-hearing voices xxx

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The day I saved my mani...

Don't you like dramatic title? I feel like the producer of a big bad movie who's gonna make lots of $$$ with poor acting but loud music and tons of special effects.

Anyway, let's concentrate and go back to my sad mani. Yesterday, I was sad to discover that my Zoya Jordana was not meeting my expectations...So with a vengeful hand, I decided to Konad it. I started with a red Zoya : Isabel which looks raspberry pink instead of red. I was a little bit disappointed by the lack of contrast, then I read advices from Suzie and Short and Sweet Nails : they told me to Konad it dark. So I reached out for my Resist and Shine titanium (732 : very dark purple, looks black with flash of purple when alone on the nails) and again I konaded !

The result is quite pretty I think, messy but nice ! What do you think ?

Caro-Darth Konader xxx

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shocker : an unloved nail polish !

There is something deeply wrong with this Nail polish : Jordana from Zoya. This color looks horrendous against my skin tone. It looks like a cheap frosted varnish from the 80's...Then the tip wear lasted 24h (I put it on yesterday night and it showed signs of weakness today !). But that's not it, it chipped (ring finger on 2nd pic)...Last but not least, this is a 3 coats application and you can see through it. I will Konad it tonight to try to make it work (I hate not using my products !). I guess I showed quite clearly my colors but if any doubt subsides : shame on you , Zoya !

EOTD : soft and girly pink and purple combo (Pink from Sleek Sunset palette, Purple from Bohemian palette and Print (MAC) to darken the outer V).

I haven't posted a FOTD as on the pics I took, I looked :
1- on drugs
2- like I drank 100000000 martinis
3- hysterical with my hair like a fur ball all over my face
1, 2 or 3 were all true in the whole bunch of pics I took. As I was heading to work (blah for working on week ends), I was neither under the influence of alcoholic beverage nor illicit drugs so I kept my pictures for the "move to trash" button ;-)

Caro- a little bit worried that in real life she resembles the crazy woman from the pics xxx

Friday, June 11, 2010

a blue rusted look and a discovery ...

First pic is totally random but it's for Meowmisu. I said that I saw I look that would look stunning on her but of course, it was while browsing the internet that I found it and I couldn't find it again. So the 1st pic from Annabelle site gives a good idea of what it looked like but it was more plumish ....

2nd to 3rd pic : my EOTD and FOTD for yesterday....I used a bright blue-green color from the faces cosmetics and I blended it into a rust color (NYX). It looked really pretty in reality as the blue-green color is changing when you look it from different angles. On my lips, Heather from NYX, a nice pink-neutral color with a brown hue.

Discovery of the day : As you know I registered in a gym. I decided to attend spinning classes. It looked so much fun : you bike and you burn calories... Well, I should have known better : since when burning calories is FUN ? I nearly died of heart attack ! My god I am so out of shape, it's not even funny. I was still a beautiful red color 1 HOUR after the end of the class...I must admit though that it is a good way to sweat, so I 'll go again probably on monday ....Wish me luck !

Caro discovering the world of working out xxx

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Lana Turner hair, JOTD and jealousy !

Jealousy, yes. I must admit I was burnt from the inside with envy when I saw a fantastic gold look on Meowmisu's blog. First, because she received gorgeous pigments, 2nd because her blending skills makes me look like a 3-year-old playing with make up Haha! So As I am a little bit masochist, I decided to try and copy the look which came out totally.... not like hers...My copper is too dark when she reached a stunning "liquid gold on my lid" effect. GAHHHHHHHHH (trying to reproduce the sound of the frustrated make up junkie, there ...)

I wanted to post anyway because I liked the swatch of Ceto (NYX round lipstick) on my lips. It's definitively a TOP 5 for me, I adore this color. I A-DO-RE this lipstick...

JOTD : can't remember where I picked the necklace but earrings were found in Casa Luca in Montreal. A little shop full of lovely surprises (even my wallet is surprised each time I venture there....Wallet sounding stunned : oh where did the money in my tummy went ?????)

Weight loss update : I registered both to the gym and a program to lose weight (the healthy way). I try not to starve myself but I am craving food...It's just been 1 week and a half ...And, I am supposed to go through 40 weeks (OH LORD !!!!!). My home scale showed 170 lbs on Monday the 1st of June. Today I was weighing 165.2 lbs (program scale) which is too much a drop to be true (but scales are different...I know but I want to believe in fairies !!!).

Caro-Tinkerbell xxx

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chocolate on my eye NOT in my tummy !

a classical brown eye with one of my beloved Annabelle e/s : Foxy !

a touch of pink on the lips : Vintage Pink from Rimmel

an heavy looking ethnic necklace from Stella

my hair "au naturel"

Caro-playing it simple xxx

Sunday, June 6, 2010

JOTD, Champagne EOTD and a challenge !

Gosh my nose looks gigantic in the first pic : I feel like Cleopatra ! Today we went for a brunch with friends we haven't seen in ages. It was nice to re-connect ! So I did a very simple look to fit with the bacon-eggs-pancakes spirit ....

TFSI as a primer
Champagne color from a NYX trio (Barely there/Champagne/Root Beer) all over the lid
Twinks (MAC) in the Outer V and blended in the crease and up (I hit pan on this one !)
Wedge (MAC) to blend Twinks into Buff Naked (Annabelle) used as an highlight
Rich chocolate smoothliner (Annabelle)
Black mascara : Telescopic from L'Oreal. Although my HG stays Marcelle Volume Precision mascara, I must admit that telescopic is a good guy for lengthening of my lashes to the max...

Annabelle skin true foundation in medium beige : such a nice foundation for summer. It delivers medium coverage so it's very natural (I can see my freckles !) but it unifies my skin perfectly.
Annabelle zebra bronzer to contour
NYX Angel blush
Lips :
NYX lipliner in Mauve
NYX lipstick in Ceto (such a gorgeous beige-golden color !)

Again an Anne-Marie Chagnon jewelry. I can't get enough of her art. I have a blue "kit" and the one featured here is in brown-pink. I dream of a orange or red or yellow piece of her work....Each piece is so unique and beautiful....

Challenge :
For those reading my blog lately, you may know that the size of my butt is slightly annoying me at the moment...This rainy week end left me time to think and Monday is the big day to start a big change in the way I eat and move (or not move to be completely honest ....). So I'll register to the gym Monday morning (after having the chance to experiment with the installations last week for free). On Thursday, I am to attend the 1st meeting of an Quebec equivalent to WW. Here are the numbers of the infamy :
Last monday : 170 lbs
Working out : none
1st target : losing 5 pounds before the end of the month
2nd target : losing 1 pound every week (no visit to the scale more than once a week)
3rd target : reaching an healthy weight for my 36th birthday in october
4th target : reaching 130 pounds in 40 weeks
I will congratulate myself every 5 pounds down with an item on my make up wishing list to try and make this fun ! So, this blog will still be about make up but I'll probably bother you with the success and fails of this new challenge for me....

Caro-Yes I can xxxx

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Favorites of the month : MAY !

Bath product : hum shower product in fact ! The Viva la Juicy shower gel...I normally don't buy products derivated from a perfume that I wear, but when the whole bunch (shower gel, body lotion and perfume) costs less the the perfume itself....I know this sounds a little bit ridiculous as I am 35 and Juicy couture target is probably teen-girls or women in their early 2os but I adore the 2 perfumes I got from this make. The shower gel is really faithful to the smell of the perfume, the texture is delicious (quite thick) and it melts in the skin in a luxurious foam...yum yum ! Cost : offered when purchasing the 50 ml perfume (as well as the body liking freebies!)

Shampoo : Lush one, Cynthia la belle brune. The fragrance can surprise, the SA gave me a sample advising me against it. Frankly, I don't like the smell but it doesn't bother me that much neither (best proof ever, I purchased the gigantic size!). With the conjunction of BIG shampoo and Cynthia shampoo, I saw a dramatic change in how healthy my hair looks like. I am hooked (and I have 2 samples of conditioners that the SA gave me and I like both of them equally too...LUSH , you got me !). It costs 27.95 $ but you use a 25 cents amount and you rediscover your healthy hair long disappeared...worth it ? (oh yeah !)

Skin products :
1- St Ives Timeless skin daily micro dermabrasion : I know some of you find those products too harsh, I know dermatologists speak against this make but I like it ....I am still using the toothbrush method to deeply clean my skin (toothbursh is my cheap option to a clarisonic device). The combo made a change in the way my skin looks like. I got rid of those little bumps under the skin that made my skin uneven....I am sold ! I can't remember the price but I' d say it costs less than 5$...
2- Marcelle New age anti wrinkle eye and lip : You know that I can't get enough of my Marcelle-Annabelle products. For the record, If you want to know where both makes stand, Marcelle would be the older sister of Annabelle ! I used to buy eye cream without any enthusiasm before : just something that you need but doesn't change that much the way you look. This product made me change my mind ! I don't know how to describe the "comfort" it gives to my under-eye-area ?! the pump delivers just the right amount of a creamy-whipped product. When I wake up in the morning my under eye area looks brightened and fuller (less dreadful dark deep circles). As a consequence, I noticed that my wrinkles seemed less harsh. this product was offered to me but I swear, I'll be repurchasing it...

Make up items :
1- Mascarassssssssssssss : I 'll say it over and over again. Marcelle mascaras are ZE BOMB. period. I was offered the Ultimate Lash Mascara in Navy (I am sporting it in my lats EOTD) and I always repurchase the Volume Precision as it's my HG product.....Suggested retail price of the Volume precision is 11.95 $, but you can easily find it less than 10 $ in your favorite drugstore depending on the sales they have...
2- Rimmel lipstick in Vintage Pink : it became my bag-lipstick. It's just my lips in better, it goes with every eye make up. It's darker than my beloved Power from NYX so easier to wear. A stapple dusty pink in a lipstick collection IMO. And it costed me 3.99 $ !
3- Annabelle Zebra Bronzer : if you read Canadian blogs, the community is buzzing about this little gem. I use it as a contour and it replaced my Revlon bronzer in my heart. I like that it's buildable, not crazily glittery. I am very pale and it's not too dark for me, it gives you a sheen without you looking like a discoball. I use it at the top of my forehead, side of the nose, under the cheekbones that I don't have and I look healthy even if I lack some hours of rested sleep. A keeper for 10.95 $! it was offered to me by Annabelle representatives but I ' ll happily repurchase it if needed (which I doubt will happen soon as I use it like crazy and you can't even see a dent in it !)

Hope this can be helpfull to you , lovelies

Caro-ready to head to the gym and absolutely non motivated xxx

Friday, June 4, 2010

a blue cloud and twisted hair !

a very simple cream and navy eyelook using my sleek palettes. I decided to go down all the "blue" way , using navy eyeliner ( a Covergirl one that is awesome but sadly discontinued) and navy mascara (Marcelle Ultimate lash in navy) which I 'll try to convince you to buy as it's AWESOME ! here we go ....

The color on the lashes doesn't show on the pics but I find the blue color a nice alternative to my usual black. It's not a "in your face " electric blue, more a dark marine color. I think I'll definitively re-use it when I 'll do a blue eyelook from now on....This product was offered to me by Marcelle-Annabelle representatives and I was very happy to try it as I wouldn't have spend the money on a blue mascara. I guess I am still traumatized by an old aunt who was wearing electric blue mascara on spider lashes YUK ! Will I repurchase it with my own money once it 's dried out ? YES, I will ....Why :
1-I like the color: it's an easy way to go out of a "comfort zone" AKA black mascara without looking like a Barbie on crack (blinking at Robin there !)
2-As my Volume precision mascara (Marcelle again), the quality of both the brush and the formula is amazing. I always find other mascaras to be too pasty (so hello clumps) or too watery (hello spots on my eyelids ruining my blended e/s). With this mascara, you have the perfect balance of a formula that you can spread easily without dreading the transfers on the lids
3-It's a drugstrore product so price is easily affordable if you wait for it to be in sale

So interested ? Would I be a convincing SA ?....

Caro-still very happy with her haircut that makes her hair so manageable xxx

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the Carrot and stick method and NOTDs

I am not sure my naked feet were a necessity but I felt like being an exhibitionist today !
NOTD (feet) : Essie red nouveau. If you want a true red (think firemen red AGRRR !), this is for you. I prefer darker reds but it's quite striking on my feet so I like it !

NOTD ( hands) : Joe fresh nail polish in pastel blue. The make has no numbers nor names so I decided to name it Cinderella blue. I bought 3 Joe nail varnishes last week and this is my favorite color of the bunch. My nails are awfully short and they still look awesome in that color. it's LOVE (plus it's cheap : 3 polishes for 10 $ YEEEHAAAH)

The Carrot and Stick method : For the moment I'll stay away for WW and their fees ;-). I decided that I was on a make up ban as long as I don't loose 5 pounds...But I keep the right to dream and I am starting a wishing list :

TFSI + kit of e/s (insurance policy)
Lipstick : rouge Coco Chanel in mademoiselle (Vanessa Paradis wants me to buy it , I can see it in her eyes ! Plus , she's Johnny Depp lover so she can be trusted .... She has amazing taste)
Nars sheer glow foundation (Lollipop26 is a dangerous woman !)
Annabelle bronze smoothliner in Bronze (Kokolaroo is a dangerous woman too...)
MUFE camouflage set in 02

Hum, that's a lot of 5 pounds off my butt !

Hope you have a nice Wednesday, lovelies

Caro xxx