Sunday, December 6, 2009

NEw hair cut and bright teal on the lids

a fresh cut was more than needed for my very long and very tired hair ...Sorry , no close up for the make up, the lighting was really crappish (washed out colors). I did a big NO-NO or fashion faux pas if you prefer, matching top and make up but liked it very much ;-)
What I used from what I can remember :
EYES : TFSI as a base, Gosh (love that dolphin) as cream color on the lids, a Teal color from the faces cosmetics, Twinks from MAC as a crease color, shroom from MAC as an highlight, a NYX matte beige color to blend Shroom and twinks, my beloved mascara : Marcelle volume precision.
BROWS : Benefit Browzing in dark
LIPS : a NYX round lipstick (not sure but probably PARIS, ...Paris Oh Paris, I miss you sometimes ;-). And a buxom lipgloss in Trixie (I am about to finish this one and I love it . Will rebuy for sure !!!
Skin : my own combination of Revlon colorstay and Gosh foundations , Revlon bronzer in shade 2, Vanilla pigment as an highlight and a Coastal scents blush in some sort of baby pink color (don't know the name : was a sample received with my 88 palette and I threw the little bag away...)

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  1. really nice look,
    you have beautiful eyes and the teal really suits you :)