Friday, October 30, 2009

my beloved OPI metrochic

No need to introduce this gorgeous shade....This colour is A-MA-ZING on the nails : how come a taupish, greyish color can be so chic ? It goes with everything in fall from brown, grey to purple outfits. Can you feel the love ?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

home made jewellery = personal yoga

I can't do YOGA...I tried, I failed : my body seems to completely refuse what my brain understand of the lotus position. But, using beads and build a jewel help me relaxing really efficiently...What do you think ?

Neutrals anyone ?

This palette was a gift from my sweet mummy for my birthday and I used it last week as a vicious virus hit me ....viciously! Heavy make up is sometimes worst when you have to hide a red nose, dark circles and so-so skin...So I stick to the basics and used only Painterly Paint Pot from MAC as a base...Soft and simple

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pin up look : red lips, not for me !

Sometimes, make up is about failure too ...the pin up look is a classical one, so pretty ! but (big sigh !), red is not a color for my anorexic lips ! You can worry about my anorexic lips, poor little things lost in a totally non anorexic body ;-)
So I wipe off the red, back to my beloved glosses (how many glosses are too many ?) and head back to the kitchen where I am gonna perform the best apple crumble ever ...Not just my incredible talent as a cook but just follow the instructions from this goldmine of a site and hello heaven :
Bon appetit !

What a peacock earing lead you to...

I bought some earings imitating Peacock feathers. After removing some part of the jewellery (Yes, I sometimes (all the time ?) kind of modify the stuff I buy...), I decided to match make up and accessory ...A big no-no for make up artists but...I don't care ;-)
So the products used would be : TFSI as a base, a GOSH waterproof stick eyeshadow in love that dolphin, eyeshadows : barely there (from NYX: yellowish golden color in tear duct), a faces cosmetics eyeshadow (number unknown as usual but fantastic tealish bluish greenish color), deep purple (NYX) in outer V and crease, navy (from Annabelle as eyeliner over black cream liner from L'Oreal HIP)....The liner is a mess but the photo was taken after hours of wearing this rainbow look !
I felt like showing off all day! Make up can make you feel so confident, it's amazing ....

Purple rain

Always flattering, purple is an eyeshadow color that never let you down...
Products used : TFSI, NYX jumbo pencil in Lavender, a faces cosmetics eyeshadow in lavender with a number I can't remember, some deep purple in the crease (NYX again) and the help of Print (MAC) to give some depth to the outer V, Dazzlelight (MAC) as an highlight.
Porcelein skin and sheer gloss and VOILĂ€ !

Kardashianish look for a soccer mum !

Sometimes being a mom kinda take the glamour away ;-) So pick up your silver eyeshadow (I used a random NYX one), a brownish one (Twinks from MAC) and an highlight color (shroom again from MAC) and let the Mario Dedivanovic in you pop out of the box !
OK, OK, Mario has kind of an unfair advantage working on such a beautiful girl but go, soccer mums, go ....We can be stars too haHA ...


Big discovery for me : Sally Hansen Hard as nails Xtreme wear nailpolishes rock ! They are ridiculously cheap but surprisingly gorgeous ....So here we go :

Grape idea : dusty rose quite sheer, you need to apply 3 coats but worth the hard job ....

Red carpet : amazing red with sparkles

I just bought other colors : a silver and a glittery one , I'll keep you posted if they are as gorgeous as their little friends ....

Grand opening !

So today I start a blog to share my passion about make up, beads, beauty stuff and many other girly things ... I apologise in advance for my bad english : not my first language ;-)