Sunday, February 6, 2011

30 for 30 : Camel vibe

Here is a very boring outfit...I was heading to work so I sticked to the basics. I just added teal earrings and an ethnic big chunky necklace to jazz it up a bit (DIY necklace and earrings).

Turtle neck was bought in sale at Mango for less than 20 $
Cardigan : 3$98 at Old Navy (who needs to go thrifting when you can find brand new items at this price ? ...Well, I know : people not wearing boring outfits as I do !)
Pants : 7$99 at RW&CO (add 60 % on an already sale items and BAM, ridiculous prices)

I have not published day 2 as it was kind of the same as day 1 : I bought the pants in grey-blue and purple and cardigans in all the colors I could find ! So Day2 was purple day !

My love for the Vanity Palette from Wet&Wild is not fading ! As I go to places for work where I don't know how they feel about make up , this one is the perfect pick... In the look I did that day, I used the shimmery white (inner corner) the yellow gold (all over the lid), shimmery brown (outer V), medium matte brown (crease), matte beige mixed with the shimmery white (highlight), a little bit of the matte brown to give depth in the outer corner and a little bit on the lower lash line... I used EVERY single color !

Sorry for the sagged lids : I am getting older I guess ! This look was really pretty and I think it's my favorite look from it. I am so bummed that us Canadian are gonna be deprived from the 8 color e/s palettes : so UNFAIR ! Boooooooooo Wet & Wild , Booooooooooo

Caro- cursing Wet & Wild for the next 10000 coming generations if they don't bring their palette to Canada (and I am a very powerful witch, so beware W&W !) xxx


  1. You my friend are looking great! It's weird, I don't like the colors of those eyeshadows particularly, when I see them in the pan, but I love how they look on your eyes!

  2. Wow Caro, je n'avais pas pensé utiliser toutes couleurs en même temps! C'est superbe! J'adore cette palette, c'est pas mal ma palette de tous les jours avec la Too Faced Natural Eye Palette (=

  3. not boring! i think there's a difference between muted/neutral and boring, and i definitely think this falls in the former category. i think you look beautiful!
    -brittney (fellow remixer)

  4. ahhh but the neutral look is very chic.. very simple and chic.. I like it on you and those colors are good on you too!!!

  5. Love the makeup colors! Nice blog...following! :)

  6. man i love those colors!i may just have to pick one up!

  7. Hi Caro!:D

    I hope you are doing well.. your last post was weeks ago.

    Have a wonderful weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  8. finding your blog made my day, you are a fellow 30x30 and a make up junkie. YAYAY. the eight palettes are a hit and miss one side is a hit and the other side is a miss :/

  9. Hey hun!!How are you?Have long time to hear or read from you and I was wondering if everything is ok!!Missed your posts!!Take care doll!!


  10. You have pretty eyes and lashes!
    - Mary

  11. I love your eye makeup. WnW palettes are great xx