Thursday, November 19, 2009

bitter green ....

This make up was done over a swollen eyelid , hence the wrinkles on the lid (no I am not in denial : I am not aging :-0)
It seems that my allergy to nailpolish has decided to strike again : bouhou ! How come something you put on your nails end up making you look like a frog (ultimately funny joke as I am a french girl ...)
So a NYX e/s from a NYX trio (I can't remember the name : I depotted it), humid from MAC as a crease color, shroom from MAC as an highlight, a random light brown color from NYX to blend....All of this on top of TFSI and GOSH waterproof e/s (love that moss)


  1. HI,
    I really love all of your looks, I just stumbled upon you blog and fell in love with the makeup.. I wanted to know where you found those nyx jumbo pincils in Montreal..
    thanks again

  2. Hi Pat !
    How nice of you to comment ...Sadly I found the NYX pencils in a bin for sale in a Jean Coutu that doesn't sale them anymore. It's so sad cause they are awesome ! Last time I orderd some it was from Cherry culture (USA) on line but of course you don't have the accurate product swatches on this site ;-( So if I am interested in a colour , I go on you tube to see gurus' swatches...My favorites are Milk and gold ....
    Caro xxx

  3. What a beautiful look! I love it :) And the title of your blog is hilarious! ;)