Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fierce liner !

This look was a mix of 2 looks : one done by Miss Chievous (blue lagoon look) and one by Enkore (retro look)
I used an elf Palette (the one offered when you purchase Sigma brushes) : there are 4 colors from matte white to black with glitter.
As usual, I used TFSI as a base, NYX Jumbo pencil in milk, the white shadow as a lid color, the darker silver color as a line up my crease to create the retro effect, blending with the paler silver into the lid and highlight color. The sparkly black was used on lower lash line and to create an outer V on the lid.
Sorry for the quality of the 2nd picture : was obviously taken inside at night but it was freezing outside and the few pictures I took were blurry ....Plus my neighboors now think I am crazy , taking pictures of my eyes in my driveway :-0


  1. Great job! I'm just starting to master the regular liner and flick, but I'll have to try this some time!

  2. Thanks hon'
    I looked like a rock star mouhahhaha Feels awesome when you're just an ordinary soccer mom ;-)