Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Coming back from the dead and Lancôme gorgeousness !

I've been MIA for about 2 weeks but I have a good excuse...I have been attacked by a vicious virus (probably the twisted twin of the H1N1 that we were sick hearing about last year...)

I ended up fainting in my shower last Monday from fever and exhaustion. Sadly , I didn't do it with the grace of a princess : hubby had to drag me out of the shower from my armpits (Glamour , where are you when I need you badly !). Then he carried me upstairs like a prince he is, so I could lay down. I came back to life all groggy and nauseous just to scream that I needed a bucket right away !!! Yes I know the fainting princess coming back to life all rosy and flushed is not my cup of tea...

As I decided that it was not enough to traumatize the poor soul, I began quaking like the San Francisco area and did a very convincing re-incarnation of the Exorcist by having an hyperventilating episode followed by a very convincing spastic status. Let me explain : imagine the claws of an eagle, see ? I did the exact same thing with my hands but instead of having the claws inside, my fingers were twisted outside...Hubby was green ....He nearly call 911 but I prevented this from happening as I used to do that when a teen (yes love, you married a weird fainting lady !) ....Then I spent 3 full days bed ridden with hubby phoning every 10 min from work to make sure I was not climbing the walls and walking the ceilings to have time fly quicker....

So as you can guess no FOTD as I still look pretty awful ....but a little Lancôme pic can do in terms of beauty....

I received this mini palette as a present when I left my previous job. It came with a primer for lashes and a mini mascara (as well as a fantastic lipstick, a serum a nd a body cream, I'll review later)
I know what you think : Humph, boring ! ....but wait until the swatches :

Wohooooo, look at that purple : yummy !
I never bought a lash primer : my lashes are long and healthy (I'd prefer my legs to be described like that but hey, I'll take what I have ...). But I must admit I am completely bluffed by what this primer did to my lashes : They nearly reach my brows !!! Never say never ....

Caro- exorcising the virus with gallons of tea and some Kit-Kat (not very efficient , I must say but pretty good !) xxx


  1. Oh, how scary :S I hope you're feeling better now!

  2. Ahhh Caro I hope you are recovering quickly from your virus. Yes I heard about this virus going around - with vomiting and perhaps even the runs at the same time. As if having one of the two problems wasn't enough :S
    But I hope you didn't hurt yourself from fainting in the shower. You're lucky your hubby is taking such good care of you!
    I can't live without my lash primer as my lashes aren't long but I think they are healthy? They absolutely do help as you pointed out!
    And I love the purple shades in the palette.
    Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes Hun :)

  3. Nice set of make up.. Hope I can find that at Web shopping montreal.

  4. Happy New Year.. take care of yourself girl!!!

    I may be there again in a few months... woo hooo ( I mean your part of Canada!!)

  5. oh man! hope you feel all the way better soon! :)

  6. ohhhh j'espère que tu vas mieux !!!!!!!!! tu as été courageuse dis donc!!!!!!
    puis les princesses qui vomissent, ce sont les meilleures princesses voilà !!!!!!!

    bisous !!

    PS: jolie palette !!!!!!!!!