Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a field of radishes and counting my blessings !

Hello dear readers (my, my, my... I am speaking to myself , nobody's here anymore...)

I had a no-blogging month due to some perturbations in December 2010. Hurray, it's over, let's embrace 2011. And what not to love in 2011 when you receive THAT !!!???

I won a give away (really weird, I never win anything, it's like a rule in my life !!!). But let me say something, when I win, I win BIG TIME . I had a hard time trying to make everything fit in the photo !

Stickers for the nails : I have a weakness in the knee for the "Camée" in the right. Have you ever seen such delicate and girly stickers ? I will feel like Keira Knightley in Pride and Prejudice whith those on my nails !

Then there is this amazing palette from Sephora , all sleek and compact ! But I am a tough cookie , I though : humph the pay off of the e/s must be poor (I am not a big fan of palettes). OH, dear palette, let me apologize sincerely : those swatches were made of 1 swipe and no primer...Holly molly !!!

Now, meet my new babies ! Look at that blue, that dark plum, this mushroom color : I must have died and went directly to heaven...I want to paint every single nails I have on my body a different color just to test them out !

Now here is the problem : meet my radish nails aka false nails....bouhou ! Because of me being sick all December long (told you December was crappish...), my nails broke painfully on a regular basis. As I had a voucher for a salon (courtesy of my latter employer) I decided to have my natural nails covered with gel to prevent the breaking...Only to remember, once I have the radish nails on , why I hate false nails : because they look SO false (yeah I am that intuitive in real life !)

So I guess I am stuck with a field of radishes at the end of my fingers for a month or so ...I need to have my natural nails protected for a while. I am starting the multi-vitamins thing to help them grow stronger and then bye bye radishes !

This fabulous color called : Chocolat irisé (foiled chocolate in English I guess) was offered by the sweet Lily along with all the goodies mentionned before. I say sweet because she added candies from my childhood in the package (not shown in pics cause already eaten !). If you like nail varnishes, just go and subscribe to her blog : I think she has swatches on every existing nail polish available on earth....

Dear Lily, would you marry me ?

Caro-radish lady xxx


  1. *raises hand* I'm here!!
    Very nice products, have fun!

  2. you won ALL OF THAT?!?! How fab! So much fun stuff!!!

    ...and speaking of the front braid ....I do have a tutorial for it ;) ...click that photo in that post and it should take you to it ..or a link to it, lol. ...and thank you ;)

  3. Wow! Look at all the stuff you won Caro! Holy sheesh...pass some of it over (haha just kidding of course ;)
    You're not alone!! But yeah, I feel like that sometimes on blogger if I don't post for a few days (well, not a month away)...it's like silence. Sometimes silence is nice but perhaps not on blogger :S

  4. @ Musing : thank you for commenting back...I don't know what to try first !

    @Maegan : found the tut' , thank you so much. I will try it tomorrow and see how it works with my very dark and thin hair !

    @ Karen : hey , beautiful ! I keep everything , don't you just think about stealing the precious...It's like I did a crazy haul without spending the $ : how amazing is that ?

    Caro xxx

  5. great giveaway you won :) love your site

    check out my giveaway if youd like


  6. So much eyeshadow! Pretty!


  7. WRONG! We ARE here!!! We've just been quitely waiting your return. Un plaisir de te retrouver ;o)
    -Isabel, marcelle.com/blogue

  8. WOW! thats some loot :) well done :) Im loving the blog :) x