Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mermaid NOTD and A&A Thursdays !

Over the top nails anyone ? Yes, please !

Base : Peggy Sage in Blue Pop. Amazing metallic blue : it really stands out ...

But I was tempted to layer it with the sparkle touch from Kiko :

and I decided to make it a blue day ! So blue EOTD too ...

Now it's time for Awesome and Awkward Thursdays :

Awkward :
- I am a pharmacist. So I explain a patient how to use a new pill for blood pressure. She doesn't listen to a word I say and notice a sticker on the bottle saying she should avoid Grapefruit. She interrupts me saying in an accusative tone : "how come I can't eat grapefruit ? That's so unfair!". Me , trying to feel sympathetic : "AW I am sorry, You were used to eat grapefruit on a regular basis?" patient : "No...I hate grapefruit, it so sour !" Me : "OK, so let's get to the next pill..."
- Taking pictures of my EOTD and noticing the Christmas calendar is still in the living room's wall, cropping pictures to hide my failure...

Awesome :
- becoming free lance, I feel so free to organize my own professional schedule
- receiving an award from Jen who is so talented that it's not even funny ...And she is an enabler to MAC, let me tell you ...I wish I could have such a nice MUA at my MAC counter !
- receiving 3 packages of free goodies in less than a month : from a give away (Lily's), from Maybelline (Super stay lipstick to try when you subscribe on their FB page), from Marcelle-Annabelle reps (as they heard I was sick in December ...AWWWWW !)
- being addicted to the Banana shampoo from the Body Shop smells soooo good in my shower every morning : those kinds of little priceless pleasures !

Awkward and awesome Caro xxx


  1. Hey babe!! look at that amazing nail polish... I totally love it!! looks funky! been awhile.. sorry I havent been by to visit for a while.. yes, the staff person who is difficult.. well, I guess in the end I can always let her move on if you know what I mean!! LOL

    cheers, J

  2. oh old ladies and their grapefruit. haha! funny girl:)

  3. That's a cute nail polish combo.:D

    Enjoyed the awkward and awesome post -- free goodies are always fun!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. Fun color :) and banana shampoo sounds amazing!

  5. Lol, I must admit I have not removed my 2010 calendar from the wall yet!!
    XOXo from a new follower,