Thursday, January 20, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursdays and NOTD !

I am starting a nail-o-thon with all the nail polishes that I won lately ! Ladies, let me introduce you to the vampy : Tulipe noire (translation : black tulip) from Peggy sage. I played it lazy and just did 1 coat to prevent it from being too dark... I love so much those kinds of plummy colors !

Then if you can see the new button on the right of my blog, I'll try and follow the tradition of the Awkward and Awesome Thursdays , initiated by Sydney...Go and read that blog, it's hilarious and witty !

Awkward :
- being at Sephora and trying to avoid a SA that mismatch my color foundation ... BIG time : I am snow white and she matches me with J-LO. I didn't want to hurt her feelings, so I end up whispering to another SA if I can change the bottle and the SA whispers back in a really noisy Sephora...
- waiting in line in a H&M and starting the weirdest conversation ever with a total stranger : I swear in 5 min I knew everything about her childhood. Excusing myself to go to the cash because she doesn't want to stop the conversation...and rushing out of the store because I have the impression she wants to develop our new friendship !

Awesome :
- Receiving a huge package from a give away I won this week...I still can't believe it !
- Seeing my kids enjoying Harry Potter : They open the doors saying "Alohomora", they fight with "Petrificum totalum". Thank you Mrs Rowling for bringing your magic to my kids' world
- The sales : huge , this year ...not sure that's awesome for my wallet but my closet is very happy
- discovering new blogs everyday and enjoying the ride

Caro-reducium bottomum xxx (not working yet ...working on it !) xxx


  1. the polish is lovely :) I love deep vampy colours! The awkward made me giggle so much snow white to j-lo in one day man the sun must have been shining haha :P x

  2. that nail color is fabulous! i love a dark purple for the winter months!

  3. Nail polish is amazing! When I did my Make-up course, we used Peggy Sage products, they're very good! Lol I hate when really talkative strangers start talking to me, Im quite a quiet person, and I usually do the same as you, make an excuse to stop talking!

  4. What a fun idea!!! LOL I love reading this.

    AHHH Cool polish too!

  5. I LOVE Harry Potter - must be so cute to see your kids use references from the movie.
    That's nice that the nail polish came out so well with just one that it's not streaky. I'm not sure where I would be able to pick up Peggy Sage nail polishes....have you seen them in stores?

  6. @ adrienne : you can put me under the Florida sky, I 'll still remain snow white ...alas !

    @ Linley : I love those plummy colors...

    @ Aiofe : that was "Close Encounters of the Third Kind ". I don't have a problem speaking with strangers but that particular woman was freaking me out ...haha

    @ S&SN : This blog is so well written, I love it + she is cute as a button so I can drool over her outfits ...

    @ KAren : Lily send the Peggy Sage polishes from France and Aiofe is Irish so I'd say it's easy to find in europe...not sure about Canada though ...

  7. Pretty color! That's great your kids are into HP too :)

  8. i love the nail polish, and everything else about your blog its adorable!!