Sunday, August 1, 2010

Revamping a swimsuit : vintage version

I have bought this swimsuit 1 year ago. It was quite expensive so I am very disappointed that the fabric looks so distressed in the belly button area.....May be as well the fact that I am losing weight is not helpful for it to look great (Or may be my 6-pack abdominals are just so strong now that they are tormenting the poor bathing suit MOUHAHAHAHAHA)....So in the whim of the moment, with my scissors in hand, I decided to sacrifice the dying bathing costume to the GOD "cutting and sewing".

I took the opportunity to reshape the top (now it offers more "covering" in the cleavage area).

I kept the bottom very large (it goes up my belly button) for 2 reasons :
1- to achieve the vintage look I saw in Modcloth
2- to hide my stomach area (my 6 pack must exist somewhere in my fantasy world but in my real world it's well hidden !!!)

Then I just added a nice big white button in the middle of the waist area to tie the look together

I wore it and it fits nicely. I am so happy I can now wear a bikini that doesn't make me look like a whale !!! It's very flattering.....

Caro-pin up from the 50's xxx


  1. That was so clever of you! I'm afraid if I tried that it would be semi-disastrous. Loving the high -waisted bottoms. :)

  2. Oh, my goodness, that is such a fabulous idea! I will most definitely try that!