Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bye bye beach dress !

A long time ago, when I was weak and foolish, I bought this dress thinking : nice to go to the beach to throw quickly over a bathing suit.....Well not so nice in reality so ritual SACRIFICE !!!

Look at the bottom of the dress, was I drunk when I bought this ?

a few scissors' attacks after and a lot of sewing done and : ready to head to the beach !

The back (that was the front in another life) and me looking outside mysteriously ....It's not a crappy lighting , it all about "atmosphere"

I wear it today with a navy blazer and a big necklace.

What do you think ?

Caro - sewing addict xxx


  1. pretty pretty!! On a side note, I really love your curtains, so soft and summery.

  2. That is such a cool idea! I wish I was that creative. I just look at something on the rack and go "uhh, no, can't wear it" lol.

  3. I like it Caro, especially in combo with the hat. Add some sunglasses and you're ready to hit the waves!

  4. So pretty and you are so good at what you are doing!!xxx

  5. Oh I love stripes - so sailor-ish inspired :) I would wear it to the beach! Just like Kristie said, I would pair it with that straw hat you have and huge sunglasses with flip flops.

  6. You did a great job, I like the new cut!:D

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  7. You are doing some very creative and amazing things with your clothes!!! Sooo good!!! :D

  8. I think it looks just fine for the beach. You did such a great job with it
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  9. cute! I love that you transformed it into something better!

  10. I like it so much better now, it looks so cute and retro with the hat!

  11. I've always been afraid of stripes but you are rockin' them!
    I'm sure it looked FAB with that navy blazer!
    Tu as de bons goûts Caro!

  12. I love your remake of this dress! It looks so much better.