Thursday, August 5, 2010

Do you have some mints, please ?

OOTD : an old ESPRIT dress (3-4 years ago) that I can wear again (yeah to weight loss, you can shop your stash and rediscover old loves !). My Aldo bag and a brown belt From Joe Fresh (yes you heard me that brand you find at your grocery store aka Loblaws...). I cut my head off as it was scary ....Sorry for what it reveals of my sanity, problem with self esteem and stuff haha

The way to make your belt looks pretty : inspired by Anh whose blog I am obsessed with....

A champanish-olivish kind of eye : Champagne (NYX) paired with Club (MAC) and Helium (Annabelle)

See I don't have a problem showing my face !

JOTD : old, old stuff . I can't even remember when I bought those 2 items...

I hope everyone have a wonderful week. And there she goes to work till 22h (bleh, bleh ...)

Caro-minty lady xxx


  1. Such a pretty coloured dress! I like the way you did your belt, I need to get me some skinny belts!

  2. I agree with Robyn - I love how you looped your belt at the end Caro :) Neat idea!
    Well, you know my fascination with chocolate mint flavour :) That shade of green on your dress is pretty - and I don't see many people wearing it that often!
    My Mom and my older sister like Joe Fresh. I haven't really paid close attention to the clothes at Loblaws because usually I'm consumed in the junk food aisle or the makeup/beauty section LOL
    And absolutely! I wish we had some of the US exclusive fashion retailers in Canada (along with their fab prices).

  3. I like your outfit Caro, especially the bag and belt. The makeup goes very well with the ensemble!

  4. Ahahah you always make me laugh (=

    What a cute color for a dress ^^ And I like how you twisted the belt!

  5. Your mu looks sooooooooo beautiful here. :)
    I'm loving your outfit stuff lately too.

  6. Love your style and your outfit!You are so sweet!:)

  7. I am in love with the colour mint at the moment and your dress is gorgeous. I love the addition of the belt that almost looks like a bow from a distance. I think the jewellery you picked is perfect, not too much just right. You don't want big bling with the lovely mint dress.

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