Monday, September 27, 2010


First , JOTD (Jewelry of the day) : amazing earrings offered by maman, my dear mother !

Of course, she sent me also the bracelet that sings with every movement I make. I felt like a gypsy ( I had to remove it at work though , my co-workers were not feeling the bohemian vibe as much as I did and the constant Tinkerbell bling bling was driving them crazy.....I wonder why....)

OOTN : not really happy with the shape of the dress that on certain angles makes me look like I am 4 months pregnant...But I like the jacket so much (I bought it in a Tristan outlet for 40 $ !): it makes my waist looks tiny, I adore the bow detail on the belt. The sleeves are falling perfectly in the middle of my forearm (I must have the shorter arms ever, all jacket sleeves make my hands disappear...)
Leggings are from H&M, flats and cardigan from JOE Fresh,

EOTD : Very crappy picture of my make up look : I walked on the thin line between tacky and funny....Grey classical make up all over the lid with my new love : Revolver e/s from Annabelle (a gorgeous grey-purple duochrome that I just bought). black eyeliner (feline khol liner from MAC). and I draw little leopard prints in the outer corner of my eyes with the NYC liner (just a few easy !) . Lipstick : none left I ate it with my fabulous supper and the pics were taken after going out instead of before (stupido, stupido ...hitting my head on the walls like the monk in The name of the Rose....)

Hope you had a great beginning of a week...

Caro-predator xxx


  1. I love both bracelet and earrings hun!!You look so gorgeous and fresh!Glad you are back!!:)

  2. Look at you Caro, you look HOT! And I love the earrings!

  3. i love the shape of the jacket, really shows off your teeny waist! you look amazing! (so glad you're back :)