Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fedora + MUA = Mafia look

I was not sure about the outfit and I left the hat at home before heading to work....
Pants : unknown origin
shirt : Joseph line from Jacob. I bought it from an outlet : details are gorgeous (buttons, end of sleeves, the cut and the fabric) for less than 20 $....doudoudoudoudoudodu

I love this Fedora though purchased at Tommy Hilfiger...I bought the bag at Tommy, too. It delay the craving for a Vuitton (a speedy , yes thank you !). Jewelry : a DIY necklace and simple amber pearls

Shoes are from modcloth : Multimedia Flat
They are the prettiest flats ever for so cheap : 31.99$ !

Look at those beads : so pretty ! And the detail of the zipper, I melt....This porn shoe moment was offered to you by Modcloth . I swear this online store is the death of my wallet : awesome dresses, awesome accessories (they sent me the big bracelet seen in the 1st pic as a welcoming present, aren't they charming !!!), awesome shoes (shoes are not accessories they are SHOES, a whole category by itself )

Caro-Modcloth addict xxx


  1. Aaahh je suis tentée de m'acheter un fedora aussi, mais même s'il ne faut pas dire qu'on a pas une tête à chapeaux... je trouve que j'ai TELLEMENT PAS une tête à chapeau LOL.

    J'aime beaucoup les perles attachées à tes souliers!

  2. I love the Fedora, though I can't wear it in this cold weather.

  3. The shoes are super cute. Caro..you're looking real good!

  4. SUPER cute blog!! I just found your link...love your outfit too:)

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  5. omg i LOVE this mafia look. so hardcore but HOT!


  6. What a fun outfit you put together! You look great. :)
    - Mary