Thursday, September 30, 2010

Playing madam....

OOTD : a Modcloth buy (among others ...) : Invitation to style dress (Max and Cleo). It's so comfy, well cut and long enough. I told in my last post that I am completely addicted to Modcloth but sometimes their outfits are so short ....This one is work appropriate, yeah ! (Do you hear me modcloth ? I like my skirt to cover my bum ! Crazy , I know...)

Make up : playing with fall colors : plum, plum , plum !
EOTD : Vanilla (MAC) all over the lid and the plum color is an Annabelle one which name I can't remember... sadly I I wear my dresses past my bum and I forget names : I guess I am aging ....gahhh !)
Lips : NYX Sparkling Orchid an old time favorite of mine
JOTD : DIY earrings with volcanic beads (black) and big white pearl

Don't I look romantic and sweet ? (the better to eat you alive, little red riding hoods !)

Caro-having a 6-year-old son learning to read (hence the tale reference ...) xxx

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fedora + MUA = Mafia look

I was not sure about the outfit and I left the hat at home before heading to work....
Pants : unknown origin
shirt : Joseph line from Jacob. I bought it from an outlet : details are gorgeous (buttons, end of sleeves, the cut and the fabric) for less than 20 $....doudoudoudoudoudodu

I love this Fedora though purchased at Tommy Hilfiger...I bought the bag at Tommy, too. It delay the craving for a Vuitton (a speedy , yes thank you !). Jewelry : a DIY necklace and simple amber pearls

Shoes are from modcloth : Multimedia Flat
They are the prettiest flats ever for so cheap : 31.99$ !

Look at those beads : so pretty ! And the detail of the zipper, I melt....This porn shoe moment was offered to you by Modcloth . I swear this online store is the death of my wallet : awesome dresses, awesome accessories (they sent me the big bracelet seen in the 1st pic as a welcoming present, aren't they charming !!!), awesome shoes (shoes are not accessories they are SHOES, a whole category by itself )

Caro-Modcloth addict xxx

Monday, September 27, 2010


First , JOTD (Jewelry of the day) : amazing earrings offered by maman, my dear mother !

Of course, she sent me also the bracelet that sings with every movement I make. I felt like a gypsy ( I had to remove it at work though , my co-workers were not feeling the bohemian vibe as much as I did and the constant Tinkerbell bling bling was driving them crazy.....I wonder why....)

OOTN : not really happy with the shape of the dress that on certain angles makes me look like I am 4 months pregnant...But I like the jacket so much (I bought it in a Tristan outlet for 40 $ !): it makes my waist looks tiny, I adore the bow detail on the belt. The sleeves are falling perfectly in the middle of my forearm (I must have the shorter arms ever, all jacket sleeves make my hands disappear...)
Leggings are from H&M, flats and cardigan from JOE Fresh,

EOTD : Very crappy picture of my make up look : I walked on the thin line between tacky and funny....Grey classical make up all over the lid with my new love : Revolver e/s from Annabelle (a gorgeous grey-purple duochrome that I just bought). black eyeliner (feline khol liner from MAC). and I draw little leopard prints in the outer corner of my eyes with the NYC liner (just a few easy !) . Lipstick : none left I ate it with my fabulous supper and the pics were taken after going out instead of before (stupido, stupido ...hitting my head on the walls like the monk in The name of the Rose....)

Hope you had a great beginning of a week...

Caro-predator xxx

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I am alive but did I kill my blog ?

catchy title , heh ? I' ve been away from the blogging world 2 months ....2 MONTHS , I guess we could say that my blog RIP ! But like a phoenix, I'll try to revive it ...We will see how my Harry Potter talents will work ;-)

SEPTEMBER : I am the lucky mother of 2 wonderful kids so I had to face the tornado of "back to school"in September. Hence my lack of posting this same month. Little rant here : why Oh why do we receive a list of items to buy in summer for school but on day 1, appears another list of "absolutely necessary" items that are impossible to find and kiddo needs them ASAP ?...Try and find the Staedler lumicolor pencil ref. 3a4r in fine writing , black, permanent in a Staple was like an Indiana Jones quest for me....No need to say, I had no time left for blogging....

AUGUST : lot of family really interesting but taking so much energy from me that pictures of me pouting was not really worth publishing !

OCTOBER : Here I come! a new me with 26 lbs left on the side of the road (on a vicious cycle at the gym to be true !). I am really proud of me so I'll probably brag about it, publishing outfits of the day, be ready !

Caro-ready for Autumn xxx
PS : Can't remember at all what I use for the EOTD : probably Carbon (MAC) on the lid over a black base (L'Oreal HIP liner), Twinks (MAC) in the crease, Wedge (MAC) to blend into highlight Helium (Annabelle)