Saturday, January 2, 2010

How to fail a project 10 pans !

Ok so after the december craziness, I am back....I guess you're suppose to do bad things in december like shop like crazy, eat loads of food, drink too much and then TADAAAAAAAA it's NYE and you become a better person...
Hum, Hello , I did really bad ....In fact in october-november- december , I have been so good : doing a projetc 10 pans (you need to finish 10 products before buying ANY make up ) ...So the angels were singing when I was walking, because I did succeed (even finishing more than 10 products). And let me tell you, I was so proud of me (bragging on forum like make up geek, how good I was bla, bla, bla...)
But then I guess my dark side killed the angelic part of me during my sleep because ...Oh my (so much make up hauls in so little time is not normal !!!)
I had gift cards for Sephora and MAC and you would think I'd stick to the money on the card.....No comment !
So now I guess I can sing like Amy : they want make me go to (MAC) rehab and I say No, No, No
Sighs : I love make up shopping

Darth evil Caro xxx

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