Saturday, July 31, 2010

From drab to FAB : DIY cloths

Lately I have been obsessed with fashion blogs. Those girls are beautiful, they mix and match cloths in a dream and they never , ever wear his UGLINESS (see 1st pic). I don't know what was into me when I bought this ugly top at Old Navy 2-3 years ago....I never wore it....

So as I dive into the beauty of The Glamourai blog , I found a section DIY (Do it Yourself). She alters her cloths , she does her own jewelry and it looks so much fun . So equiped with a pair of killing scissors, I got rid of the black trim, cut all the ugly little black flowers away and find myself with a indecent top (hello cleavage !). So I decided to transform the back as the front piece. I added some white ribbons and TADAAAAAAAAAA I have a new top fresh and fluffy and girly !

What do you think ???

Caro-silver scissor hands xxx


  1. very nice, gonna try it

    watermelonraindropx xxxxx

  2. you 've done a great job Mua!!make more so we can have a taste for our owns!!Hugs

  3. looks so good! Great idea xxx

  4. How cool is that? I am so going to try to alter my clothes now before I chuck them in a bag for goodwill :) Thanks for the sweet idea! My sister Jess at just found the cutest outfit at her local thrift store for under $20 head to toe! I don't know how these fashionista's do it?!? I think she reads the blog confessions of a shopaholic a lot!

  5. Wow, you did a great job!:D Totally different top!:D
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