Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shoe + MUA = LOVE

Meet Pedro and Chico ! They are born to dance tango, aren't they ? It was love at first sight....Yes, yes, dear followers, I also have a slight problem with shoe buys....
No make up today nor yesterday, I have been hit by a vicious virus who made me cough, sneeze and transformed me in an unpleasant person (I don't suffer in silence, I moan !!!)

Have a nice Sunday night !

Caro-giving names to her shoes xxx

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Brown make up brightened up by blue !

I Really liked this reinterpretation of good old neutrals. Blue is sometimes a tricky (and scary) color to use ...But it does so much for brown eyes !!!
As I work in a conservative place, I think this is wearable but still is has it's own twist ....
So here are the products used :
Face : Revlon HD in nude (believe it or not , even though it's REALLY pale, I am even paler in reality so it gives me a little color. I am the forgotten sister of Casper the little ghost !)
Cheeks : nothing new under the sun : Vanilla pigment as an highlight (MAC), Angel blush (NYX), Revlon bronzer in shade 2 as contouring
Lips : MAuve lipliner (NYX), Ceto lipstick (NYX)
Eyes : TFSI as primer, Foxy (Annabelle) all over the lid, NYX blue color from the trio Aquamarine in the crease and smudged under the lower lash line, Blending color : Retrospeck (MAC), highlight color : Dazzlelight (MAC).....and the final POP : Reflect teal glitter from MAC cool capers set (holiday collection) over the blue color in the outter corner of the eye (best shown in the 2nd pic)

Et VoilĂ  !

Caro xxx

Monday, January 25, 2010

Red lips, winged liner, contouring

Nothing beats the classical look. I was pretty happy with this one...
Face : Revlon HD in nude
Cheeks : The infernal trio : Vanilla pigment (MAC) as an highlight, Orgasm blush (NARS), Revlon bronzer in shade 02 for contouring
Eyes : TFSI, barely there e/s on the lid (NYX), Wedge (MAC) as a blending color, Foxy from Annabelle as the crease color, Shroom (MAC) as an highlight
Lips : lipstick :Hebe (NYX), lipliner : Cranberry from Personnelle

I Hope you liked it !

Caro xxx

Cranberry make up : dupe !

As I said before, I am divorcing MAC ;-( ...but my quest for colors never ends and I turned to Faces cosmetics to feed the crave....
So after finding an almost perfect dupe for Somptuous Olive, I found another one for the famous cranberry and here is the result in pictures.
Products used :
eyes : TFSI, NYX jumbo pencil in gold, Yogurt (MAC) in the inner corner, Cranberry color (Faces cosmetics), MUFE pencil in a burgundy shade for the liner, Wedge (MAC) as a blending color and Vanilla (MAC) as an highlight
Face : Revlon HD in Nude
Cheeks : Orgasm blush (NARS) , Vanilla pigment (highlight), Revlon bronzer in shade 2 as contouring
Lips : NYX lipliner in Mauve, NYX lipstick in Ceto (gorgeous color !)

Friday, January 22, 2010

a 50 followers give away !

Oh my god ! I have never tried Urban decay, wouldn't that be amazing ????

I think I am gonna end reading that new blog too (sigh ....), how come everything concerning make up is NEVER , EVER boring to me ????

Caro xxx

A 300 follwers give away in England !

How cool is that , I am in Montreal and I read a blog from an english girl about....Let's guess ....make up

Here is the link and you can grab a sleek palette that us, over the Atlantic cannot grab (sobbing endlessly !) :

Go and check it out !

Caro bad bad blogger (just reading other blogs ....) xxx

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Give away on Kate Gene blog ! Yeeha !

here is the link to her awesome give away :

Look at that pic !

She is having a 100 followers give away which name should be a 150 followers give away as her success is spreading !

Just follow some simple rules and who knows, you could be the winner !

Caro xxx

Monday, January 18, 2010

Give away on L1LMAMAJ blog

here is the link ....

She is giving away some goodies for her followers for her blog-birthday ;-))

You'll find amazing ideas for looks to copy ....

Monday, January 4, 2010

Somptuous olive dupe and true feline khol !

Ok so here's my look today : the pictures are crappy but the make up was nice, I promess ;-). I am very excited cause I bought some new colors from the faces cosmetics and I think I found a good dupe for sumptuous olive from MAC. In fact, I cheated, I swatched it on my hand at the MAC counter then I headed to the Faces cosmetics one and I compared...It's the same duochrome beetween gold and green and I love it....
Don't get me wrong, I still love MAC but I have a hard time with the customer service at my MAC (not saying that it is something general). I am kind of fed up with receiving superior glance when I enter the TEMPLE of make up and the bored answers to my questions : I was hesitating beetween 2 colors last time and the girl dump me in the middle of my question cause it was her "time out" : REALLY ???? So I picked up the feline khol and a 15 pro palette and went to the faces cosmetics instead....Enough blabbing about me divorcing MAC soon and this is what I used :
GOSH waterproof e/s in Love that moss
Lid : The dupe of somptuous olive all over (faces cosmetics)
Crease and under the eye: Club (MAC)
Blending color : Humid (MAC)
Outer V : Print (MAC)
liner : Feline khol (MAC) set up with Print e/s (MAC)
Highlight : Shroom (Mac) and a pop of Vanilla (under the brow and in the inner corner)
Mascara : Sexy curves from Rimmel in blackest black if I remember well

Caro thinking leaving or not leaving (MAC), this is the question xxx

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I've been tagged by Jen !

Go and check her blog , she is so talented !

Here are the rules :
1. Post a picture from your childhood (less than 13 yrs old): Done !
2. Write about the picture :
It was xmas and we were waiting for Santa Claus to deliver the presents (hence the angel face !)
3. Tag your friends and readers : hum, I have 13 readers for the moment so I'd say whoever wants to do it, is welcome. By the way , thank you readers, I love that complete strangers took the time to read my baby steps in make up (when I have a new follower, it makes me weirdly happy ;-))

Caro under the snow xxx

Saturday, January 2, 2010

How to fail a project 10 pans !

Ok so after the december craziness, I am back....I guess you're suppose to do bad things in december like shop like crazy, eat loads of food, drink too much and then TADAAAAAAAA it's NYE and you become a better person...
Hum, Hello , I did really bad ....In fact in october-november- december , I have been so good : doing a projetc 10 pans (you need to finish 10 products before buying ANY make up ) ...So the angels were singing when I was walking, because I did succeed (even finishing more than 10 products). And let me tell you, I was so proud of me (bragging on forum like make up geek, how good I was bla, bla, bla...)
But then I guess my dark side killed the angelic part of me during my sleep because ...Oh my (so much make up hauls in so little time is not normal !!!)
I had gift cards for Sephora and MAC and you would think I'd stick to the money on the card.....No comment !
So now I guess I can sing like Amy : they want make me go to (MAC) rehab and I say No, No, No
Sighs : I love make up shopping

Darth evil Caro xxx

eyeshadow collection

Here we go for the eyeshadows, pigments....Most of them are NOT MAC but NYX and Faces cosmetics (which company has amazing products by the way...)
First palette : 2 NYX tropical (not that I love it that much but it was in 2 different trios from NYX), expensive pink from MAC, yellow from NYX
Pink, plum, purple palette
New buy : Cool capers set from MAC (love)
Green , blue palette
Coastal scent matte palette : I barely don't use it anymore, I don't know why because it's nice...and cheap !
Random colors put in a CD tower like Enkore did (Am I not the craftier girl in the world ? ...mouahaha) I absolutely ADORE Ardene colors . They are SO pigmented !
Pigments : Vanilla MAC pigment (Ze bomb , I could eat this thing. Perfect highlighter for chin , nose, cheeks), Gosh pigment (Rosewood and Coppering) and a sample of Melon MAC (not looking good on me , Sad, sad !)
Brown, neutral palette
Highlights and smokey eye palette

if you're curious about some colors , just ask !

Caro xxx