Monday, February 1, 2010

Nails : rechallenge !

So I discovered once a teen that I had allergy to nail polish. That stated, the allergologist (is that even an existing word ???) told me to stay away from glittery nailpolishes but I would be OK if I'd stick to creamy colors....
But a few weeks ago, it seems that my allergy stroke again (bouhou) so I can wear polish in the day but I need to remove it as soon as I come back from work because if I sleep in my nail polish I wake up with Angelina Jolie lips and froggy eyes ;-0
In fact, the beautiful Clara is responsible with my nail frenzy as she is always publishing amazing NOTD (nails of the day). As she is not only talented for nails but for LOTD too, I wanted to copy her NY's eve look and I found that this nail polish was on point to fit with the eye look
The nailpolish here is Secret from NYX which sadly looks awesome in the bottle but not that beautiful on the nails....
It has kind of a burgundy shimmer in the bottle that doesn't stand out on the nails. Plus you absolutely need to put on 3 layers and as it's thick it takes ages to dry... That said, I like the color though even if it's not what I expected

I put the link to the gorgeous Clara's blog :

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