Sunday, February 28, 2010

Burnt Orange jam : Panacea inspired look

I loved this tutorial to death ... I think it was fall trend orange cream something....I changed the look a little bit to make it more office appropriate and I am so gonna redo this look (with copper earings and orangey blush it was gorgeous !!!!)

Eyes :
Painterly Paint pot from MAc as a base (sadly TFSI is not working anymore (too old), I had it for more than a year and I had to toss it away although it was still half full ...or empty depending on your mood ;-)))
Dazzle light e/s (MAC) all over the lid
Chick e/s (NYX) all along the crease and up till 1 cm to the eyebrow
Africa e/S (NYX) in the crease, blended over Chick but stopped approximately in the middle of the crease (nothing from inner corner till mid lid)
Rust e/s (NYX) outer V and in the crease but just the outer corner
This look require a lot of blending , repacking the color so if you are in a rush forget about it !!!
Liner : Ardene liner in black not as a winged liner just to give the impression the lash line is more precise and a little flip at the end following your lashes' curve to give the impression the last one is longer (Not sure it makes any sense but I tried hahahah)
lower lash line : NYX jumbo pencil in milk topped with Dazzlelight for a better staying power
Mascara : Rimmel Sexy curves . I like this little guy but Gosh do I miss my Marcelle Volume precision mascara .... I made the vow to finish up my mascara stash before buying the Marcelle one as I know that if I rebuy the Marcelle one , the other are gonna stay untouched and they'll die of it .....

Have a nice Sunday !

Caro xxx


  1. these colors are perfect on you! I love my NYX shadows, I don't think I give them enough love.

  2. NYX e/s are awesome. I use them more now that I depotted them ... I always tend to use my palettes more then singles in their packaging...I did some damage : nearly reduced into dust my Africa but now they are all depotted and in palettes and I use them more and more...Rust is such an amazing color

    Caro xxx