Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Revlon Midnight affair : navy blue on my nails

I want this one to work so much because I fear a black polish and I found that navy blue was easier to wear. But this one is so hard to work with : 1 coat is sheer and 2 coats take eternity to dry. I let the 2nd coat sit for a while (more than 30 min ) and as it looked dull, I wanted to add megashine from Sally Hansen. Eeeek, as you can see there is sort of a dent in my ring finger and it seems to be diluted by the Top coat.
I kept it for 3 days though, but I am not convinced .... I saw an Illamasqua one on the blog of short and sweet nails (see side bar for link : awesome blog !) and it looks so much better. Probably not the same price range though ;-))))

Have a good day (I am working night today, bouhou so I need to nap instead of blogging )

Caro xxx


  1. :) Hi! I just answered on your comment on my blog but I'll say it here too.

    Make sure your coats are applied thinly first and then apply your top coat. Also a fast drying top coat on top might help ;)
    Let me know what happens & I LOVE that color!!!

    Thanks for the compliments're too sweet.

  2. HI SASN (lazy , lazy me !) !

    I saw your post, I am gonna try to make the varnish thinner ....I bought 4 new colors lately, I am a littles bit obsessed by nails at the moment ( a few months ago it was blushes !!!)

    Caro xxx