Monday, February 22, 2010

NOTD : Plum attraction from Revlon

I am so terrible at applying nail varnish ....But anyway, here is my favorite nail polish ever : Plum attraction from Revlon (762). It is my third is my everyday color on my nail cause even though it's dark, it is very office-appropriate (I think !). It is easy to apply (2 coats are enough) and the streaks you see are my fault (I put the top coat when the 2nd coat was not already dry....sigh : patience is NOT my 1st quality !)


  1. love the colour, revlon nail varnishes are always so nice!

  2. Indeed they are ! I have a few of them, I'll try to post a few NOTD with them....Thanks for commenting on my blog , it's very MUCH appreciated !

  3. I love purples and this is a great one! Your application is not terrible. And of course with practice it'll get better and better!!! :)

  4. to short ans sweet nails : thank you for taking the time for :
    1- commenting
    2- write down all your routine about nails, it was so usefull

    Thank you, thank you !

    Caro xxx