Thursday, February 11, 2010

Review : Revlon foundations (HD OR COLORSTAY)

Here is my first review !
So as soon as I started diving into the make up craziness, I watched at numerous youtube videos and bought the Revlon Colorstay. I know that some people find it heavy and hard to work with but ..I don't ! It hides my rosy cheeks and if you apply it with the Sigma 187 , it melt in the skin perfectly.
But when the photoready was launched, I couldn't resist and bought it the same day I heard about it (impulsive buy, no ???)
so to compare :

Application : as I am used to a thicker foundation (colorstay), I have a hard time working with Photoready. I find that Colorstay is easily buildable in term of coverage but it's not the case with Photoready : it stays sheer even if you layer it... I tried the 187 brush, a damp sponge , my seems that I never reach that flawless look I have with Colorstay and I don't like to work that hard at 7 am when I am on a very time schedule ....

Packaging : Photoready wins by far : a pump , Revlon, a pump !!! Yeah (cheering crowd) ...Hum, could you please do the same for colorstay, please ????

Look : Colorstay is high matte coverage, Photoready is sheer and dewy. So if you have something to hide, rely on Colorstay. If on the contrary , you already have a gorgeous skin and you just want to enhance it, go for Photoready.

The glitter issue : it seems that the MUAs that don't like Photoready, hate it because of the glitters in the formulation. That 's weird cause when applied on me I cannot really see the glitters so it doesn't bother me at all. OH My GOSH, may be I am walking in the street glittering like crazy ......

Results : I think Colorstay wins by far but it just my honest opinion. I will end up mixing both foundations not to waste the Potoready.

Conclusion : Be strong little Jedis of Make up and resist the hype if you already have a stapple foundation because I don't find the new Revlon is an Holy Grail foundation....

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