Thursday, March 4, 2010

My favorite NYX lipstick and green-navy-purple eye

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa : Nyx Power my favorite , absolute love lipstick. Soft pink with a purple hue in it. It's LOVE ...
Then I decided to step outside my neutral, always use the same color kind of looks and I followed the steps of Meowmisu Make up (see side bar for link to blog !) and her awesome combinaisoons of colors. And here is the result :

Eyes :
TFSI as base
Gosh Love that moss base e/s color
Humid e/s (MAC) all over the lid
Navy blue e/s (Annabelle cosmetics) in the crease
Dark purple e/s (NYX) blended with the highlighter : Shroom e/s (MAC)
Eyeliner : Feline eye khol pencil (MAC)
under lower lash line : Vortex Violet smudge liner (Annabelle cosmetics)

Hope you like it !

Caro xxx


  1. awwwww yayyyyy!! Your eyes look so pretty!! I really love that lippie too, might have to get it! he he I love how we all enable each other's addictions. :)

  2. Wow Caro! That looks so gorgeous!

  3. @ nina : I am not sure feeding my addiction is a good thing . The monster collection is growing a little too fast at the moment HAha
    @ Suzy : Thank you and I found the button in your blog to translate very usefull, Yeahhhhhh

  4. Hola! First off, you have AMAZING lashes Aand your brows are a great shape.
    I was wondering if you could tell me where I can buy NYX lipstick in montreal? I've called a whole bunch of pharmacies but the dont carry the lip stick, I was hoping to buy it for my friends birthday.
    Any how if you could tell me that could be great!
    And I've been looking at your pics and you have nice blending techniques!
    Thanks -Alana

  5. Sadly I couldn't find them in MTL either... I bought a whole lot from cherry (USA based) : I think at the moment they have a 20 % off offer if you want to check their site...
    I personnally love Power, Paris, Ceto, Peony, Tea rose for soft colors. Hebe is a great red too...

    Hope this help and thank you for your sweet comment !

    Caro xxx

  6. I love the look of that lipstick! I just found your blog and am enjoying the read.

    from your fellow Canadian blogger,