Saturday, March 27, 2010

Swatch time : Annabelle cosmetics haul !

So here is my first attempt to deliver proper swatches from Annabelle cosmetics e/s : those are from my last haul (they were in sale 3.99 CAD $ and I had 2$ coupons off !). I can't believe I bought so many high end e/s. I know, I know, we don't want to end with e/s with no pay off so it's easier to reach for 15-20 CAD $ to make sure the color in the pan is gonna stay the same on your lids...So, let's go out of the comfort zone , girlies and try some new makes !!!

This try was rewarding , I think I found my favorite black ever (put to shame Black tied...), I found a perfect dupe for Shroom, and so on...

So from left to right :
Toxic garden : a dirty lime green. a very complex color , sort of an olive green that has not received enough sun. Perfect for an all over lid color with some pink in the crease (Think Barbie loves MAC kind of make up ...). I can think of a lot of winning associations with some dark golden olive, Brown crease ....It is a shimmer.

Nymphet : a pale turquoise color, it can't choose between green and blue. It is what I wanted Shimmer moss (MAC) to be. It is a matte e/s, a bright one : pay off is there so easy on the patting process...

Indigo glow : again this one is between purple and blue. If you're afraid of blue on the lids, this is a good option because it's not a "BAM in your face" color. I think it's very versatile : could work in the crease, all over the lid , or to top a waterline when you don't want plain black or Navy blue. It is a matte as well.

Graffiti: a shinny black (the glitter is turquoise-silver depending on the angle). I think It's gonna be my favorite outer V color for smokey looks. I tried it with a dark blue color all over the lid yesterday and it was stunning. Blends like a dream (Can you hear me Carbon (MAC) !????). it is a glittery one.

Gold digger : a champagne color. It is a staple pale gold. Perfect for a quick look in the morning : all over the lid with Foxy in the crease and a winged liner. Staple, I said ! It is a Shimmer e/s.

Helium : last but not least. Shroom is my everyday highlight color and this Helium is a perfect dupe. I haven't swatched it as it is barely noticeable on my skin tone. It's just my flesh tone in better. I know I seems to be a little bit enthusiastic with this one (talked about it in 3 posts already but spending 1.25 CAD $ instead of 15 makes me happy...)

I have a few other colors from the Annabelle cosmetics collection that I am gonna review may be tomorrow as I tried to do my eyes yesterday but the peeling started again so no EOTD for the week end for me !!!

I am not paid to do this review but I received products from a contest a few weeks ago that were offered by the same company. Those products were purchased with my own money and my opinion is of course subjective...I will review the one I received for free in a separate post.

I was happy to share the love

Caro xxx


  1. Beautiful swatches! I'm loving the look of toxic garden!

  2. Such a shame that they don't sell this brand in Holland!

    The swatches are beautiful :) I especially love Indigo Glow!

  3. Those shadows are amazingly pigmented! And I agree, that's a very pretty black shadow!:D

    Will now follow your blog, follow mine too?:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  4. I love Nymphet! I'm always drawn to pretty teals and turquoises :) Are these only available in Canada?