Thursday, March 18, 2010

another give away !!!! Konad plates on painted Lady fingers.

Am I obsessed with nails lately, no ?...Just a little bit !

here is the link to a fantastic give away:

New Konad plates ! I already bought the fantasmabulous m57 and the one with little animals (YEs I know I am a big baby ! ...and I am 35 , sad, sad !)...but I am drooling over the other ones ....

Caro xxx

This Katherine girl from OC nail art offered the plates for the give away, isn't she sweet (ok I am biased, on my bill she wrote a cute smiley head and it melt my heart that the bill is just a little piece of unpersonal paper from the printer ...a BIG baby, I told you !)

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  1. Oh wow! If I didn't already own like a million Konad plates I'd definitely want to enter that giveaway! :) Nice!!!!