Sunday, March 14, 2010

Essie Mint Candy Apple : pastel nails again !

So let's say I am on a nail phase at the moment ! Pastel nails if precision is needed ...The photo make the color a little less intense than in reality. Pastel, yes, but it makes a statement on a hand. Funny though, I thought pastel nails would look really wearable and discrete. I guess I was wrong but i like it (not being wrong mouhahaha, I just like to be surprised by the splash of color !)

Then, I think I found the good length for my nails now and the care I take of my cuticles seems to show. Hourah !

I still find that those pastels colors are hardcore to apply but I am a newbie to this new sport so I guess I am just clumsy ....

Have a nice sunday

Caro xxx


  1. Was it too thick? Did you get a thinner yet?
    Your nail shape and length are lovely btw :)