Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Swatch time : Annabelle cosmetics obsession !

So after publishing the swatches of the new Annabelle cosmetics e/s I purchased, I realised how many I had left....They were sobbing in their palettes because they didn't received the fame and glory of the previous one so JUSTICE is done : here is the review....TADAAAA

FROM left to right : Snow flake, Vanilla chilla, Buff Naked, Sugar Dust, Metallic Meltdown (top of the triangle), So Foxy, Divine Diva, Silver, B-ray
I pictured them with flash (it's better to show the dark sparkly colors) and without flash (it doesn't wash out the pale colors). I just swatched the color that could showon my skin : Metallic melt down, so Foxy, Divine Diva, Silver, B-ray. Plus, I just have 5 fingers !

BEWARE (of the dog mouhahaha) : I am not sure of all the names. Why, why ?
1- because I am an old trout and my memory is not what it used to be (sad, sad !)
2- because the pans are not labelled at the back (but as a make up junkie, I am very proud to tell you I advised the company that it would be useful. Of course, they 're gonna listen to me (I AM SO POWERFUL WITH MY 25 FOLLOWERS : big voice !)....

Snow flake : pure white matte. Think Gesso(MAC).

Vanilla Chilla : Beige matte. I use it as a matte highlight.

Buff Naked : Beigy pink. I also use it as an highlight (I know, I have an insane obsession with highlight colors ...)

Sugar Dust : pretty, really pretty soft pink color with a lavender hue or the contrary ;-). This is love ...I use it with my purple looks in the inner part of the lid or to blend bright pink looks. As I said, I like it very much and the name is so cute !!(I say that with the voice of an excited teen !)

Metallic Meltdown : between gold and copper. A perfect color for a bronzey look. So flattering when popped in the liddle of the lid just to have the light to reflect above the eye color (dugh, not sure I make myself clear there...). At the top of the triangle because it's such an amazing color.

So Foxy : a creamy medium-dark brown. Probably the son of Expresso and Embark by MAC. I know this one doesn't seem that exciting but you need a medium-dark brown in your make up kit. It can replace a matte black in the outer V, it can be a crease color, you can dab it on top of your eyeliner to set it, it's fantastic smudged under the eye to create a rocker look without looking like a raccoon. Finally, it 's the e/s I used in a contest I won so I'll always love it till I die ...

Divine Diva : Plum color infused with gold glitter. The pale sister of Beauty marked (MAC). I could watch this color for ages on my hand. It is just BEAUTY.

Silver: I'll keep it simple : silver !

B-Ray : a dark navy color. Very pigmented, easy to blend (same consistency as So Foxy, kind of creamy for a powder, I know it's sounds weird !). I mostly use it as an outer V color for my blue looks.

I' ve done it ! IT was probably the longest blog message of the History !

Hope you enjoyed ...

Caro xxx

PS : I paid those with my own money AND I am not objective : those e/s rock and I love them !


  1. Can you believe I've been sent B-Ray by a Annabelle rep because it would be discontinued (I think it has been discontinued, as of now) but I've never tried it yet? It looks so pretty!

  2. That B-Ray looks really good!:D

    Check out my blog!
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. @ Gaby : how nice of her ! It's a nice navy color, rich , pigmented ...very usefull !

    @ Marie : I already suscribed ;-)

    Caro xxx

  4. Those look really pigmented. I love So Foxy!!!

  5. Hello Caroline, I would like you to please get in touch with me regarding possible collborations. THX!

  6. :)
    those $2 coupons were AWESOME XD
    I wish more companies would follow suit.
    Seeing your post, I regret not getting a few more in other colours~
    I only got backups of the ones I really like.

    anyway loved the post :)
    (and hi^^ lol)