Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sorry guys, being missing for a while ...

Well I am on holidays and I feel so lazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ;-)))

I tried to take a few pics but they were just ordinary so no need to publish them ....

I was tagged by Karen to answer a few questions so here it goes (see , I am not that lazy !) :

1. Are you a morning person?
Nope absolutely not but I am not an night person neither...Gosh I am boring ! I need my sleep or I get all cranky and annoying ....

2. How long have you known your closest friend for?
2 years now. We 're having a joke saying that we are cosmic twins ....I can tell her whatever I want , she is never judgmental !

3. In three words, how would your friends describe you?
I hope they would say witty, girly and cynical

4. Do you prefer to drive or do you prefer to be a passenger?
To drive, I am scared to death when someone is driving next to me : I hit the (ghost) brake every 30 sec when my hubby drives (which drives him nuts ....Aren't we a cute couple !)

5. Tell me one thing/event that took you by surprise this year.
Stupidity always takes me aback and working in a pharmacy makes you discover the unlimited abilities of certain persons to amaze me in that area .....

6. Will you colour your hair when it starts to grey?
Already done ....My life is all about Glamour !

7. What website is set as your homepage?
at the moment , modcloth....I wish I could say "Wall Street Journal" but let's face it I have a bigger interest on vintage cloths than on stock market.

8. What is your favourite animal at the zoo?

Have a good night , ladies and gentleman !

Caro- grandMA going to bed so she can look decent tomorrow morning xxx


  1. haha good to see posts from you again Caro!

  2. Lovely holiday hun!!!Good to see you posting again!!:)

  3. Thanks so much for doing this post Caro :) It was fun to read your answers!
    Hahah- I'm not a morning person either. I tend to stay up quite late....
    That's nice that you have a close friend who is not judgemental. Well I guess any close friend of mine can't be judgemental or else they wouldn't be my friend...but you know what I mean!
    I like being a passenger only because I often take naps in the car ;) But you're right - it's nice to be in control - it's less scary that way and you can trust yourself!
    I love your wit and answer to #5. I wish it was only in Pharmacies that stupidity amazes me. It's really ridiculous what type of people you meet sometimes. I honestly wonder how some people get around in life :\
    Have a lovely long weekend Caro :)

  4. Enjoy your holiday and being lazy :D sounds so good! LOL