Sunday, July 11, 2010

a Brazilian EOTD and Silver JOTD

EOTD : I wanted something bright and summer-ish to help me bare the fact that I was working indoor all week end long while the sun is shining outside....So a little bit of a kiwi color on the lid (from a HIP duo : riotous) and in the crease : Nymphet e/s (Annabelle). Gosh e/l in Pretty Petrol.

JOTD : again , fabulous earrings from Ten Thousand Villages . I saw on their website that they have a store in MTL : yeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

Caro-not chatty tonight (exhausted by work !) xxx


  1. Those earring! :D! I have that hip duo and I can never make it look that pretty

  2. Are you working on a Sunday Caro? Or is it already Monday over yonder?

  3. How beautiful are those eyes!? And I love love your earrings! <3

  4. So pretty - love your take on the greens Caro :) And I love the detailing of your earrings as well.
    I know I haven't been getting out as much as I'd like to either! So much so that I take vit D supplements since I was low on it on my last blood test grrr! LOL

  5. @ Kristie : yes I worked saturdays and sundays every 4 week ends . I hate it !!!
    Those earrings are LOVE...I think they are inspired by Indian jewelry.

    @ Karen : go and wear a bikini : that's an order !

    @Robyn : I just used the paler one. I am not fond of the darker green from that HIP duo

    @ S and S : than you !

    @ Zombie : The pics I took were horrendous. the one I chose was the less ugly ! but the EOTD was pretty and fresh ...I swear !
    Caro xxx

  6. Love the earrings and you look so gorgeous!You are right Annabelle e/s are great!!Thanks!!hugs

  7. Wow gorgeous look and I love your earrings.