Thursday, July 15, 2010

JOTD and melted make up !

Bouhou, impossible to publish decent pictures of my make up these days...unless you want to meet shiny skin and barely there make up as I tend to stick to basics to prevent disasters !

But I can wear jewelry whatever the temperature so ...

earrings : a soft rose stone with a slightly coral hue and a wood triangle to save it from boredom.
Necklace : same color of wood for a 70's look. As I was wearing a maxi dress, I was feeling in a very "Love and Peace" mood...
both pieces were bought at Casa Luca, one of my favorite little store in Montreal....

Alas ...the love and peace mood disappeared when I met the scale at my meeting for the weight loss. After sweating , eating more vegetables and fruits you can think of and drooling over ice creams that I'll never eat, I lost 0.8 miserable, ridiculous, infuriating lbs....At this rate, I am gonna be thin when I'll reach 70 years old....;-)))

Caro-hating deeply the God scale xxx


  1. Caro! I'm sure you're mighty fine the way you are. Keep up the great work and you'll reach your goal in no time.

  2. I feel like saying, "Gimme some of that love and peace mood" LOL. Ahhh I probably just need some fresh air and a nice slow walk ;)
    I like the pattern on the top you're wearing in the first picture - the bit that I can see :) You should do some outfit posts Caro!
    Hmmm, honestly I would not worry about the actual weight. I haven't really worked out in a long time - but about 4-5 years ago I was training at a boxing gym and it was crazy with the workouts. I did drop a size and feel much better, toned and I didn't step on a scale at all because I just didn't think about it. But like 4-5 months into it I did step on a scale and I was shocked out of my life! I had never ever been that high of a weight before - like I'm talking about 15 pounds more than what I usually see. But you know what? It was muscle mass and that's all that matters. I've since loss that unfortunately because boxing was taking a toll and I lost interest and dropped out. But basically I'm sure you put on muscle weight which is really all the better. It's about how you feel at the end of the day - more energized, less stress, your clothes fit a bit better..etc..

  3. dont you stop this!!!Sometimes I know that the scale seems the same but eventually you are going to see results!!

  4. Scales schmales, keep at it my love x

  5. Thank you my lovelies, I am still dieting ...I hope next week will be better in terms of weight loss !

    Caro xxx