Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a messy hair-do , a lip combo and 1st OOTD

It's so hot in here (so take off all your cloths...Nelly anyone ?). So as it's steamy hot and I don't want to shave my head, I braided my hair yesterday as it was still wet : a big french braid on the side that meets a little regular braid at the other side and then a fish braid to make them meet. the loose part of the last plait was twisted in a bun ...et voilĂ  !

The nice Karen asked me to do some OOTD. Well, I am a little unsure about that...First because, as you know a few pounds (few , **cough cough**) are bugging me. Second, because there are so many awesome blogs about fashion that are just breathtaking. So I am not sure I will add my stone in that area. Anyway, I just post what I wore yesterday. I love jumpers but they are all so short this season and my thighs look like trunks of a 100 year old cedar...But, I found this one at RW and CO . It's comfy and it hides quite well what I want to stay hidden in the dark haha. I am thinking of pairing it with a transparent fluffy white top next time and may be remove the belt and replace it by a flowery scarf ...Next time I am posting an OOTD, I 'll know the title : OOTD for overweighted soccer mum on the go. I am sure I 'll have a lot of hits mouhahaha
EOTD : I used the Guerlain compact that my sweet mother bought me. I am so disappointed with this one called "L'heure rose" because I know my mother spent probably an indecent amount of money in something whose pay off is dreadful. The compact smells, breaths luxury but the e/s are so disappointing. And I don't find that the salmonish color goes well with the plumish one. The eyeliner is a pain to work with. I DON'T LIKE IT .....AT ALL.

But what I like a lot is the new lip combo I found : NYX wild orchid lipstick topped with Sephora lipgloss in Bronzed Beauty (described on the Sephora site as a red with gold shimmer, I'll described it as a dark pink with gold shimmer)

JOTD : my last pair of earrings that I bought when I was on holidays in Picton, Ontario. I bought those crazy beaded beauties for 1.99$ at ten thousands villages. They definitively make a statement but as my outfit was very plain, I think it was quite a nice contrast...

Update on the weight loss : I have the impression I am stuck ...I have not been losing a single pound since last week and I am VERY upset about that. The spinning instructor told me I was gaining muscle against fat and muscle is heavier than fat. I have a theory it's a conspiracy to prevent the fat soccer mums from losing their minds when they diet and exercise like crazy....hopefully my program is closed for 2 weeks so I won't have to meet the unfriendly scale and pay to see that I am still weighing the same !

Caro-on the verge of losing her sanity over a weight loss xxx


  1. Cute outfit and nice hair!:D Don't stress too much about weight loss, sometimes stress make us gain weight too!

    Happy Tuesday!:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  2. FIrst, I love your hair-do! I'm totally unable to do anything more complicated than a pony-tail with my hair :s
    Secondly, about the weightloss, and trust me I'm talking from experience, there are always times where the scale won't move anymore. That's when you need NOT to give up (as many people do). Keep up with the sports and good eating and you'll see that in a few weeks, you'll start losing again.

  3. i absolutely love the hair do, it is so adorable on you!!! :)

  4. I think you look great. Just keep up with the working out, maybe try something new for a few weeks.

  5. You did that by yourself?Ohh!It looks so pretty!Love the hair and the OOTD!!!You look great!:)

  6. Caro..your hair braid is so pretty! sorry to hear you don't like Guerlain e/s. It's pretty much how I feel about them as well..not as pigmented or vibrant as other brands.

  7. @ Marie : You're right I need to cool down about that. I'll not go on that scale until my next appointment in 2 weeks from now.

    @ Musing : I hate those moments when my body is hitting the brakes but I'll hang on. I need to lose those pounds to be more healthy ...

    @ Nina and blushing : you always know how to cheer me up, you sweet ladies !

    @ S and S : I 'll stop spinning classes for a while, Zumba here I come (aerobic classes on latina music !)

    @ Kristie : Don't you hate it when A nice high end brand let you down...I love their perfume, their skin cares are amazing (the serum for dehydrated skin is the bomb). Why why the make up is so deceitful ???

    Caro xxx

  8. Hey Hun I was so excited to see OOTD post in the title! :) Yay!!! You caved in Caro!!! And you look fantastic :) Seriously. And I love the colour and style of the RW & Co romper. I know what you mean about rompers being quite short in general. Like you said about the Nelly song ;) It's nice how your earrings made a statement - your choice of jewelry is always nice. I've been so lazy at accesorizing lately :\ I do look forward to more future OOTD posts!
    I was just thinking too the other day how romantic and feminine braids look. I really like the braids you did in your hair Caro. It's a really pretty look on you :) I did attempt a fish tail braid a few weeks ago - absolute fail LOL
    Hmmm, I'm not really sure what to say Caro. Your trainer echoed what I said previously about muscle weight. I think these "weigh in" classes are just too much pressure and not ideal for people who want to tone up. You're bound to gain weight when you tone up and it's a good thing really. Maybe focus on how your clothes fit? Are your clothes starting to fit a bit loser or maybe "better"? I think you look great especially for a Mom. And you're doing the right thing with your fitness. Don't worry about the numbers too much Hun ;)

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