Tuesday, July 6, 2010

JOTD, EOTD, the Precious and crazy weather !

JOTD : this absolutely adorable star was given to me by a friend who wanted to get rid of her "old things"....I found amazing stuff in the box she gave me and beads to work with when the necklaces or earrings were not fashionable anymore. I told her I was ready to accept her "old stuff" anytime !

EOTD : my mom bought me a Bourgeois palette (3 colors) with stunning colors. This palette is nicely called Or Baroque and I love it. Every color has a green hue from the palest one (sort of a dirty gold) to the darkest one (a mossy brownish green)...I am in love !

FOTD : on the lips, the coveted, the precious, the wanted Coco rouge Mademoiselle. I expected something softer and pinkier. It's a tad too dark for me but I will make it work just ...because I want to love it badly (I know I am insane ! Bare with me !). Just looking at the Chanel packaging makes me happy (You can bring the anti -psychotic drugs ...). I never owned something so little that makes me so stupidly happy ....

Caro-ready to head to bed with rouge coco in a hand and the thumb in her mouth xxx

PS : weather is crazy in MTL. Hubby and me are trying heroically to resist buying a air conditioning system for the house (I don't think my love for polar bears and my fear of melting the North pole is gonna resist too much longer though...I am weak ! and it's over 30 Celsius in the house)
PS II : May be all the sweating will make me look thinner !!! Can you perspire cellulite ?


  1. Beautiful look Caro. Buy the AC!! It's not worth the pain! Speaking from an AC addict here. hehe.

  2. the green-y golds are just perfect on you Caro!!

  3. LOL We're melting here it's soooo hot...I don't know how you do it w/out AC!!!

    Love the eye MU and the star necklace.

  4. love this make up and cute necklace !!