Sunday, November 14, 2010

Annabelle warehouse sale : OH MY ....HAUL !

So the beginning of November, I decided to ban some items from my shopping list such as e/s : the following picture is the proof of my complete failure :

Tell me how am I supposed to resist pigments at 2$50 ? And who are you to judge (faking sobs in her voice) ?

As usual my swatches are of mediocre quality but I don't photoshop...

Pigments' description from left to right (Marcelle's minerals)
Amethyst : a gorgeous shimmery lilac with pink undertones (2$50 remember ?)
Snow : a immaculate white, fantastic for the inner corner (2$50 again...)
Silver : obviously a silver metallic pigment (for only 2$50, must I add...)
24 karat : a true gold (the one I 've been searching forever : not orange, not yellow, pure gold for 2$50)
Bronze : a rich copper color completely washed out in the pic (can't believe I picked it for 2$50)
Sapphire : a bright blue, my absolute favorite ( so for 15 $ aka less than a MAC pigment, I have those fantastic colors....)

Liners' description from top to bottom : it's getting even better (1$50 for each items listed below):

Smoky blue Smudgeliner: a dark navy liner infused with black. I can't believe I nearly didn't pick it : it's the same quality as my favorite Smudgeliner (Rich chocolate) and it's a nice alternative to the harshness of black. A definite favorite of mine !
Extra celestial Smudgeliner : a pale teal color. I can't see myself using it now cause it screams summer but we'll see.
Green tease Smudgeliner: a dirty, mossy gold. I used it today on my lower lashline. I's an amazing alternative to a white pencil (I can't wear white on my lower lash line, it looks so fake on me). The golden color just add a pop : the eye looks much more awake !
Envy Smudgeliner : gorgeous olive color. I am a big fan of Olive EOTD and I never found a color like that for a liner. I am so excited to try this one with Club (MAC) : it's his twin in a liner form

I also bought :
- an adorable mini Kabuki fro 25 cents (I should have picked 3-4 of them : it's awesome for the under eye area, the contour of the nose...)

- 2 bottles of Soothing Cleansing Water : it's working as well as my beloved but expensive Bioderma

- 2 mascaras : Volume precision in black is my Holy grail mascara.

- 3 sets of skincare : it was crazy I bought the 2 sets in the plastic boxes for about 10 $ each and a third one was offered for free : I picked the luxurious set with the pretty crocodile look. I am set for the whole year for 9$( price of the green set : hydrating one) + 13 $ (price of the orange set : Hydra C). You have a day cream, a foaming cleanser, an exfoliant and an eye make up remover in the 1st set while in the 2nd you find : a day cream, a night cream, a cleanser and an eye make up remover. In the luxurious set : day cream, eye cream, foaming cleanser and exfoliant. Make the addition : for 22$, it's unbeatable !

- a Haute Gold bronzer back up as I hit pan on my previous one : Holy grail contour bronzer for me !

I went with Gen, a friend and we had a blast : people were amazingly nice over there in spite of the crowd. The Haute Gold bronzer was missing when we arrived but when I asked for it, a sale associate took the time to try and find one for me....There were people all over the place and she took the time to find a 1$50 item for me, I was voiceless (MAC SA , can you note that please ?)
Sad part of the story, Gen said that she will never, ever go to a sale with me cause I stuffed her bag with everything I love from Annabelle-Marcelle and it seemed that I am a very persuasive SA !!! HAha

Have a nice Sunday evening

Caro-bankrupted xxx


  1. Resisting a sale is impossible and it does not count when you ban yourself from shopping!

  2. Wow, tu en as profité ahah! Une des raisons pourquoi je ne voulais pas y aller c'est que j,ai acheté le set Hydra-C la vente passée et je n'ai même pas commencé à l'utiliser encore, j'ai tellement trop de trucs, c'est ridicule! Mais c'est tout un deal ça, le troisième set gratuit! Et tu as été chanceuse de trouver le Zebra Bronzer =D

  3. Wow quel lot! Peut-être que j'aurais dû prendre le temps d'y aller finalement :) Moi aussi j'utilise le Haute Gold comme contour! :)