Monday, November 1, 2010

Hitting pan and buying ban ....

So The first person introducing me to the hitting pan phenomenom was Musing on beauty . It means you can see the pan out of your e/s box aka you are nearly finished with it !

You traditionally hit pan on shampoos, soap, perfume ....But, really, hitting pan on e/s ? Is is even possible?...Well I just hit pan on 2 of my e/s which can only mean that I've got too many of them !
Now the questions are : on what I hit pan, why, will I repurchase ?

E/S :
Shroom from MAC : perfect highlight for me, I won't repurchase as I found the perfect dupe for a fraction of the price : Helium from Annabelle
Dazzlelight from MAC : a very shimmery highlight that I loved, loved , loved but now not that much. I used to be a little bit "highlight happy" with this one, now I use it for an all over the lid color. I think it's dupable so no repurchase either

Mascara :
my HG : Marcelle Volume Precision in black. I said it before, it's my favorite mascara ever. It's my 3rd buy. If this is to be discontinued, I'll wear black as a grieving widow for a year !

Liner :
an old , old pencil from Covergirl. Sadly it's discontinued : it was the perfect navy color for the waterline, smooth and creamy. It never moves from the sad !

Primer :
TFSI : it' s been gone for a while now. It's an HG product too ...But I have a painterly painpot (MAC) that I want to finish before I give myself the right to repurchase that awesome product...

Benefit products:
Browzing in dark : love it, will repurchase...I don't know what I was doing with my brows before this little palette came into my life. It changed the way my make up looks : so much cleaner and professional looking !
Bluff dust : a yellow powder that was supposed to control the rosiness of my cheeks. I was not convinced at all. I replaced it with the Prep and prime finishing powder from MAC which I simply ADORE...

Blush and bronzer :
NYX blush in Angel : perfect, perfect, perfect ...Sadly , once I'll run out of it, I'll have to go through my ridiculous stash of blushes that collects dust since I discovered that particular blush ! How come a 10 $ blush works so much better on me than a 40$ blush (Yes, I talk about you, Orgasm (NARS)...)
Zebra bronzing powder in haute gold from Annabelle

Can you see I am a Juicy Couture addict ? I tried the 3 latest ones ! Now I am currently using Peace, Love, Juicy. Those perfumes are all so feminine ! I love them all even if they are quite different one from another. Most importantly for me : they don't change fragrance on me. Let me explain : I tried Happy from Clinique once and it smelled like vomit on my skin (I swear it's true), Shalimar from Guerlain makes me smell like pepper, a Lush vanilla perfume turned out to smell like those cheap little trees you put in your car to hide the smell of gaz ! So, I am more than happy to tell you, those Juicy perfumes stay true all day long on my weird skin ....

Hair :
the discover of the summer : I tried just a little bottle because of the ridiculous price of that Moroccan Oil. I must admit it smells amazing, it makes the hair look shiny and healthy. I will repurchase the big bottle as soon as I can !

Now, to the banning plan : I have gone through my collection to try and find products I hit pan on...Gosh, this is ridiculous ! I clearly have e/s for the 10 coming generations of women after me...It 's just the same for blushes, lipglosses and lipsticks !
So the deal is for those 4 particular kinds of items : I am on a ban...
I'll just repurchase basics if I hit pan.
Tell me how come I am supposed to do that when the hollidays' palette are popping every single day !

Caro-let's be strong xxxx


  1. Honey, I have over 200 eyeshadows, I'd better start making babies soon and have a bunch of girls LOL. The last time I saw pan on an eyeshadow was back when I just had 2 of them and was using them every day haha!
    But I must say I hit pan on a bronzer this Summer and - drum roll - I see a bit of pan showing in my MSF Natural. Woot!

  2. I think hitting pan on e/s is so satisfying! Then you know you really loved something! I love Juicy perfumes but haven't picked one up yet, I can't decide between the original and Couture Couture.
    Kat x
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  3. I only have three eyeshadows I have hit pan on, and one is one I use for my brows sometimes and the other two are really, really old. That said, with my Sleek palettes and 120 shadow palette I think I have about 300 eyeshadows :S I just repurchased Urban Decay primer potion... i depotted it when it 'ran out' and got three or four more months worth before it dried out. It's a definite HG product!

  4. Wow, voir que tu t'es déjà rendue au fond du bronzer Zebra d'Annabelle qui est sorti cet été LOL! C'est mon préféré et je l'utilise chaque jour de la semaine, mais je ne vois encore presque aucune marque d'usage ahah! En tout cas, bravo pour avoir terminé tous ces produits! Moi ça m'aide de poster les produits finis sur mon blog une fois par mois, ça me motive (= Comme toi, j'ai des tonnes de ombres à paupières, blushes, bronzers et lipglosses que je ne terminerai jamais ahah et c'est pour cette raison que j'ai pris la très grave décision de ne pas aller à la vente Marcelle/Annabelle... oui je sais )=