Sunday, November 7, 2010

OOTD : Lara Croft and EOTD : Pixiwoo's

Yesterday, I HAD to go to the Annabelle Warehouse sale but I was short in time as we had to meet friends for a casual supper later in the day ....
So I decided to pick a comfortable outfit to fight the crowd but I had to glam it up for the night so I put on my new fierce boots :
Jacket : Patrice Breal collection (gift from mum !). I love it : I've been wearing it non stop since I got it. It's in linen, it's kaki, it has gorgeous military details (zippers, metallic buttons...) : what's not to love ?
Shirt : in taupe color from Cassis. I bought the shirt for 5$ last winter at the end of the season. It was on the clearance section and a button was missing (for 5$, I ca sew a button !)
Green military pants : Winners . I am a "dress" girl but sometimes I find some pants that don't make me look like a 10 year old boy so I splurge !
Cream boots : Loooooooooooooove them to death. I fell dangerous and Sexy in those. Winners again for 50 $ ! (because there is a stain the size of an ant on the right calf ! Woop, woop in my cart ...)
Big chunky belt and jewelry : no name brand (offered by mum ...again !)

This 2nd pic was taken by hubby discovering a new passion : fashion photographer. He was quite into it, yelling orders : walk, turn, spin, jump ...(Jump ???? in heels ???)
So I obeyed like a nice little wife I am and walked...

Last pic of the outfit : just for the pleasure of showing off my beloved boots !

Make up now ! I copied this look from Pixiwoo. I am such a big fans of the sisters, they are so amazing ...

Products used :
MAC fluidline in rich ground as a base
Sleek palette in Storm for e/S
Marcelle Volume Precision in Black
Annabelle smoothliner in rich chocolate
Rimmel vintage pink on lips

Caro- Lara Croft xxx

PS : lot of damages done at the Annabelle warehouse sale (I went a little bit crazy...). Post is coming soon with swatches ...


  1. Love the boots Caro and you look gorgeous in your outfit! And way to go with $50 at Winners. Gosh I love finding a great deal too and there's many whenever I browse Winners....

  2. I love the outfit, those boots are amazing! Did you get anything at the annabelle sale???

  3. Great outfit Caro! And your husband story is really funny :-)

  4. Oh wow j'adore les bottes! Et tout l'ensemble en fait! Et le maquillage "match" à la perfection!

  5. I love your boots!!
    Great post!
    I just discovered your blog,it's very cute!I added to your followers:)
    xx Mary

  6. Damn hot boots!! tres bien!! hah hah and you have a photographer now? your husband is taking good pics!!! great work hubby :)

    those boots rock!!! oxo j