Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dior, why did you let me down ?

Part I of my sad story (let the kids out of here, it can be a pretty traumatic tale) : In October, I reached the very respectable age of 36 years-old. My mum in a courageous attempt to soothe the pain send me a DIOR Ultra smooth High Impact eyeshadow in Blue declic (226). When I saw the little velvet pouch, I squealed with delight...Then I spent the next 5 minutes trying to open the d?%$n box. As I am a very determined woman, I ended up opening the little blue case with a knife ....I should have understood the sign...

Part II : I again clapped my hands together in an enthusiastic cheer when I saw the e/s in the pan : a baby blue metallic color. I washed my hand frantically then tried to swatch the AWESOMENESS just for the pleasure of swatching...Oups : nothing showed off on my disappointed finger. I laughed in denial and checked a 2nd time to make sure I got rid of the plasticky protector over the e/s : None....(36, remember : Alzheimer is not far away, I have to double check everything...)

Part III : In a last desperate gesture, I grabbed my best patting brush and decided to do a look with that DIOR little treasure (28 $ at Sephora people ! It just must be good, right ?). OH despair, OH tears, I had to scratch the e/s so hard to get a glittery , patchy, sheer, ridiculous amount of gritty GLITTERS....GLITTERS (reminder to readers : abusive amount of negative adjectives and bold letters are a poor representation of infuriated MUA's state of mind)

Part IV : the freaking fantastic mascara (Marcelle Utimate Lash in Navy), the outer V , crease and highlight e/s (Navy blue-sparkling blue-beige color from the Wet and Wild Pride palette) and the Covergirl liner cost less $$$ than the sheer DIOR mess on my lid. How frustrating is that conclusion , kids ?

Lesson learned !

Caro-disappointed high end consumer (gift receiver to be completely honest) xxx


  1. Sorry to tell you that, sweetie, but there's a lot of crap in the luxury makeup lines despite the high prices and what a lot of people think. We makeup addicts are used to products that bring a lot of pigmentation while these products are developed for 'civilians' LOL aka women who aren't particularly crazy about makeup nor informed on how to apply it. With less pigmented shadows, it's easier for them to work.

  2. I know how you feel Caro. Dior is not exactly one of my favorite makeup line either. The same goes for Guerlain and YSL. They are high end brands with high prices but the quality is definitely lacking. I'd say the best shadows come from MAC.

  3. I've never been fussed by Dior/Chanel etc eyeshadows... I realised I'm spoilt when it comes to pigmentation, but I do at least expect the shadow to look SOMETHING like it does in the pan. On one hand, though, sheer colours can come in handy for blending or transitional shades and you have a pretty Dior mirror to pull out of your bag now!