Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Minnie mouse OOTD and a mystery solved !

H&M dress bought in sale : 20$ reduced to 17$ because the left strap around the shoulder was un-sewed...I found the dress to be too short so I released the hem and gained about 5 cm....and here you go , you have a work appropriate dress for less than 20 $!
Joe Fresh T-shirt and shoes : less than 5 and 10 S in sale
Opaque black tights.....

Gosh I love that dress : it will be perfect, worn on its own in summer !

JOTD : stolen from my 8-year-old daughter. Yes, I know, bad mum, bad, very bad mum ! (I also stole Halloween candies but only to prevent them from decays...See ! good mum !)

and TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Juicy tuesday solved the mystery of Satin Taupe e/s for me ...It was always looking bleh on me : I was so disappointed because this MAC e/s is supposed to be perfection. Black base, kids, black base is the ultimate answer to your prayers...The look is not as good as hers because I had a 10 hour wear of it but go and watch her tutorial, she'll convince you (Plus she is Canadian, yeah !)

Caro- Minnie Mouse kind of girl xxx


  1. Carol, I always love your posts! My all time favorite character is Minnie Mouse and you look like a super cute Minnie in this outfit :)

  2. Bonjour Caro!

    J'adore ta robe, the colour is smile inducing! As for the follow button, its right at the bottom of the page, sorry if you had trouble finding it!


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  3. Black base is often the answer. Like, if woodwinked is too orange on you, a black base cuts the orange and leaves it gold.

    Anyway... Love your style and your kid's jewelry :)

  4. Adorable!:D So cute and I love Minnie Mouse!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. Satin taupe looks gorgeous on you Caro :) And what a deal on the dress!
    Haha - you made me laugh when you said you stole some Halloween candy from the kids to prevent tooth decays ;) Oh trust me, I'd do the same!