Friday, November 12, 2010

the H&M effect : ruffle and floral OOTD !

Blooper ! I found the pic funny so I posted it...bare with me , it's Friday and I am exhausted after an horrendous week at work. I think I'd found Mary Poppins sense of humor completely hilarious today so ....

The H&M addiction :
Black cardi : H&M from the last spring collection. It has 2 buckles on the side to secure the draping, it's absolutely comfy but not slouchy...good buy: 20 $ if I remember well !
Floral dress by H&M : seen on Anh's blog. I just found it was adorable without being too much...And when she said it was 16$95, well..., I couldn't resist. I said it was a dress but for me it's just a tunic as it barely covers my butt ! Nothing that a good pair of black leggings cannot solve though... (H&M again)

The non H&M items :
Big, hot grey wool socks found at Winners
Caramel boots from Sirens
Jewelry from Le Chateau : earrings were removed before pictures because I developed an allergy to them (what can I say, I need gold!....Does nobody understand that I am PRECIOUS ?)

I would have never worn socks over my boots' line before the blogging thing. Reading beauty posts made me try fashion stuff that I would have never thought about by myself. Thanks Kendi, Jodi, Sydney, style underdog, Chloe, Anh and all the other beautiful ladies that opened my eyes on a world of "try it, you'll like it !"

See ! Big military belt worn over a ruffled dress : it works and "that's the way , doudoudoudoud, I like it, doudoudoudoud" (can you see the booty shake....ruffles flying in the air ?)

What with the face ?

I am such a baby !

Caro-mature and respected woman xxx

PS : I needed to ventilate my week at work, can you feel it ?

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  1. I love wearing socks with my boots, I think it gives such a cute uniform look.
    Pretty dress, lookin good! :)