Thursday, November 18, 2010

Silver pigment from Marcelle : EOTD and Modcloth gorgeousness !

Inner corner : Snow from Marcelle minerals
Lid : Silver from Marcelle minerals
Outer V and crease : shimmery black from the Greed palette (Wet & Wild)
On waterline : Feline eye khôl from MAC
Mascara volume precision from Marcelle in black

Sparkles : awwwwwww, beautiful

in case you missed the awesomeness of that silver : a last pic !
I used Painterly paint pot (MAC) as a primer and Milk Jumbo pencil (NYX) as a base color.

Part 1 :
Un-Twill we meet again dress from Modcloth . That dress is love ...

Part 2 : the color kick !
Red patent belt : Tommy Hilfiger
Red chunky shoes : so old I can't remember where I bought them, the label is erased on the sole...
Red jewelry : Casa Luca

Part 3 : Tights: Spanx in charcoal found at Winners. those are working so well to improve your figure without making you feel like a sausage ...

Part 4 : showing a little bit of a black bra : AGRRRRRRRRRR !

Caro-mad woman xxx


  1. Your hair looks amazing! I am a bit jealous of the dress, I LOVE Modcloth!

  2. Your makeup looks great! I love that dress and those tights too, I'll have to head on over to Winners and see if I can find any.

  3. ooh I love the red belt paired with the outfit. You have no idea how much I hate the tails of mice too, and the eyes, and the teeth, and all of them.

  4. GREAT dress!! love it.. and the red belt just makes it all pop. Very sophisticated. Guess what? I am brushing up on my french.. was speaking a small bit of french this week while in Saskatoon for my research meeting. I am working on the research with my colleague from Quebec so i promised her I would be able to speak better with her... ohhhh I have forgotten all the french they taught us in highschool.

    mon deu